See How It's Made: Best Factory Tours Near Philadelphia

There's something so cool about seeing how things are made. Whether it's going behind the scenes at Crayola, watching yummy chocolate being poured into molds, or seeing coins minted, it's really intriguing to see everyday items take shape. There are plenty of great places in the area where you can do just that. Read on to see our favorite factory tours and find out how things are made!

Free Summer Mini Camps at Apple Arrive in NJ

If you've got an 8-12 year-old interested in STEM or movie-making, hurry up and run to the nearest computer; Apple just opened registration for its FREE summer mini camps in coding and more STEM subjects.

The mini sessions, which run over three consequetive days, are offered at a dozen Apple store locations throughout New Jersey and are 100% free, so slots are going fast.

For more summer camp ideas, check out our New Jersey Summer Camp Guide and Directory.

Fun Miniature Golf Courses in Greater Boston

Eagle, birdie, bogey, par…you don't need a clue what those terms mean to excel in our favorite form of golf: putt-putt. Miniature golf is a great summer outing for families because it's entertaining for a variety of ages, and a chance to spend time outdoors—without the time commitment, training, or investment that comes with "real" golf. We have several special mini golf spots not far from Boston where you and the kids can perfect your putts, dodge elaborate obstacles, and grab a treat; read up to see where your next round should be.

Registration for Apple Camp, Apple's FREE Three-Day Summer Camp, is Open Now!

If you've got an 8-12-year-old interested in STEM or movie-making, hurry up and run to the nearest computer; Apple has just opened registration for its free three-day camps. Located at different Apple store locations in the Houston area, these camps won't last long and are 100 percent free, so we wanted you to be the first to know!

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9 Free Pools in Houston To Know About

I grew up in Northern Michigan in a town that often makes the news for beating the record for the most snowfall and the coldest temperatures, and somehow I was lucky enough to have a pool in my backyard. I loved jumping into that pool after working out or having friends over to swim, and now that I live in a city with weather that could accommodate an almost endless pool season, there is, unfortunately, no pool outside my back door. Instead, we take advantage of Houston's many free community pools. The city of Houston has 37 FREE community pools open June 4 - August 12 (in the 2017 season) from 1-8 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday and from August 13 - Sept. 5 on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Weekend Fun in New Jersey: Fantasy Faire, Lobster Fest, Blueberries Galore

Summer is in full swing this weekend with a host of fairs and festivals throughout NJ. Celebrate world cultures at the XRootsFest; pick your own berries at three blueberry festivals, spread your wings at Fairy Day, and unleash your creativity at the 10th annual Junebug ArtFest

If you want to cool off this weekend, head to one of New Jersey's beautiful beaches or lakes, or take a dip in a local pool.

Read on for more weekend fun, and be sure to check out our June GoList and comprehensive Event Calendar

Hidden NYC: 21 Fun Things To Do in Central Park

Central Park was created as a respite for the teeming masses of Manhattan. The 843-acre jewel is home to woodlands, meadows, lakes, and wildlife, and years later still offers a respite to all New Yorkers. Today, more than 40 million people annually visit the lush expanses of one of the country's earliest public parks. Its 21 playgrounds make it a destination for families from all over the city and world.

Central Park isn’t a place to tire of easily. My family's daily commute to school takes us back and forth across the park, for which I thank my lucky stars. But it's easy to lose perspective and forget how much this massive green space has to offer locals and visitors alike. With that in mind, we've rounded up 21 fun sites and scenes worth exploring in New York City's big backyard, from the obvious playgrounds and sledding hills to more obscure destinations. Enjoy.


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