Say Boo at the Zoo: 5 LA and OC Zoos with Cool Halloween Events

Let the record show that there is more than one way to smash a pumpkin, and handing it to a hippo is definitely one of them. A gorilla does the job pretty well, too, as does a tiger, or—well, just about any other animal at the zoo. This discovery by our nation's zookeepers has led to a peculiar Halloween tradition—that we highly recommend!

Each year Southern California's zoos (and Griffith Park is only one of the options, as you'll see below) plan Halloween events, usually treating resident critters to their favorite delicacies stuffed inside pumpkins. For some, the delicacy may actually be the pumpkin itself (chomp chomp), while the more carnivorously inclined seem to view the pumpkins more as wrapping paper (smash smash). Either way, zoo animals smashing pumpkins ups the ante on traditional pumpkin patches. Check out all the beastly fun at Southland zoos this season.

Cirque du Soleil's New Circus Act Flies Into NYC with Kurios

Cirque du Soleil returned to Randall’s Island for the first time in six years this fall, bringing with it a brand-new steampunk-themed show, Kurios, that’s brimming with the physics-defying performances that first catapulted the troupe to fame.

While the Canadian troupe's last show on the isle, Ovo, was fantastic, Cirque has certainly had plenty of misses over the years, especially with its attempts to branch into new terrain (see Broadway's Paramour), but also because after 35 shows–and plenty of imitators—it all started to feel a bit redundant for avid fans.

I couldn’t help wondering as I made the trek over to Randall’s with my tween-age daughter, would this new spectacle recapture some of that old magic? Read on for the scoop on this new kooky show in town, and how to save money on tickets.

Ragamuffin Parades: Costume Parades for Westchester Families

Halloween is just around the corner! In addition to our list of top outings for this month, there are seasonal celebrations all over town, including a plethora of ragamuffin parades. (Did you know these actually started out as a Thanksgiving Day tradition?) 

In addition to traditional marches, some towns go a step further with carnivals, entertainment, live music and more. Read on to find out where to join the ragamuffin tradition in Westchester!

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Adorable Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Despite bearing the job title of "Stay At Home Mom," I am not one of those crafty moms (much to my chagrin). I've tried to be, multiple times, but my attempts at being creative and crafty usually end up falling short of the high standards I see on social media. To top it off, I also have a bad habit of procrastinating (one of the many reasons I am a proud and frequent Amazon Prime user; two-day shipping for life!). All that to say, when it comes to holidays like Halloween, it's not unusual for me to be scraping together ideas that are cheap and easy at the last minute so my kid can trick or treat - or trunk or treat - in costume. Find yourself in the same situation? Check out these costume ideas for some last-minute inspiration:

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Debuts Kid Play Space in Dumbo

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s new kids' play space is set to open Saturday, October 15 on the ground floor of the One John Street luxury condo building on Dumbo’s waterfront. The 1,850-square-foot one-room annex, dubbed Spark, will offer open play hours, classes, birthday parties, and special events for local families—all with the gorgeous backdrop of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

New Polar Express Train Arrives in NJ this Holiday Season

There's a new train chuffing into Whippany Station this Christmas season: Holiday revelers who want to ride the rails can hop aboard The Polar Express. This train ride will replace the Santa Claus Special, which has been run by the Whippany Railway Museum for the last 24 years. The Polar Express will be operated by the Morristown Erie Railway. 

And don't worry – if you're not quite ready to think about Christmas just yet, there's still plenty of fall fun to be had throughout New Jersey. 

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Pumpkins, Pixar, and Prehistoric Finds, Oct 15-16

There will be no problem finding pumpkins this weekend. You can find them here; you can find them there; you can find them everywhere. We've got 'em at the zoo, at the aquarium, on the farm, and on a railroad. (And another. And another. Pumpkins seem to like railroads.)

You know what else you'll have no trouble finding this weekend? Fossils. It's a big weekend for archaelogy in general, so dig in.

You know what else you'll have no trouble finding this weekend? Something awesome to do. Because it's October. In Los Angeles. Every day is like another treat in your basket. Dig in, pumpkin!

Keep reading for our most pumpkiny picks for this weekend...


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