Social Skills Groups & Classes for NJ Kids

Places in NJ Offering Social Skills Groups for Kids

While socialization comes naturally to some kids, others may need help developing the skills necessary to make and keep friends. If you’re concerned about your child’s ability to socialize with peers, you may want to consider a social skills group which fosters self-confidence through activities such as role-playing, cooperative games and group interactions. They’ll learn important skills such as sharing, taking turns and resolving conflict, and most importantly, they’ll have fun doing it! And for more enrichment opportunities, check out our Enrichment Programs, Classes and Activities Guide for NJ Kids.

A Bright Start to a Shining Future (Bergenfield, Hoboken, Tenafly)
The specialists at A Bright Start provide multiple support services for children 2 months to 10 years in both English and Hebrew. Services include speech and occupational therapy, play therapy, art therapy and social skills groups. Their social skills groups enable children to learn appropriate behavior and develop self-confidence through role-playing, peer interaction and cooperative play. Children will be grouped by age and developmental level, and each group is limited to 6 children. 201-788-0445

Behavior Therapy Associates (Somerset)
In addition to one-on-one behavior therapy, the specialists here offer parent training, social skills groups and intensive summer programs for children with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. Social skills groups are available for children between 6 and 17 years of age. These groups allow kids to improve social skills and boost self-confidence through role-playing and group interaction. A licensed psychologist conducts all groups. 732-873-1212

Social Sensory Connections (Montclair)
Speech and occupational therapists lead social skills groups designed for children with delays in language, socialization and self-awareness. These engaging sessions target skills such as taking turns, problem solving and expressing ideas through fun and educational activities like yoga, arts & crafts, music and story time. Groups meet once a week and children will be placed according to age and developmental level. 973-826-0016

Tiny Tots Therapy (East Brunswick, Manalapan, Scotch Plains)
Tiny Tots provides pediatric therapy services at several locations throughout the state. Their three sensory gyms offer a fun, therapeutic environment in which children can participate in small classes with an individualized focus to meet their needs. Social skills group classes include Sports Stars, Yoga Buds and a Superhero Group, where children learn teamwork, sharing and communication skills while building strength, balance and coordination. 908-380-7715

Sunny Days Sunshine Center (Manalapan, NJ)
The Sunny Days Sunshine Center provides a variety of individual and group therapy options for children with special needs; including physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapies. Autism services include Behavioral Assessments, ABA Treatment, Social Skills Groups and Family Training/Support activities. A team of highly qualified, compassionate and dedicated therapists work closely together with child and family, with the goal of increasing participation in everyday activities within the home and community. Special summer programs being offered include a mini-camp with cooking and feeding groups, sensory fun in the center’s Sensory Gym and music activities. 732-761-0302

A Bright Start to a Shining Future
21 West Main Street
07621 Bergenfield , NJ
Phone: 201-788-0445
40° 55' 41.7504" N, 73° 59' 50.0316" W
New Jersey
A Bright Start to a Shining Future
537 Park Avenue
07030 Hoboken , NJ
Phone: 201-788-0445
40° 44' 37.59" N, 74° 1' 53.868" W
New Jersey
A Bright Start to a Shining Future
1 Engle Street
07670 Tenafly , NJ
Phone: 201-788-0445
40° 54' 36.4068" N, 73° 57' 54.684" W
New Jersey
Behavior Therapy Associates
35 Clyde Road, Suite 101
08873 Somerset , NJ
Phone: 732-873-1212
40° 29' 7.4976" N, 74° 30' 36.72" W
New Jersey
Children's Aid and Family Services
148 Prospect Street Riggs House
07450 Ridgewood , NJ
Phone: 201-445-7015
40° 58' 33.744" N, 74° 7' 7.1004" W
New Jersey
Social Sensory Connections
67 Church Street School Building at Unitarian Church of Montclair
07042 Montclair , NJ
Phone: 973-826-0016
40° 48' 54.09" N, 74° 13' 14.3976" W
New Jersey
Social Success for Kids, LLC
239 New Road, Suite 103 A
07055 Parsippany , NJ
Phone: 973-216-3645
40° 51' 7.8444" N, 74° 20' 48.8508" W
New Jersey
Tiny Tots Therapy
431 Cranbury Road, Suite A
08815 East Brunswick , NJ
Phone: 908-380-7715
40° 25' 44.6232" N, 74° 24' 15.6636" W
New Jersey
Tiny Tots Therapy
189 Route 9 South, Suite 101
07726 Manalapan , NJ
Phone: 908-380-7715
40° 17' 46.518" N, 74° 17' 57.6672" W
New Jersey
Tiny Tots Therapy
551 Park Avenue, Suite 5
07076 Scotch Plains , NJ
Phone: 908-380-7715
40° 38' 54.7944" N, 74° 23' 40.6644" W
New Jersey
Sunny Days Sunshine Center
300 Corporate Center Drive
07726 Manalapan , NJ 40° 17' 3.0372" N, 74° 18' 8.8308" W
New Jersey