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Sag Harbor: New York's Non-Hampton Family Beach Vacation

[UPDATED: September 12, 2012]

There is another great Summer vacation spot out East on Long Island, and it is a great place to visit for a weekend or a long day with your family. Thanks again to our friend Jill for sharing her ideas on the can't miss spots in Sag Harbor.

Sag Harbor is a great little Hampton town that doesn’t feel like you are in “the Hamptons”. It is an old whaling village that still retains its old style charm. Most of what you want to see is right on Main Street or on some of the smaller side streets – all within walking distance. It is best to find parking and just walk around. To me, the walk itself is very soothing as the town is so quaint it makes the perfect escape from bustling New York City. There are great stores to do some shopping ranging from clothing to toys to surf shops and book stores to antiques and even art galleries; Sag Harbor offers something for everyone.

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, July 24-26: Cool and Unusual Family Events: An Indian Pow-Wow, Family Barndance and more

We've been writing a lot about some of the great concerts and carnivals Long Island plays host to during the Summer months. Seems this weekend offers a break from tradition. We found some really unique ways for you to spend the weekend if you're out on the Island:

Being an Islander, chances are your kids are like mine and they love to watch boats. The 33rd Annual Around Long Island Regatta is being held this weekend. Whether you are a sailor or not, you might notice loads of sailboats off the coast  the South Shore if you visit Jones, Robert Moses or the Fire Island Beaches on Saturday.  The race starts Thursday evening and most boats finish sometime Sunday afternoon on the North Shore in Sea Cliff at the Sea Cliff Yacht Club. If you're not a member of the exclusive Yacht Club, one great place we've learned to watch the boats finish is The Sea Cliff Village Beach. Nestled up on the North Shore, the Village of Sea Cliff is really charming and makes a great day trip from just about anywhere on the Island or in the city.  Along the Boulevard, the Sea Cliff Village Beach is just steps away from the Yacht Club. For a daily beach fee, you can enjoy the view of the finishing boats and a day of beach play. There is a great snack shop which offers beachy food and drinks, and of course ice cream. If you can, stay for dinner and stroll through the Village afterwards. Click here for information on the Village Beach and fees. 


July 26th

Sea Cliff Village Beach

on the Boulevard, Sea Cliff, NY



On the West End, the Queens County Farm Museum is hosting the 31st Annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow-Wow. Now, I've lived out in the Wild West and believe it or not, catching a pow-wow isn't all too uncommon, but if you've never seen one, you should check this out. A spectacle of colors, dance and native music, the kids will be engaged in History and Art. This happens to be NYC's oldest and largest pow-wow and includes art, crafts, and jewelrr for sale, not to mention some great foods. Their is a pow wow each say, but check the schedule for exact times. 

July 24, 25, and 26

Queens County Farm Museum

73-50 Little Neck Parkway

Floral Park, NY 



Out East, you can kick up your heels at a Barn Dance being held to support Suffolk County's 4-H programs. Cornell University's Suffolk County Branch is holding the dance in an actual barn and the night includes live square dance calling, games, crafts, wagon rides, and ice cream sundaes. The event is designed for the entire family, and if you show up as a family, it will save you money: $25 per family of 4, $10 per person. For more details, click here. 


Suffolk County Farm and Education Center

350 Yaphank Avenue

Yaphank, NY 


Hope you get a chance to enjoy some of these unique and cultural events! Happy Weekend! 






Kids Go Free to Cole Bros Circus Where Old Fashioned Circus Fun Meets Cirque Nouveau

Another circus is coming to Long Island, Brooklyn and Staten Island. We just heard about the Cole Bros. Circus – which is surprising since it has been around for 125 years. So we did a little research and found it's something you might want to check out.

Since this is their 125th Anniversary, they are celebrating with a special performance reprising legendary circus acts of the past along with showcasing the talents of cirque nouveau artists.  There is a 7-man pyramid on the high wire – these acts always amaze me as I really feel for the guy on the bottom holding all these people on a high wire no less; also gymnastic routines, circus daredevils (with “the Globe of Death and Giant Gyro Wheel”) and of course clowns for a little comic relief.  And,  no circus would be complete without the animals, and there are elephants, camels, dogs, ponies and a mule. It is a fast paced two hour show – with something for everyone.

Things to Do on a Family Beach Vacation in The Hamptons

Jill has spent alot of time in the Hamptons with her kids over Summer vacations. Here are her ideas for the best kid-friendly places to check out- Thanks, Jill!

Yes, the Hamptons get a lot of hype for being the playground of the rich and famous, but you don't have to be rich or famous or fashionable to enjoy these beautiful beaches. The Hamptons are a great family vacation destination, close to New York City, with some of the best, sandy beaches anywhere.  Plus, there's lots of fun activities, and places to eat, off the beach that make the Hamptons the perfect place for a family vacation getaway.

We've scoped out the best ideas on where to play, learn, and eat your way through  The Hamptons this Summer with your kids:

4th of July Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island: Activities, Celebrations and Fireworks

Still trying to make plans for this year's Holiday Weekend? We took some time to gather up some of Long Island's best Fourth of July celebrations for you to choose from. Step back in time with period games and a traditional parade, learn about and see birds of prey, picnic and, of course, find out where to catch the fireworks. Happy 4th. Have a great weekend.  

Bayville Adventure Park-the Perfect One Day Amusement Park Vacation on Long Island

Around my house, these few weeks before my kids’ Summer camps officially start can be tough. The Summer weather seems to have arrived finally and the kids are anxious to take advantage of it. With plenty of beach days ahead, I wanted to do something special to celebrate today being the first official “day I don’t have to go to school” this Summer.  So, we  headed to Bayville this afternoon and hit the best mini-amusement park on Long Island-the  Bayville Adventure Park. 

For young kids, really, nothing could be better. First of all, there are lots of parking spaces right up front or just across the street, and you don’t even have to take a train to get into the park, like you do at Disneyland or those other big amusement parks. There is just enough activities to keep them from getting bored, but also the right amount to squeeze into the average young child’s visit without missing any (which I’d say is a few hours). 

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, June 24-28: Beach Sandcastle Contest, Family Fun Day, Summer Arts Festival and more

It is the first official weekend of Summer Vacation for most Long Island and New York area schools and whether you are starting the Season off by hitting the beach or staying local in your very own ‘hood, there are plenty of activities to keep you and your kids happy this weekend from sandcastle contests to a cool kid music CD release party, an arts festival, and a family fun day.. Check out these cool events and more right here:

Learning about our world: Sheep Shearing Events and Felt Exhibit

We think of New York City as the "real" world, but then there's that other real world: the one where our food is grown and our clothes are made. We can be fairly isolated from these everyday realities. But even in New York, there are ample opportunities to learn about where things come from.

This weekend is Sheep Shearing Weekend with a couple of events to learn about how wool is turned from a sheep's winter coat into the fabric that makes our clothes and other things. Find a sheep shearing event in the city or drive out for one in the 'burbs. For extra credit check out an art exhibit about felt that takes it to the next step to show how wool is made into felt and many beautiful objects made from felt.


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