Bilingual and Language Immersion Preschools in Philly

Learning a language at a young age can help ensure that your child has dual language capabilities for a lifetime. While many schools may offer a language learning time, bilingual and language immersion schools take your child through the majority of their day in a non-English language. This helps the child understand the language, and often, by extension, the culture, on a deeper level.

If you are considering a language immersion preschool program for your child, first evaluate it as you would any preschool. Stumped on where to start? Check out our article 10 Questions To Ask During a Preschool Tour. To see more preschools in your area, visit our preschool directory, and find more great articles about choosing a preschool in our guide.

So Many Fun Things to Do With Kids in South Windsor

Don't know how to fill long summer days? Head out to South Windsor and you'll likely run out of daylight. Once a tract of land occupied by Podunk Indians, and later a farming and ship building town that supplied volunteers during the American Revolution, today this community boasts vibrant restaurants, recreation areas, shopping plazas, and enough attractions to keep children entertained. Located about 10 miles northeast of Hartford, the town makes for a great in-state day trip

19 Places to Take Parent-Child Swim Classes in Boston

Swim and water safety is so important for little ones, but it can be difficult to imagine letting your baby or toddler plunge into the pool without you. Luckily, you don’t have to because there are a plethora of places in or near Boston that offer parent-child swim lessons so you can get in the water together. If you’re looking for other ways to be active with your child, check out our post on yoga classes for Boston moms and babies.

New Jersey Tutoring Centers

It’s Back-to-School time! (I know, I’m just as bummed as the kids). A new year, a new teacher and a new curriculum sometimes results in the same academic struggles. Whether your child needs extra help in Reading, Math or Science, investing in a tutor can’t hurt. Tutors help inspire and encourage students, giving them that extra push they need to become head of the class—or close to it. Here is a comprehensive list of NJ-based tutoring centers ready to help guide your child.

Best Lakes for Swimming in New Jersey

What's better than a cool dip on a hot day? New Jersey is known for its outstanding beaches, but it also has some of the best lakes for swimming in the Northeast. This summer, if you're sick of the pounding waves, dive into the calm waters of one of these beautiful New Jersey lakes. For more wet (and dry) summer fun, check out our NJ Kids Summer Activities Guide.

Slide Hill Opens on Governors Island with New Playground Fun

The Hills are alive on Governors Island. July 19 marked opening day for the long-awaited addition of new green spaces and playground fun on this seasonal city play space. Judging by the throngs of people dashing up the granite scramble as soon as the ribbon was cut, we weren't the only ones excited to check out this new section of the island.

Made up of four distinct hills, the 10 acres of parkland include 70-foot-high Outlook Hill, 25-foot-high Grassy Hill, twin 40-foot peaks together dubbed Discovery Hill, and Slide Hill, which is undoubtedly the most family-friendly of them all, packed with four slides.

Summer Reading Programs Around Fairfield County

Whether your child is in pre-school or high school, the final works from her teacher were probably instructions about making sure to read over the summer in order to avoid the dreaded summer slide. However, with the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's beloved The BFG to the long awaited publication of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, this summer books are cool again, and it's a fantastic time to get kids excited reading.  Nearly every public library in Fairfield County has some kind of summer reading program in which children can win prizes. Some of these programs require proof of residency in the form of a library card, but there are a wide variety of programs of available for the community at large in libraries and other locations. We've rounded up other educational programs happening over the summer to fight that summer slide but here are some of our favorites to help keep the kids reading:

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Road to Rio, Comic Con, and Lobster, July 23 -24

It's that time of year. That moment when we're just finding our summer groove, only to take a look at the calendar and realize SCHOOL STARTS UP WHEN????  That's right, Mommies and Daddies,  most of us are on the one month countdown, and some of us can count the days utilizing only our own fingers and toes. (Or the toes of our kiddos, which tend to be much cuter.)

This is also that time of year when we wonder, where did all our geek cool friends go? Trekkies and Poke-Goers, it's time once again for Comic Con, San Diego's grand celebration of everything pop culture. 405 to the South and straight on to the Convention Center!

It's one of the several times in the year when we break out the bibs and crack open our lobsters (you can never get enough lobster), the middle of extended season when we can enjoy all manner of outdoor concerts and movies (mostly free), and–wait for it–the once in every four years when we gather to send our athletes off to the Summer Olympic games. Go Team USA!

And now keep reading for that part every week where I tell you my favorite picks for the coming weekend...


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