20 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July in Philly Without Fireworks

It’s time to celebrate America! While you might think no 4th of July is complete without a celebration of fireworks, we have found 20 events around the region that are firework-free but full of American pride and good old fashioned family fun! From readings of the Declaration of Independence to music and movies, the region is full of ways to celebrate our Independence that don’t keep us up late at night or include any of the rockets red glare or bombs bursting in air.

Free Outdoor Movies for Long Island Kids This Summer

Once the summer sun sets, it creates the perfect starlit backdrop for enjoying movies outdoors. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and a few snacks, and snuggle up with the kids for some wholesome family entertainment. No lines or expensive tickets—these family-friendly screenings are free. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early. Before heading out, be sure check each venue's website for up-to-date information on possible weather-related cancellations.

For more family-friendly activities, check out our Event Calendar and our Summer Fun Guide.

Weekend Fun for NJ Kids: Blueberries, Fireflies, Butterflies, Trains

As we officially welcome in the summertime, there's dozens of warm weather activities to help close out the last weekend in June. For big family fun, round up the whole gang for the North Wildwood Italian-American Festival down the shore, the Firefly Festival at Terhune Orchards or the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Whippany Railway Museum. And if you love blueberries, this is the time to savor the juicy fruit that's grown right here in Jersey! Check out the Whitesbog Blueberry Festival at Whitesbog Village and the Red, White & Blueberry Festival in Hammonton

For more options, take a look at our full Event CalendarJune GoList, and our Summer Fun Guide.

Captive with Clues: Family-Friendly Escape Rooms in NJ

Sometimes 15 minutes alone in the car with kids can seem like an hour, especially when they’re in the back seat fighting or asking “are we there yet?” So why would a parent choose to lock themselves in a tiny room with their children? Well, to figure out how to escape, of course.

Escape rooms are the latest entertainment craze for those brave enough, clever enough, and not too claustrophobic to take on the challenge. Up to 10 participants get “locked” in a thematic room with a compelling story line such as finding your way off an island, out of a mysterious location, or escaping before falling victim to a terrible curse. The group has up to an hour to find and solve clues hidden literally anywhere in the room and free themselves. Clues can be as simple as a color or a number; they can be in code; they can be subtly hidden in a picture or painting, on a piece of paper, in a decorative item in the room. A Game Master monitors all the action on video screen and is available to offer help upon request.

Read on for our our list of family-friendly escape rooms in NJ!

The Coop: Toddler-Friendly Cafe Opens in Bay Ridge

The Coop in Bay Ridge goes beyond high chairs and French fries to deliver a truly kid-friendly cafe that families adore. This cozy cafe has a bar-like vibe and friendly staff, delectable food and drinks, and plenty of space to sit back and relax. What really sets it apart from other cafes, though, is the kid-friendly play area in the back. The Coop welcomes parents to relax and dine while their children play in a safe and fun space—all within arm's reach. Peace for the parents, fun and games for the kids.

14 Entertainers That Make Boston Kids' Birthday Parties Extra Special

Every parent wants their child to have an extra special birthday, but it’s not always easy to figure out how to make that happen. The thought of entertaining and corralling your child’s friends and classmates for hours can be intimidating. Luckily, there are many professional birthday party entertainers in the Boston area that can help make the day magical and memorable.

Harborfest and More: Celebrating July 4th in Boston with Kids (Without Fireworks)

Sure, taking the kids to a fireworks show for July 4th seems like a good idea—until you’re actually doing it. The little one (who refuses to wear earplugs) has his hands over his ears and a terrified look on his face, everyone is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, and you know you'll be getting home well past the kids’ (and your) bedtimes.

Luckily, the city of Boston and the surrounding towns also mark Independence Day with parades, fairs, festivals, carnival rides, live music and food—no fireworks needed. There’s no better place to show the great ol’ U.S. of A. some love than right here in Boston, the cradle of the American Revolution. Do it in style at these kid-centric Independence Day celebrations, from the city's annual Harborfest to small-town festivities all around the Boston area.


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