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Preschool should be a breeze (you don't even have to know how to read), but in NYC it seems like you need a PhD to navigate through the admissions process. The competitive atmosphere and hype around the preschool application process creates a lot of unnecessary confusion and anxiety. We have created this page in order to attempt to help New York parents navigate the preschool process without the hype and hysteria.

Free Fabulous Friday: Kid Concerts, Carnivals and Festivals

images-carnival.jpgAs the weather warms, my job just gets harder and harder, with more great events popping up all the time. I have so many things I want to write about and have been trying to stick to just one a day, but it's looking impossible. Show of hands, how many of you missed yesterday's awesome giveaway because it was the second post? Not too late, go leave a comment and win a $200 gift certificate to Barefoot Books. And keep an eye out for more multiple posts in your inbox (if you subscribe) there's just too much good stuff going on!

Why is this post different from all other posts?

cat_sederplate_p.jpgCause it's all about everyone's favorite Jewish holiday - Passover! Perfect for kids, Passover is a great mix of story telling, singing, family time and of course eating. And there is no better place (except maybe Jerusalem) to celebrate Passover than in New York, in fact even the Pope is coming to town this year! Benedict will be heading to services at Park East Synagogue marking just the third visit by any pope to a synagogue in the 2,000 year history of the Roman Catholic Church (weird, right?). So, now that you know its coming, by the way Passover is officially from sundown April 19th through April 27th, its time to get your matzo balls ready.

After the break, Passover resources, recipes, food and events for kids in NYC:

It's Easy Being Green with Barefoot Books $200 Giveaway


Every few months I get to a point where I feel overwhelmingly bored of all the books my daughter chooses to read and need to find some exciting new ones to lure her away from the endless re-readings of her favorites. The Beeman, one of Barefoot Books' new Spring titles is our most recent savior.

The Beeman teaches about the process of harvesting honey through the story of a boy whose grandpa keeps honeybees and while it's still a bit out of reach for my two year old, she happily listens along and asks for more. The book ends with some solid in-depth science information and a recipe for apple honey muffins.

Young Child Expo and Conference: Parenting Expert Hog Heaven

 Training Fordham Image002

In New York we are truly spoiled with access to the best of everything, and when it comes to parenting resources it's no different. As New Yorkers, when we have parenting issues or want information, we have access to the top experts in the field, and I'm not talking about on our bookshelf??”I'm talking about face-to-face, direct-to-the-source interaction with the top experts in just about every parenting category. That's how we roll.

And that's the idea behind the Young Child Expo and Conference being held at the Hilton on Friday, April 18th and Saturday, April 19th. This event, hosted by Fordham University and Los Ninos Services, is designed to give parents, educators and early childhood professionals direct contact with the leading experts, resources and information in early childhood development today. One of the unique things about this conference is that it covers the whole spectrum of early childhood development from "normal" to the range of special needs, including Autism.

With an opening keynote from T Berry Brazelton, perhaps the top early childhood expert, to the closing sessions on nutrition and exercise from none other than the experts at Sesame Street, this event is not kidding around when it comes to childhood. I was so impressed with the mission and line-up of this event that I signed on as a media sponsor (doesn't that sound fancy!) to help spread the word about this important event.

The seminars address many of the issues that can be the most confounding for parents with expert advice:

Ballet, Orchestra, Opera for Kids Before They Know They Don't Like It

picture-15.pngOne of the benefits of living in a cultural capitol of the world is that your kids get to enjoy the benefits of trickle-down culture. No, the world class culture in NYC isn't just for grown ups, New York has special ballet, orchestra and even opera companies dedicated to bringing these arts to kids.

Ballet for Preschoolers
Admittedly, neither of my two sons was asking for tickets to a ballet. In fact, as, on our way to see New York Theater Ballet's The Toy Castle, we shared a subway with numerous Yankee fans on opening weekend, I am positive that neither one of my boys was thinking anything, but that they couldn't be happier than to be going to Yankee Stadium.

But, one hour later, wide-eyed eyed and red faced, each walked out of the Francis Gould Theatre wondering why it was that the ballet had to end. True, there is a vast difference between the NYTB??™s ???The Toy Castle??? and ???Swan Lake??? at Lincoln Center, but if you are wondering if your child is ready to take advantage of the World Class Performing Arts our city has to offer, then this production is a great start for you.

East Side Tae Kwon Do

This exciting camp is focused on Tae Kwon Do and related physical activities. It is appropriate for kids 5-12 years old; no prior Tae Kwon Do experience is necessary. We start each morning with an hour Tae Kwon Do class and have two more classes throughout the day. The morning class is always focused on Tae Kwon Do. The afternoon classes either refine the techniques learned in the morning class, or entail some other type of physical movement such as yoga or a team sport. When we??™re not moving we do art activities, learn about Asian cultures, go to the park or take field trips to kid friendly places.

Sign-up is available is available on a weekly basis. The camp runs from 9:00 am through 3:00 pm, or until 5:30 pm for an additional fee. Camp meets at
325 East 65th Street
, between 1st and 2nd Avenues.

Kids need to bring their own lunches and snacks. The 2009 Session runs from the end of June to mid-August. Please call 212.755.5982 for details or to register.

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