Where to meet Santa This Holiday Season in the Hartford Area

With their Christmas lists ready to give to Santa, your children may be anxiously waiting to finally meet Ole Saint Nick hoping that they made it on his “nice” list this year. While you  can always hit up the usual spot like the mall, there are also many other options to meet the big man in red. In Hartford county, Santa is popping up everywhere. Check out all of these fun ways to spend some time with Santa in your area this season.

Real Haunted Houses of Connecticut

They are out there...old, colonial places, historic farmhouses, buildings that have seen a lot: the 'real' haunted houses of Connecticut. No plastic skeletons jumping out of the corner, no fake blood pouring down the wall - just eerie stories about weird noises, strange events and sightings of surreal things. Read on to find out about Connecticut's most famous haunted houses. Several are museums, inns or restaurants today, favored and visited by people as much for their exhibits, comfort and food as for their spooky reputation. Many organize special Halloween events during October to lure their ghosts out of hiding for a special trick and treat for visitors.

Memory Frame Craft with Little Elliot

This craft is sponsored by Henry Holt, an imprint of Macmillan Children's Publishing Group.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. A new picture book, Little Elliot, Big Family, tells the story of a small elephant who finds a family of his own in the big city. We travel with Little Elliot and his friend Mouse through 1940s NYC, visiting favorite landmarks.

This charming tale inspired us to celebrate our own family with a special picture frame craft. This easy project is a picture perfect way to save cherished family memories.

Ship Happens: Taking Kids To Visit the Queen Mary in Long Beach

Half a century ago on Halloween, the ocean liner Queen Mary made her last luxurious journey across the Atlantic, then set off the long way around to the Pacific (she was too wide for the Panama Canal) and docked in her permanent resting place at the port in Long Beach, California. There she has sat ever since, alternately charming and frightening visitors year-round, a key shape in the Long Beach skyline. She looks pretty, but is there a reason to bring your family on board the Queen Mary for a visit? Is there enough to entertain kids? We spent an afternoon on board so that we could know what we're talking about when we say absolutely, yes.

Not-Very-Scary Halloween Activities for Boston Kids

For little kids, Halloween is usually more about the treats than the tricks. The excitement is in getting dressed up, making decorations and enjoying sweet treats from neighbors—not gore, creepy stuff, or being scared silly.

For fun, not-so-scary (but maybe slightly spooky) Halloween happenings in and around Boston this month, read on. These activities are for kids and families who just want the Halloween festivities to be sweet.

Holiday Light Shows in the Hartford Area

With the dark evenings falling upon us earlier and earlier each night, all the houses lit up with holiday decorations are even more enjoyable. One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to drive around in the evenings looking at all of the beautifully lit houses. Not only are the houses breathtaking to gaze at, but many places in the Hartford area offer special holiday light shows. We've listed some Holiday Light Show events that are sure to make an impression!

Family Fun Runs Around Fairfield County

Before it's time to hibernate for the winter, find some time to enjoy the perfect running weather this October in Connecticut. Family friendly fun runs are a great way to get the entire family involved in a little bit of physical activity. No matter what your skill level, there is a little something for everyone around Fairfield County this month.   

Fall Treats: Best Apple Cider Doughnuts in Lower Hudson Valley

What’s one of the best parts of apple picking in the Lower Hudson Valley? Apple cider doughnuts. Whether you like them cakey or fluffy, sugary or plain, we dare you to find a better seasonal treat than a warm cider doughnut directly out of the fryer. We’re not sure there’s such a thing as a bad cider doughnut, but we’ve selected some of our extra-special favorites in the area. Be sure to check out our choices for the best places for fruit picking in Westchester and in Orange and Dutchess, as well as our Fall Festival Guide!


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