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It's Not the Hampton Classic: Carousels on Long Island

When I was a kid we would drive from our home in Queens to Nunley’s, a small Long Island amusement park, located on Sunrise Highway in Baldwin. I’d beg my parents to let me ride the kiddie roller coaster for the tenth time and then I’d head to the arcade for a ride on their gorgeous carousel. In the early 90’s, I heard that Nunley’s was closing and I was heartbroken. I felt like a large part of my childhood was being erased. Thankfully the carousel was saved and is now housed between the Cradle of Aviation and the Long Island Children’s Museum on Nassau County’s Museum Row. Although I can’t take my kids to Nunley’s for a game of mini-golf, I can still enjoy a ride on the carousel with them. Read on to find out how you and your kids can visit Nunley's Carousel and other great carousels on Long Island.

Long Island Weekend Wrap Up April 23-24: Petting Zoo, Pretzel Making and Puppet Shows

Enjoying all the spring break activities this week? Or preparing to enjoy the spring break activities next week? Well, save some of that energy up for this weekend. We’ve got some fun activities and events for you and your family. Even though this weekend is loaded with Easter Egg Hunts, there are still many other ways to enjoy the time. From having a banquet with beasts to celebrating Earth Day, this weekend is sure to be jam packed with fun fun, fun!!

Fully Charged: Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus at Nassau Coliseum Through March 20, 2011

Spectacle, Showmanship and Sequins – The Circus is in Town!   Last night, Fully Charged, the 141st over the big top production from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, opened at the Nassau Coliseum.  Side splitting clowns, awe inspiring acrobatics and amazing animals are just part of the fun that awaits your family. Plus, included in your ticket price are two before the show open houses that completely enrich your experience, so this year families can see the circus in a whole new way.  It really is the Greatest Show on Earth.  Read on to find out why (and save a little green on your tickets.)

Long Island Weekend Events March 12 & 13: St. Patrick's Day Fun, Grandma's Kitchen, a Scavenger Hunt and More

St. Patricks Day is coming, and if you are in the spirit, we've got some fun ways to celebrate. Even if green isn't your favorite color, Saturday has the promise of sun so it might be fun to take in a parade or join a Pot o' Gold scavenger hunt. And if you aren't clamoring to shout Erin Go Braugh we've got some other great stuff for you too. A cool workshop that brings you back to Great Grandma's kitchen in the 1800s, a seal walk, and more are on offer this weekend. Enjoy the sunshine.

Long Island Weekend Events March 4-6: Maple Sugaring, Circus Fun, Scavenger Hunts and More

Spring is officially on its way, I know this, because there are sap buckets on the trees. Sap buckets! The true sign that warm days are headed our way. Until then we've got some great events for you here that celebrate the snow, like ice skating and nature night hikes as well as indoor fun, like circus and dance performances. And of course, the sweet stuff, maple sugaring fun. Have a great weekend.

Long Island Weekend Events February 26-27: Maple Sugaring, Seal Spotting, Mad Hatter's Tea Party and More

Run out of vacation activities yet? We've got some great weekend events for you. From outdoor activities like Maple Sugaring, Nature Strolls, and another chance to see those seals, to indoor fun, like African Dance, a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and a reading of 'Philomena's Home Coming'-- the true story of a prairie dog abandoned on Fire Island. If you need to get out of the house, read on, we've got great choices for you here.

16 Things to Do to Celebrate Dr. Seuss' 107th Birthday in New York City

There once was a man who created a cat.  Atop the cat's head was a red and white hat.  He made up an elephant, and a fox that could rhyme and a grouchy green guy who will live for all time.  That man is no longer.  That man isn’t here.  The Doctor named Seuss would be 107 this year.  Blow out some candles, eat green eggs and ham.  His birthday is Wednesday.  Do you have a plan?

In other words, celebrate the 107th birthday of the incomparable Dr. Seuss with these fun family events going on in NYC:


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