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Weekend Events for Kids on LI, December 11-14: Hanukkah Celebrations and Seasonal Fun on Long Island

This time of year it can be hard to squeeze in family time. Between all the shopping, family and friend get togethers, Holiday decorating, and merriment, you might have forgotten to figure out something fun for you all to do this weekend. IN case you're headed out to get a fresh tree, check out our post of great farms on LI, or if you are looking for Santa, we've shared some ideas for that as well. We also posted this week about great Nutcracker performances to check out. Hanukkah kicks off this weekend, and the Island is full of great celebrations and menorah lightings. We've listed our picks as well as some other great ideas for you to get out and enjoy the Season and the Holidays with your kids this weekend: 

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, December 4-6: Ways to spread Holiday Cheer, and a few to help divert it

With possible snow in the forecast for the weekend, it might be hard to escape the Holiday Spirit. Maybe you and your family are ready to thrust into full fledged Holiday mode, and if so, you should check out one of our recent posts about where to visit Santa or where to get a fresh Christmas tree. But, if you're not quite ready, and you are just looking for a nice diversion, there are a few terrific  things going on for you as well.   Either way, check out our picks for great family weekend activities on Long Island: 

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, November 20-22: Celebrate the History of the Holiday with your Kids

This weekend is technically the last weekend we have before the Holidays are officially upon us. Next week at this time, you may be hitting your favorite super store or shopping mall scouting out the best deals (or maybe not). And yet, the more we parents get caught up in the pace and commercialism of the Holidays, so do our kids. So this weekend, grab the kids and check out some of the coolest ways to appreciate and celebrate the History of the Holidays, Long Island Style. 



Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, November 14-15: Indoor Theater and Outdoor Fun

From one Holiday to the next, chances are your weekend is going to include some sort of Thanksgiving discussion. Less than two weeks away, this weekend might be a great time to visit one of Long Island's local poultry farms and get up close with a real live turkey, but if you're not quite ready to forge into Thanksgiving mode, there are plenty of other cool things happening out and about Long Island this weekend: 

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, November 7-8: Cool Magic Show, Tennis Expo, Nature Scavenger Hunt and more!

Now that Halloween is behind us, I can feel a subliminal pressure mounting about the coming Holiday Season. The toy commercials are ramping up, the Toys R Us big book of presents as I call it arrived last Sunday, and I even spotted some tinsel being strewn, but I'm not gonna tell you where. At any rate, in case you hadn't heard, there is one less weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, meaning once Thanksgiving hits (which is just a few short weeks away), we are pretty much going to be in turbo Holiday mode until January 1st. Take advantage of the calm before the storm this weekend, and check out some of the cool family events going on across the Island:


Family Friendly Dining on Long Island for Less

With all the hullabaloo about Halloween lately, you might have missed another great happening here on Long Island-It's Long Island Restaurant Week. And, aside from giving you an excuse to get out and sample the local flavors and specialties, the restaurants participating are also giving you a chance to save some money. Over 200 venues are taking part in the celebration, and all are offering a 24.95 prix fixe menu. It's your chance to enjoy high end dining at lower end prices.

Halloween Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, October 30-November 1: Twilight Pumpkin Spectacular, Science Sunday, and More

With Halloween falling on a Saturday, chances are your weekend plans include a day of Holiday festivities and a day of relaxation on Sunday. Or maybe you're looking for ways to stay out of the house and away from all the Halloween candy on Sunday. Whether you're looking for ways to get the most out of Halloween this weekend, or ways to get moving on from it, we've rounded up some of the best on and off the beaten path activities for you on Long Island this weekend:

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, October 24-25: Halloween Parties, Fall Festival and More

With one weekend left until Halloween, there are lots of great events going on to celebrate. And, before the weather turns cold, there are also some really nice Fall outdoor events for families to check out this weekend. There is still time to go pumpkin picking, and if you're looking for great farms, check out our pumpkin picking post. Or, we recently shared great Halloween events and the best kid friendly Haunted Houses on the island as well. So whether you're looking for more ways to get your "wear" out of those costumes or just looking for ways to get out, we've rounded up some of the best events on Long Island for families this weekend:

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, October 17-18: Cool Concerts and Outdoor Fun

Haven't picked up your Halloween costumes yet? Lucky for you, there are still plenty of other great activities going on here on Long Island this weekend for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for ways to get the most out of the Halloween costumes you bought or borrowed this year, check out our recent post on great Halloween Events on Long Island or check out our Halloween Guide. And here's our picks for the best events and activities to enjoy this weekend:



Things to Do Columbus Day Weekend on Long Island: Fall Festivals and Fairs

I have family visiting and I was thinking today that there really couldn't be a better time to visit Long Island than now. Fall is here, it's pumpkin and apple picking season, Fall farms are bustling, and there are plenty of Fall Festivals happening across the island as well. The weather forecast looks great for Columbus Weekend, and here are a few of our favorite suggestions for activities for you and your family to enjoy over the long weekend:



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