Free Play November 14-16: Having Fun While Doing Good

200811140851.jpgNOTE FROM ADMIN: I discovered an error in our events calendar that was causing the server to add two hours to the start and end time of each event. I am really upset about it and worried that people may have gone to an event at the wrong time. MY most sincere apologies if it did. I have taken the calendar down temporarily while it is being fixed.

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What's up with the raining every Saturday thing? Isn't this going to be the third rainy Saturday in a row? Luckily, there's plenty of fun and free activities going on inside this weekend to keep you busy. This weekend has a bunch of interesting events that are easy and enjoyable ways to teach your kids about helping others. The rest of the events are all about helping you...helping you have a super fun weekend without spending a ton of cash.

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Charity for Children
It's never too early to teach our kids the importance of helping others and the Holidays are a great time to do it. This weekend there are a bunch of activities that make doing good fun.

See the Space Shuttle Pass Over New York

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On Friday evening, people all over the East Coast will be able to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor launched into orbit on it's way to rendezvous and dock with the international space station. If you want to see it look low along the southern horizon around 8pm, Friday, November 14th, 2008.

Kids Night on Broadway is Now Monthly

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One of the best deals for kids in New York City just went from a rare occurrence to a regular monthly event. Kids' Night on Broadway lets you get free tickets to some of Broadway's biggest shows for any child aged 6-18 accompanied by a full-price adult . Starting in February, Kid's Night will happen every month on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month.

On Kids' Night, parents can also take advantage of other deals, like area restaurants where kids eat free, pre-theater parties, discounted parking and more.

Mommy of the Month: Snipping Away at Child Slavery


One of the things that continually strikes us at Mommy Poppins is how many people DO find time to give back to the wider community. In the Bronx we found one such business owner who, inspired by news and television reports that unveiled the horrors of childhood slavery practices in Ghana, took action. Interestingly, her business outwardly had nothing to do with global issues --she owns a local children's hair salon-- but she feels a commitment to all children and acts on her understanding that we are all connected. We hope you enjoy our Community Spotlight interview with mother, enterpriser and activist Suzanne Axelbank, and are inspired by her true global community service project!

Visiting the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in NYC with Kids

Check out our updated post about the Intrepid, published in 2013. The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum reopened in 2008 after a five-year renovation. As a lifelong New Yorker, I hate to admit that I had never been to the Intrepid before. Roaming around a big ship and looking at airplanes had never appealed to me. But since they took the trouble to redo it, and I now have a five-year-old son, I figured it was worth going to check it out and I'm glad we did.

The people at the Intrepid Museum obviously took families into consideration in their planning because they've created a whole new kid-friendly section called the Exploreum. In the Exploreum, kids play their way through exhibits that teach them about the inner workings of the ship and life on the vessel, plus the Intrepid's role in the Space program.

Linkin B'logs: Yes We Cry and Even Other Stuff That Happened This Week....

The thing that has surprised me the most this week (aside from the fact that my candidate actually won), is the sheer volume of tears I have shed.  I see Malia and Sasha walk out on stage, cue tears.  People dancing and celebrating in the streets of Kenya, tears.  A video of a woman voting in Selma, tears.  Even the talk about what type of puppy to get and the answer of needing to balance their desire to get a shelter dog with getting a hypo-allergenic dog and more tears.  In fact, several times my daughter has looked at me confused and asked 'why are you crying Mommy'.  To which I answer - 'because I'm happy about Obama.' 

I am sure this makes absolutely no sense to her.  I myself am somwhat confused about my seemingly endless emotional response to this election.   I'm assuming that at some time in the next 4 years I will stop crying thru presidential press conferences but if not, so be it.  I'll take emotion over apathy any day.  Being that this was the first election I voted in as a mother I guess its all par for the course.  I also blubbered thru the Big Apple Circus last week because it was my daughters first cotton candy and introduction to clowns so maybe I need to partially chalk it up to George Costanza's famous line "it's not you, it's me".  And, in the end, isn't that what Obama keeps telling us, “All of this happened because of you, we just made history.”   And, here come the tears.

As for linkin blogs, keep reading for my top tear-jerk moments
of the past week and even other stuff that happened in the news like the second recorded virgin shark birth, the not so virgin news about Sex and the City Movie Part Two and more...

Blurb Giveaway: Turn digital pictures into a family photo album for holiday gifts


We wrote about the book making possibilities from Blurb last year, but I had never tried it myself. Well, I just made my first digital photo book through and it came out great. I love giving photo albums, calendars and other custom and personalized gifts at Christmas and a Blurb book is perfect. In the past I have printed them out on high quality color printers and either had them bound at Kinkos or bound them myself, but having a professionally bound book is much easier and looks pretty slick.

Here's what I liked and thought could have been improved, plus what I learned along the way. At the end of the post find out details for our giveaway. Five winners will get to make their own blurb books, plus we've got blurb discount codes anyone can use right away.


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