Splurge GoList: 10 Worth-the-Money Experiences for NYC Kids

While we love spotlighting all of the FREE and inexpensive activities New York City has to offer families, sometimes it's fun to toss your budget aside and splurge on an unforgettable, extra-special experience. Whether you're celebrating a big birthday, holiday, or a stellar report card, visiting on vacation, or just feel like treating your child to some amazing memories, the Big Apple is full of over-the-top options you can't enjoy anywhere else in the world. We've rounded up 10 of our favorites, from ideas to make the best Broadway shows even better, to up close and personal sporting events, to new ways to see our beloved city from the air—and beyond!

7 NYC Arcades for Kid Video Game Birthday Parties

Arcades are an ideal place to celebrate a kid's birthday. Blinking lights, spinning wheels, ringing bells, and mechanical jingles give arcades a festive atmosphere, and the assortment of amusements offers something for everyone. If you have a rare child who isn't a video-game enthusiast, these gaming parlors usually offer air hockey, skee-ball, and basketball games; some even have laser tag. These kid-pleasing party spots are full service, so hosts only have to provide a cake or cupcakes. Many offer games that award tickets redeemable for prizes to fill a goody bag.

Our list of seven arcades for kid birthday parties features spots in every New York City borough, from Manhattan to Staten Island, plus a mobile arcade that comes to you. Read on for all the details.

Looking for more birthday party ideas? Check out our NYC Party Guide or directory of birthday fun suppliers.

10 Dual-Language and Immersion Preschools in Houston

It is a known fact that the brains of young children are primed to learn languages and the earlier they are exposed to a language, the easier it is for them to learn it. Research has shown that there are many benefits to learning a second language, including higher self-esteem, better test scores, enhanced creativity, a higher level of complex problem solving, and an appreciation of other cultures. And that's not to mention increased employability as an adult in our increasingly globalized and diverse society. The natural ability of young children to learn a second, or third, language makes a dual-language or language immersion preschool a great option for childcare and may even save you money in the long run when your kids test out of college language credits! Consider giving your child the gift of a second language and check out these 10 language immersion and dual language preschools located in and around Houston. 

School's Out Day Camps for Presidents' Day in the Philly Area

Monday, February 20th is Presidents' Day. And, although most children have the day off from school, many Philly parents are not so fortunate. Thankfully, we have rounded up some great one-day camp opportunities to make life a bit easier. Whether it is art, drama, or nature, there is something for everyone on the list. View the options below to see what best fits your child's personality and interests. If you happen to have the day off as well, be sure to browse our events calendar as we have listed many family-friendly activities throughout the Delaware Valley.

A Sweet Outing: the New MOS Chocolate Exhibit in Boston

If you live near Boston and have curious kids, you've probably made lots of memories at the Museum of Science already. And while it would be absurd to say a life-size T-Rex and simulated lightning gets old, exactly, it takes something new to galvanize us to return to Science Park on a busy weekend in wintertime. After a Saturday afternoon, I can say that the new temporary exhibit, is worth a return—or, if you have never been, a first—trip.

February Winter Break Camps for Westchester Kids

It seems as if we've finally adjusted to being back from holiday break when it's time to start planning for the next week off from school! Whether you need to work or are just having a Westchester staycation, a school-break camp can be a great way for kids to spend their week off from the grind. 

Whether your child enjoys sports or art (or both), Westchester is full of choices, and we've rounded up some of our favorites here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters to stay up to date on the latest events, classes, news and more happening in Westchester, and follow us on Facebook

Northlandz Model Railroad Museum in NJ Is a Handmade Wonder

The Northlandz train museum in Flemington had long been on my hit list of day trips to share with my boys, ages 3 and 5. After all, it's home to the world's largest model railroad. But I was a little hesitant after hearing some mixed opinions about it. Some families felt it was a gem for train lovers, while others thought the museum was outdated and pricey. When the opportunity arose to see for myself what Northlandz was all about, my family made its way to Flemington to check it out. I’m very glad we did; we had a fabulous time, and I’d definitely plan a return trip. I will say, however, that the museum may not be for everyone. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

Summer Sports Camps for Long Island Kids

There are plenty of summer camp options on Long Island, and choosing among them might be dizzying.

But if you have a budding athlete on your hands or one who is trying to improve his or her skills, you might want to consider a sports camp. We've rounded up a few for you. In addition to the camps listed below, check out your local YMCA, community center or township office for programs offered at reasonable prices. And be sure to check out our Long Island Summer Camps Guide for more camps in the area.


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