Robertson Art Zone

Located near Beverly Hills, RAZ Art Center is a unique studio with the purpose of inspiring children and adults to tell their stories through art while unlocking their creativity with unique techniques and various mediums. Offerings include:

RAZ Day Camps for Kids and Teens
Kids ages 5-12 get creative all day, from 9:30am-3pm, with a Counselor in Training (CIT) option for teens ages 13-16. RAZ day camps run all year during school breaks and holidays. Degreed art teachers guide campers in an experience of cultural and holiday art through stories, music, dancing, sports, fashion, painting, drawing, sculpting, and building with wood. Campers create up to four projects each day. In a full week, kids make a gallery of up to 12 art projects. This year's theme is "World Tour: Reconnecting All of You in 2022", providing simulated explorations of new cultures and how life on earth expresses the richness of unity through diversity. From an African Safari to Fantasy Islands to the Arctic Cool, kids can trek each one of the 7 continents, expanding their worlds. Wednesdays are field trips. Check the website to explore 30 destinations, fun topics, and reserve a day or week.

RAZ Art Birthday Party Entertainment Package
RAZ provides an experience everyone will remember and love, with full birthday services for 1) quality entertainment, 2) expert party planning help, and 3) personally valuable handmade gifts for party guests. Professional artists interactively guide party-goers on a fun experience. Each guest gets to make and take two unique artworksgifts to enjoy for years! Everything is supplied for two hours with two projects of the birthday person’s choice and favorite theme for ten children and more. Look for the list of activity choices on the website, and get birthday ideas from the RAZ blog articles.

RAZ After-School Art Classes for Kids Ages 4-15
Classes are taught by degreed, professional artists and take place in the fall and spring. Budding entrepreneurs and artisans can improve their talents or self-esteem by progressing through art courses, or exploring what piques their interest in one class.

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