Indoor Rock Climbing for Philly Area Families

Indoor Rock Climbing for Philly Area Families

Looking for a family activity that can be both challenging and fun for the entire family? There are tons of indoor activities to do with kids, but rock gyms offer a way for the grown-ups to get moving alongside their children. Sure, everyone enjoys a trip to the museum or bounce gym, but it's also good to change it up from time to time.

Check out our list of rock-climbing facilities—a few of them are road trip material, but who doesn't like exploring a new town once in a while? 

Go Vertical

Go Vertical has 250 climbing routes on tap at all times. Aside from walls that range in height up to 50-feet, there are a total of 13,500 square feet of climbing surfaces throughout. Plus, a separate beginner's learning area is available, as well as a wall for the kiddos. 

Philadelphia Rock Gym

Oaks, Valley, East Falls, Wyncote

PRG is an excellent place to get the kids introduced to rock climbing. Thanks to youth programs—including Kinder Climb for ages 3-5, Kids Climb for ages 5 and up, and Club Team for kids 7 and up—children of all ages can learn how to safely climb indoors.

The Doylestown Rock Gym features over 12,000 feet of indoor rock climbing surfaces, featuring youth rock courses for children ages 2 and up. Even the tiniest climbers can enjoy it! Plus, parents can drop the kids off for a night of climbing and activities during a Kids' Night Out.

Manheim, PA

Clip 'N Climb at Spooky Nook Sports is a first come, first served indoor rock climbing area. Kids can climb over obstacles in the climbing arena.

Maple Shade, NJ

Elite Climbing offers a variety of rock climbing options for children of all ages, including Kids Club, birthday parties, mini camps, summer camps, classes for scouts, a youth climbing team, and rock climbing games.

Wilmington, DE

The Siegel JCC has an indoor rock wall that's available for anyone aged 5 and older. Climbers must be accompanied by a Siegel JCC belayer.

Bear, DE

The Delaware Rock Gym offers an array of rock climbing classes and walls. It even offers Student Nights, birthday parties, and more.

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Go Vertical
950 North Penn St.
19123 Philadelphia , PA 39° 57' 46.6524" N, 75° 8' 5.856" W
Philadelphia Rock Gym Oaks
E122 Mill Rd E-520
19456 Oaks , PA 40° 7' 42.7152" N, 75° 27' 6.912" W
Philadelphia Rock Gym Valley
255 South Mount Airy Rd
19320 Valley Township , PA 39° 59' 32.8056" N, 75° 49' 44.7888" W
Philadelphia Rock Gym East Falls
3500 Scotts Lane B-3
19129 Philadelphia , PA 40° 0' 30.3588" N, 75° 11' 0.3336" W
Philadelphia Rock Gym Wyncote
827 Glenside Avenue
19095 Wyncote , PA 40° 5' 50.676" N, 75° 8' 42.8604" W
Doylestown Rock Gym
3853 Old Easton Rd
18902 Doylestown , PA 40° 20' 1.2048" N, 75° 7' 26.3388" W
Spooky Nook Sports
2913 Spooky Nook Rd
17545 Manheim , PA 40° 6' 21.3804" N, 76° 25' 9.498" W
Elite Climbing
67 Old Kings Highway
08052 Maple Shade , NJ 39° 56' 28.0608" N, 74° 58' 52.9536" W
New Jersey
The Delaware Rock Gym
520 Carson Dr.
19701 Bear , DE 39° 36' 39.6792" N, 75° 41' 22.8336" W
Siegel JCC
101 Garden of Eden Road
19803 Wilmington , DE 39° 48' 37.2456" N, 75° 33' 10.4364" W