10 Montessori Preschools in New York City

Picking out a preschool is no simple feat. From dual-language and immersion programs to outdoor and nature-themed classes, there are so many options and, as always, so little time. But, if you're considering sending your child to a Montessori school, this roundup of some of the most popular ones in New York City could save you some stress.

For the uninitiated, Montessori is an educational philosophy developed more than a century ago that encourages kids to be independent and learn at their own pace. Typically students are grouped by ability rather than age, classrooms are outfitted with specific learning materials, and specially trained teachers act as observers and facilitators. Read on to see what makes these 10 NYC schools extra special, and you just might find the perfect fit for your preschooler.

Find more options in our Preschool Guide and Directory.

Baby Sleep Boxes Offered to Every NJ Parent for Free in 2017

Expecting a baby in 2017? If you're in New Jersey, you'll have the opportunity to receive a FREE Baby Box that can serve as mini crib for the newborn months and comes stocked with infant supplies, such as diaper and wipe samples.

The boxes, created by Baby Box Co., are modeled after the same ones provided by the Finnish government for decades to new moms and aimed at tackling SIDs, or SUID, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death, aka, every parent's worst nightmare. The sturdy cardboard box is considered a safe sleeping environment and has earned the seal of approval from ASTM, CPSC, Health Canada and EN for safe infant sleeping spaces. It can also be kept close by, which makes things easier on parents but also further encourages healthy habits, from breastfeeding to bonding. Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, and the boxes, along with the prenatal counseling that comes with them, are credited with its successful rating.

February GoList: Best Things To Do with Kids in Boston

After a month of mostly cloudy skies and political tumult, we're ready to celebrate L-O-V-E with our kids here in Boston. It's the perfect opportunity to honor those close to us with Valentine's Day crafts and treats, embrace our passions (from science to boats), and get our hearts pumping with fun nature outings. Check out our picks for February, and then explore our Winter Guide for plenty more indoor and outdoor activities to keep your family busy all month long.

Outdoor Ice Rinks on Long Island for Family Skating

Moms and dads, button your overcoats and grab your hats, because it’s time for outdoor ice skating. Enjoy the crisp winter air and a delicious cup of hot chocolate as you take part in a fantastic activity with the entire family. 

From Roslyn all the way to the East End, we've compiled a list of the best outdoor skating rinks on Long Island. Most are inexpensive, offer simple amenities, including skate rentals and snacks, and lessons for toddlers through adults. Weather permitting, most of these rinks open in late November and remain operational until mid-March. They are all open to the public without residency restrictions, but admission can be higher for nonresidents.

There are also quite a few indoor rinks across Long Island, so if the weather is too cold or wet or if it's the offseason, families still can strap on skates and have fun.

A NASA-Themed Family Vacation at Florida's Kennedy Space Center

More and more kids are looking up to scientists as the heroes they really want to emulate. There’s no better place to revel in the science of space than at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Something between a museum and a theme park all about space exploration, there’s a lot to see and do at this family destination, including the brand-new Heroes and Legends attraction.

The Kennedy Space Center is a must-do for any family interested in science, space and American history.

Philly Cooking Parties, Baking Parties, & Cake Decorating Birthday Parties

Planning another birthday party? Looking for something different? For those kids whose interests lean to the culinary or who love to decorate with sugary goodness, here's a great idea: a cooking party! There are a bunch of places in and around Philadelphia that host cooking, baking, and decorating parties, and even some who will drive to the birthday kid's home. So, if you've got an aspiring chef, check out some of these great nearby birthday parties.

February GoList: Best Things to do with Houston Kids This Month

It seems Houston's few days of winter have passed, and that's the way we like it, but in case you need ideas for indoor activities on the random chilly days we will likely face - trampoline parks, rock climbing gyms, or a fun indoor playground are always good options. We've also come up with a list of eight museums you've probably never heard of to take the kids to. 

And if you're the planning type, you may have started thinking about summer plans, like what in the world you're going to do to keep your kids busy all day. Check out our summer and vacation camp guide for ideas on things they can do out of the house. Read on for the best things to do with the kids this month.

Weekday Picks: Groundhog Day, Very Eric Carle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jan. 30-Feb. 3

Will he see his shadow? Punxsutawney Phil makes his annual prediction Thursday as to whether winter continues or there's an early spring. Groundhog Day is a great opportunity to teach kids about seasons, weather, and renewal; Pretend City in Irvine joins in the Groundhog Day fun, helping kids make their very own Phil, learn about weather forecasting, and hear a story about a groundhog who is struggling to draw a distinction between himself and his shadow.

Also this week, the Discovery Cubes in LA and OC begin new featured exhibits. At Discovery Cube LA, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secrets of the Sewer exhibit features puzzles, mazes, and obstacles as kids learn problem-solving skills in the famous turtles' sewer-like lair. And at Discovery Cube OC's Very Eric Carle: A Very Hungry, Quiet, Lonely, Clumsy, Busy Exhibit, the author's love of nature and respect for the emotional lives of children are at the center of activities that include kids' role-playing as five special insects on journeys of discovery.    

More activities for the week can be found on the Mommy Poppins Event Calendar and in our monthly GoList. Here are some favorites.


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