6 Awesome Artists for a Craftacular Birthday Party

You know the drill: You're planning a NYC birthday party, and the kids are all over the clowns, magicians, and balloon-benders. They’re all creators these days, and they want hands-on fun with a definite takeaway at the end. That means two hours of running around for parents, right?

Or you can just hire someone to do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll end up a hero if you stick with any of these six awesome arts-and-crafts-inspired party people—all of whom bring supplies, set things up at your apartment or rented space, get crafty with the kids, and clean up for you. It is as amazing as it sounds.

10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Kids in Boston

Sweethearts of all kinds are celebrated on Valentine's Day, and there are plenty of ways for families to celebrate together in and around Boston. From libraries to bookstores, craft shops to bakeries, kids can make cute Valentines, hear stories about love and friendship, and enjoy a sweet treat or two. 

If you're looking for an at-home activity, we also have 10 DIY Valentines ideas for kids to make (with a little help).

4 New Spots Houston Families Will Flip For

It's already shaping up to be a great year for Houston with the Super Bowl right around the corner (and a ton of new restaurants opening in its wake). In the coming months, you can expect to see the re-opening (and grand opening) of three fabulous parks with amenities like splash pads and shaded trails. And for those of you with a need for some serious speed, a new race track has opened in east Montgomery County. Here are four new places to have fun with kids in Houston opening this Spring:

Where to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Philly

If you love chocolate, Philly has no shortage of this sweet treat. Chocolate shops and even chocolate restaurants abound in the city of brotherly love. Just in time for celebrating Valentine's Day, we've got some great places to enjoy this delicious treat. Because what kid (or parent) doesn't love chocolate?

Poughkidsie: Indoor Play Space Combines Art & Exploration For All-Ages Fun

For parents with kids of wide-ranging ages, it can be difficult to find activities that occupy everyone. Choose something too young and the older one gets bored. Skew older and the little one gets frustrated. Poughkidsie in Dutchess County solves that dilemma with its indoor play-space-slash-art-studio. 

Looking for more activities that appeal to the whole family? Consult our Event Calendar and follow us on Facebook

A World of Miniatures Will Open in NYC with Gulliver's Gate

UPDATE: We're hosting a Facebook Live scavenger hunt with lots of ticket giveaways and a sneak preview of amazing Gulliver's Gate. Follow the Mommy Poppins Facebook page on Tuesday, 3/7 at 4PM to participate.

One of the biggest things to debut this year in New York City will be quite small. It's Gulliver's Gate. We told you about the miniature world coming to Times Square in our 2017 GoList and now are back with a deeper look into this incredible not-yet-open display.  

Scheduled to open in early April near Times Square, Gulliver's Gate (named with a nod to Jonathan Swift's famous protagonist Lemuel Gulliver) shrinks the globe and even some time periods to Lilliputian proportions, small enough to fit on a football field or, for us city people, one block. 

The immersive display features iconic manmade and natural landmarks from around the globe set in 300 tiny scenes. But it won't be only something to look (er, gape) at. Gulliver's Gate features interactive elements, educational tidbits, and even a chance to have yourself shrunk down and placed in the exhibit. It's a perfect opportunity to show your kids the world without ever leaving NYC.  

6 Superhero Party Places for Long Island Kids

Do you have a child who can't get enough of caped crusaders and masked avengers? If so, there are quite a few venues on Long Island that offer parties catering to the ever-popular superhero theme. Whether you’re looking for a costumed character to make an appearance or want to give guests the chance to dress up as their favorite heroes and try out their newfound superpowers, here are six Long Island spots that will make your own little hero very happy for their special day. For more party ideas, be sure to check out our Birthday Party Guide for Long Island Kids.


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