Blueberry Picking in Eastern Connecticut

Few things taste more like summer than fruit and vegetables fresh from the garden. But since we cannot all grow gardens - or large ones that accommodate a variety of produce - local farms are terrific destinations. Walking in the sunshine, enjoying the smell of grass, bobbing along on tractor rides: the whole experience of picking your own food on the farm is an essential activity of the warmer months and a great way to teach children the process used to grow healthy foods. Hailed as a super food, blueberries are delicious and so versatile, and these little fruits are for the pickin' in Eastern Connecticut! For more berry picking check out our Pick Your Own post.

40 Things To Do with NYC Kids for a Fun-Filled Staycation

With spring in the air and NYC public school spring break on the horizon, many parents may be dreaming of a far-flung destination, but bank accounts or scheduling constraints may mean local family outings are more palatable.

Luckily for us, we asked readers to share things they’ve always wanted to do in the city and compiled them into this list of 40 ideas for a Big Apple staycation. We've pulled together a gold mine of activities for families looking to keep busy during spring break—or anytime. The only fare we'll be buying is from the MTA!

Looking for year-round fun things to do in NYC? Check out our 100 Things to Do with Kids in NYC, and of course, our always packed daily Event Calendar. Don't forget to peruse our NYC Museum Guide to learn about all the latest exhibits and children's museums and wrap up your day with our guide to family-friendly city restaurants.

Earth Day with LA Kids: Green Festivals, Events, and Fun for Families

You say it's your Earth Day; well it's my Earth Day, too, yeah! And yes, we're gonna have a good time. Earth Day is one of those holidays that just screams kids. And when we say scream, we mean outdoor voices. Oh sure, Halloween has its ghosts and goblins; Christmas has its presents, and Easter has its chocolate bunnies (melting in the SoCal sun if not found quickly). But Earth Day is a holiday when families of all backgrounds can come together to appreciate our planet and keep our outdoors great for generations to come. And since loving the environment is something Californians take particular pride in, it's not surprising that we're spoiled for choice for celebrating Earth Day around LA.

Top Things to Do with Boston Kids for April Vacation

April vacation week is full of possibilities for kids in Boston. Besides getting out to enjoy everything spring has to offer, families have their pick of cool activities, including tons of ways to celebrate Patriots' Day and Earth Day. The Cambridge Science Festival is most definitely a top pick in my household, but it's only one of many events going on, so have a peek at the additional gems below to enjoy with the kids. Here's to a fantastic week for everyone!

Where to Donate Kids' Clothing, Toys and Gear in Brooklyn

Our children grow quickly and leave behind bags of barely worn clothes and gear. Instead of throwing those non-essentials out, why not let someone less fortunate get more use from them and clear out your closet at the same time? Brooklyn families have a number of options for donating gently used children's items, so you can contribute to a good cause instead of wasting good items.

Read on for eight organizations accepting your donations in Brooklyn.

25 Things We Are Excited To Do With Philly Kids this Spring

Spring has sprung in Philly and it's the perfect time to get outdoors and find some new adventures with your littles. If you're feeling the winter blues, the good news is that spring is finally here (let's hope it sticks around this time), and there's plenty for Philly families to do. For many, spring heeds the opening of lots of outdoor play spaces like Diggerland and Sesame Place. Spring also brings festivals, Earth Day celebrations and fishing season.

Take a look at our events calendar for more springtime activities.

Family-Friendly NJ Vegetarian (and Vegan) Dining

More and more families are going the vegetarian, and even the vegan, route, so we’ve rounded up the best NJ family-friendly options for meatless (and eggless and other-less) fare. And even if you don't necessarily identify as "veg", everyone should give these yummy places a try– your kids may surprise you and probably won't even realize they're eating "healthy." Some venues on the list are not strictly vegetarian/vegan, but offer many vegetarian or vegan options for kids, plus crayons, toys to play with, entertainment and more.

10 Free Ways To Celebrate Earth Day with Kids in Westchester

Earth Day is just around the corner and with it comes an array of fun and educational family events to celebrate the occasion. Although the official date is Friday, April 22, events and activities throughout Westchester span the last two weeks of April. Hey, shouldn't every day be Earth Day?

We've rounded up our top 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day with kids in our county—and they're all FREE! Read on and click through for details, then be sure to check out our Event Calendar for even more activities for Westchester families. Looking for more spring festivities? Take a look at our list of spring fairs and festivals in Westchester and in the Lower Hudson Valley


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