Outside Fun: Maple Sugaring Activities for Kids in Westchester

If you're feeling anything like me, the term "cabin fever" has been given an entirely new meaning. With below-freezing temperatures and a few snowy days, finding enough family-friendly activities in the cold weather months can be a challenge. Luckily, Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley offers lots of ways for families to beat the winter blues.

Maple sugaring is a great winter activity for kids. The season begins in February and usually runs through late March. Ideally, temperatures must dip below freezing at night and warm up during the day so that the sap flow increases. Another fun fact: To make just 1 gallon of pure maple syrup, it actually takes more than 40 gallons of sap. Who knew?!

We've rounded up maple sugaring fun in and around Westchester. Read on for details on where to learn and celebrate this centuries-old tradition. Looking for more winter fun? Check out our Event Calendar

25 Things to Do in Berlin with Kids

Yes, it's ultra-hip and loaded with cool nightclubs, but the city of Berlin surprises as a great family vacation destination with impressive museums, wide-open green spaces, affordable hotels—and even a Legoland. Berlin never tries to hide its brutal past; reminders of the Holocaust are everywhere, making a visit part history lesson, so be prepared for frank questions from your kids regarding Germany’s complicated legacy. A tolerant spirit pervades, so families of every configuration should feel at home.

Making spring break or summer travel plans? Check our U.S. regional travel guides for more family travel planning or some of our recent family resort reviews.

Yoga Classes for Boston Moms and Babies

Pregnancy and the weeks after birth are a special time in the life of a mom and her baby. Many local yoga studios offer classes tailored specifically to new and expectant moms to exercise, relax, and connect with other women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. Classes are offered all over the Boston area, which means there’s likely a studio nearby. And if you have older children (anywhere from toddlers to teens) looking to get in on the yoga action, check out our guide to yoga classes and birthday parties just for them.

Hippo Encounter at the LA Zoo: Happy Hungry Hippos

Normally, we encourage you to play it safe: no running with scissors, wait half an hour after eating before going for a swim, that sort of thing. But now we’re telling you throw caution to the wind and go poke a wild animal. Heck, say cheese and take a selfie with it. The Los Angeles Zoo is offering a new and unique experience that allows kids to have an up close and personal interaction with the wildest of creatures: a 1500 pound hippo. And her mother.

NYC DJs and Venues for Rocking Kid Karaoke Birthday Parties

Karaoke parties are wildly popular for kids of all ages, so we’ve rounded up some of the best local DJs who host them, plus New York City venues where kids can belt the day away.

Kids love to sing, of course. From tot sing-alongs to tween and teen rock-out sessions, it's a thrill to grab that mic and belt out the lyrics to favorite songs. Taking that favorite family jam session in the living room to a full-blown karaoke bash can make for an extra special birthday party for your kid. Many DJs will bring the whole party to you, complete with microphones, song libraries and even music games just for the kids.

Read on for more details on the best karaoke DJs and party spots in NYC. And be sure to check out our Party Guide and Party Directory for even more party planning ideas for kids.

5 Hudson Valley Indoor Play Places Worth the Trip

When it’s raining or freezing or simply a day that ends in Y, a good indoor play place can be a godsend for entertaining kids. We’ve already taken a look at several indoor play places in Westchester, and now we’re going to turn our attention to the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley. These play spaces are all worth a trip across the bridge. 

Looking for places that let you drop off the kids while you get stuff done or have a date night? Take a look at our list of 12 Drop-In Play Spaces, and be sure to sign up for our newsletters!  

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Whales, Engineers, and Shaun White, February 20 - 21

February keeps on bringing the surprises. (Like rain. Whose idea was that?) Valentines may have come and gone, but you'll find no shortage of celebrating in this short month. Chinese New Year festivities are still going strong, as are Black History Month events. We're counting down to the next Disney flick, and counting back to 1996.

You know what else we've got in February? Whales. Big giant whales. And snowboarders. And engineers. And pigs. And hippos.

So basically a whole lotta stuff. Frankly, it's way more stuff than we can fit into 28 days. Which has got me thinking, maybe we should expand little February, just this once. Like, give it an extra day. It will still be our shortest month, only now with a little more room for all the good stuff. It's so crazy, it just might work! I'm just gonna put that out there and see what the universe does with it...

Keep reading for our newly expanded picks for this weekend.


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