Strawberry Picking Season in the Hartford Area

One of the most delicious treats that warmer weather brings is the season of juicy red strawberries. Treat your child to a day at a local farm to see where fresh fruit comes from and enjoy a day picking your own fruit. They may even taste that much better when you’ve done all the work picking them yourselves! The berry season is short, usually only lasting from early June to early July, so don’t miss out on abundant possibilities: jam, strawberry shortcake, berry tarts, or simply enjoying the fresh fruit in cereals and salads. For more strawberry picking fun in other parts of the state, check out other Berry Farms in Connecticut

25 Spring Day Trip Ideas for NYC Families

Though there’s plenty to do in NYC, springtime seems to beckon families outdoors and beyond the city limits for a day trip to enjoy the blooms—and warmer temps—all around. Lucky for us, there's no need to travel far to bask in winter's thaw and no shortage of family-friendly destinations from which to choose.

You may even score an overnight getaway deal before the big crowds of summer. Read on for 25 day trip ideas for spring that the kids will love—including a few NYC gems worth the trek.

Westchester News: 5 Updates Families Should Know for April

Keeping tabs on the changing landscapes of Westchester businesses and attractions is no small task, but we've kept our ear to the ground to help you stay in the know. Below is our news roundup for Westchester and Hudson Valley families. Read on to learn about the future of dining, kids’ clothing, FREE days and more.

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Geek Forest Robot Shop and Maker Space Opens in Williamsburg

Forget the Enchanted Forest and even Sherwood Forest. Now, there’s Geek Forest, a hybrid electronics retail store and maker space, and it’s located—where else?—in Brooklyn.

Founded late last year as a pop-up, Geek Forest is celebrating its move to a new, permanent space in Williamsburg with a grand-opening on Saturday, April 2. Founder Carmen Sutton envisioned a retail and educational space similar to Maker Faire, welcoming all those who want to invent, create and learn (and then buy the stuff to do so). As a parent with an interest in the tech field, Sutton believed her neighborhood could benefit from a year-round STEM site for kids and worked diligently to make it happen.

Spring classes began on March 28. In advance of the grand opening, we got a sneak preview (and playtime). 

Social Skills Groups & Classes for NJ Kids

While socialization comes naturally to some kids, others may need help developing the skills necessary to make and keep friends. If you’re concerned about your child’s ability to socialize with peers, you may want to consider a social skills group which fosters self-confidence through activities such as role-playing, cooperative games and group interactions. They’ll learn important skills such as sharing, taking turns and resolving conflict, and most importantly, they’ll have fun doing it! And for more enrichment opportunities, check out our Enrichment Programs, Classes and Activities Guide for NJ Kids.

SPLASH! New Jersey's Best Family Swimming Pools

Summertime means swimming–the kids cool off, get exercise, and are entertained all at once–triple bonus! While NJ abounds with beaches and lakes, many of us prefer the plain old comfort of a chlorine-enhanced, lifeguard-protected swimming pool. For you, the pool-lover, we’ve assembled a list of NJ swimming pool options—some public, some private, summer-only, year-round, indoor, outdoor....take your pick—and then, take the plunge! And for more summer awesomeness, check out our New Jersey Kids Summer Activities Guide.

Independent Toy Stores in the Hartford Area

Toys can be found nearly everywhere these days - convenience stores, pharmacies, and groceries stores - but there is something really special about shopping at an independent toy store. Such places are characterized by personalized service from people who truly love toys and do not take their presence in the community for granted. Consider visiting these family-owned establishments in the Hartford area, which help sustain local communities and guarantee places where your children's names and preferences are remembered.

Best Things To Do with NYC Kids: April GoList

Get your calendars ready! Here are the top 16 things to do with kids in New York City this April, six of which are 100% FREE. Bonus: Many of them take place during the public school break (April 23-May 1), so you'll have plenty of time to check them out.

Spring celebrations, offbeat circus spectacles and cool kids' culture abound in the latest edition of our NYC GoList. Many of our favorite annual festivals take place this month, including the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival's revamped Family Street Fair, the Queens County Farm Museum's Children's Carnival, Staten Island's St. George Day celebration and the old-school Street Games fest in East Harlem. Plus there are some cool-sounding family shows and other experiences worth fitting into your schedule.


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