Robertson Art Zone

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Located in Beverly Hills, RAZ is a unique studio place with the purpose of inspiring people to tell their stories through art and unlocking their creativity with unique techniques and various art mediums. "It's thrilling to use different mediums like painting, drawing, sculpting, and building to make art that will be meaningful and beautiful for children and adults to show to their friends and family,” says Robertson Art Zone founder Yael Lichaa.

RAZ offers a wide array of activities:

  • "Making Art through Storytelling" 5-course program (preschoolers through teens)
  • After-school art classes for kids in Comic Books, Building & Clay, Character Design, Painting & Color, Stop Motion Animation, Musical Theater, and more
  • Day camps by week or day during school holidays, winter break, and summer break
  • Studio memberships for families and individuals
  • Family fun events at RAZ Beverly Hills.

RAZ also offers art party entertainment packages for birthdays and beyond. All RAZ party packages, including in-person and virtual, have a live art teacher interactively guiding party-goers through a fun experience to a completed unique art project. Guests collectively share their process on social media and the RAZ online art gallery. The party project is an exclusive memorable gift that each guest gets to take home and enjoy for years. Kids can use their imagination and creativity to paint or sculpt their favorite fantasy creatures like unicorns or dinosaurs, characters from their favorite show, or even a self-portrait. Go beyond birthdays to gather neighbors, clubs, organizations, co-workers, and more.

For those ready to expand their world and come together, RAZ offers in-person small group parties and events (indoors up to 20, outdoors up to 25). In-person parties are entertained either at the RAZ studio in Beverly Hills or on location within the West Los Angeles area.

For those who want to meet virtually with family and friends from around the world, RAZ offers party-goers an online group experience in painting or sculpting with all supplies shipped in the U.S.

Note: Space and availability are limited; book early to reserve.

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