Pocono Mountains with Kids: 61 Best Things To Do as a Family

Just two hours from New York City or Philadelphia, the Pocono Mountains offer pristine natural beauty mixed with enough family-friendly activities to fill a long weekend getaway or an entire summer vacation. Truly a four-season resort area, during the winter people flock to the region for skiing and other winter sports, and the cool lake-dotted mountains draw families for swimming, hiking, boating, horseback riding, and more in the summer. It's also loaded with great water parks, both indoor and outdoor.

We've rounded up dozens of the top family attractions in the Poconos into one mega list. Given that it's a fairly large region, we've separated the list by area or town to make it easier to find what's closest to where you and your family plan to visit. Staying longer? Hit all the regions!

Let's Dance Art Exhibit at CMOM Gets Kids Moving

If you've got a kid who likes to move and groove, put on your dancing shoes and head to the Children's Museum of Manhattan for the newly opened Let's Dance exhibit.

Occupying the museum's ground-floor gallery, which briefly housed its Hello From Japan exhibition earlier this year, Let's Dance offers a vastly different museum experience for youngsters. While many recent CMOM exhibits have been chock-full of vignettes for kids to explore and experience, Let's Dance is an open-ended experience. The gallery space that was filled by busy streets of Tokyo in the spring has been transformed to an open canvas for artistic exploration in Let's Dance.

Boston Boat Rides that Kids Love—Codzilla, Pirate Ships, Whale Watches, and More

With summer in full swing and Boston Harbor within reach, what better way to spend quality family time than to take to the seas? Our city, after all, has a deep and exciting nautical history, and while docked ships like the Tea Party Museum and USS Constitution are fun to climb aboard and poke around, kids really go crazy for the action of a venture offshore. Boston Harbor has whale watches, speedboats, schooners, and even a pirate ship—enough seafaring options to satisfy every member of the family. 

Swimming Spots to Host a Pool Party for Your NYC Kid

Hosting a swimming birthday party is a decadent way to celebrate your child's next big day. Kids can hit the water for an instant taste of summer no matter the season.

While FREE swimming spots abound in the summer months, the rules make it a little difficult to party there. So, expect to fork over some dough if you want to throw a good, old-fashioned pool party at one of these spots that offer packages to the general public—most are offered year round.

Great Outdoor Dining Spots for Kids on Long Island

Feeding kids isn’t always a breeze. With such picky eaters, you just never know what’s going to happen.

So why not make life a bit easier by dining out? And why not choose a kid-friendly restaurant with outdoor seating, which just might entertain your little darlings.

Here are more than a dozen Long Island spots that serve up fabulous views along with great, kid-friendly meals. And if going out to a restaurant isn't your thing, check out these great places to picnic on Long Island.

If after dinner, your kids crave some sweets why not check out our list of old-time ice cream parlors on Long Island or traditional candy shops. Our guide to summer fun on Long Island offers great seasonal destinations and more. Enjoy.

11 New Ice Cream Shops in or Near Boston

There are few things more quintessentially summer than eating an ice cream cone or sipping a frappe on a hot day. It’s a rite of passage for kids—and one that adults definitely won’t mind partaking in, too. And we can’t think of a better time to snag a cool treat than on National Ice Cream Day, which is Sunday, July 16, this year. So we’re bringing you a rundown of the newest ice cream shops in Boston that are open just in time for you to celebrate.

This Elite Bronx Tennis Program Helps Kids Become Pros

According to Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers, "ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness," and when it comes to tennis, Centre Court Logistics agrees. The philosophy behind the elite training program is that sufficient practice in a particular skill can take anyone to top-tier proficiency, and students who start clocking those crucial hours on the court at an early age are best equipped to succeed. That's exactly why during their next round of tryouts, which take place this summer, the coaches will be looking for tennis-loving kids ages five to ten who hope to one day play with the pros.

5 Reasons These Giant Blue Blocks Are a Birthday Party Must

Before you call in the clowns or hire another Elsa impersonator, there's a new way to keep kids entertained at your next birthday bash! Real Good Play brings a safe, structured, mobile play system and a trained play associate to your home or venue, encouraging hours of endless exploration for partygoers. The system features Imagination Playground's™ Big Blue Blocks, which come in seriously abstract shapes that can be creatively lined up, stacked, and connected, inspiring children to design their own inventions, environments, and activities. Conceived and designed by award-winning architect David Rockwell, the blocks are already a big hit at many of the finest Children's Museums worldwide, but Real Good Play is first to bring the fun to your own backyard (literally).


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