Downtown Houston

Attending the Awe-Inspiring Houston Art Car Parade

When I moved to Houston, I noticed something different about the cars I saw on the road in my neck of the woods. While driving around the Heights I remember seeing one car painted with colorful cat faces and another covered in Day of the Dead figurines. When I finally learned these cars were associated with the Houston Art Car Museum and annual Art Car Parade, I knew I (and my family) needed to see more. We now try to go to the parade every year, and it never disappoints. 

Music, Games and Shopping Galore at the Houston Children's Festival

Even though the Houston Children's Festival has been around for longer than I have been on this planet - it celebrates its 29th anniversary in 2017 - I had never made the trek to see what all the fuss was all about. My family and I attended this year and I can happily say it was well worth the trip from our corner of the metroplex. The country's largest children's festival features live entertainment, booths for parents, local food trucks, games, and (so) much more. It can be an overwhelming weekend if you do not plan ahead, so check out our breakdown of how to maximize your festival fun.

Tips for Visiting Houston's Downtown Aquarium With Kids

I'm so glad I finally made a trip to the Downtown Aquarium. I was hesitant at first, only because of my daughter's tenancy to go a little crazy when surrounded by souvenirs and snacks, but every time we would drive by the massive Ferris wheel near I-45 she would exclaim, "I go there!" After our first trip together I immediately regretted not coming sooner. From food to the numerous attractions, it was a hit. Read on for my tips and tricks for enjoying a morning or afternoon at Houston's Downtown Aquarium.


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