What's Open on Christmas Day in Philly: 10 Things To Do with Kids

On Christmas Day after the presents are all unwrapped and only crumbs are left in the cookie tin, you may be thinking it's time to get out of the house. Whether the sugar rush is kicking in or you just don't want to deal with the mess, there are quite a few places open on December 25 to take the kids.

We found options for families that don't celebrate the holiday as well as ideas for enjoying the Christmas spirit. Either way, we have a list of ideas to get out and about and spend a day with the kids in the Philadelphia area.  Read on for our selections.


Independent Toy Stores in New Jersey

I’ll be the first to admit that big box toy retailers have their place. When my daughter wants something generic like a Dora Play Kitchen, or I get very strict instructions from our 4 year old nephew about which Transformer action figure he wants for his birthday, I can honestly say there’s no better place to shop. But amid the fluorescent lights and impersonal service, there’s a part of me that finds mega toy warehouses just a wee bit depressing. There’s something so old-school and refreshing about walking into a small “mom & pop” toy shop to browse unique gifts and – imagine this - actually receiving genuine help from the staff.


8 School Break Camps for Kids in Westchester

December is a busy month full of holiday festivities including live shows, Santa sightings, shopping and more. Before you know it, the holiday break is upon us and you may find yourself wondering how to keep the kids entertained while they are off from school.

As much as kids love the break from school, we know how quickly they can become stir crazy sitting around at home, even during the holidays. No worries—we've already mentioned several great sports and fitness mini-camps around town; now we've rounded up several art and multi-themed camps that will keep your wee ones busy and entertained. These camps include art, movement, games and other engaging activities for kids of all ages. 


11 Robotics Classes and Camps in New York City

When I was a kid, I dreamed I'd grow up to have a robot maid like on The Jetsons. So far, no such luck. However, there have been some amazing advancements in the robotics field. Thanks to easy-to-use Lego Mindstorms and WeDo robot building sets, my 9-year-old son is constantly making simple automated machines like Lego brick vehicles or motorized coffee cans. He loves figuring out how to put all the pieces together and I'm always amazed at what he comes up with—perhaps he'll build me that robot maid yet!

If you also have a young robot fan at home, there are some really exciting robotics classes, camps and events your little tinkerer will want to know about. In addition to veteran programs we've been raving about for years, like RoboFun, there are a few brand-new robot-building studios on the block such as Dazzling Discoveries on the Upper West Side and Brooklyn Robot Foundry's new Tribeca outpost.

Here are 11 ways kids can enjoy hands-on robot building fun in NYC. You can find more high-tech entertainment in our Geek Guide.

Find more NYC classes in our Classes Guide and Directory Listings.

Winter Break Camps: Where Kids Can Get (or Stay) Fit Over School Break

The holidays can be a hectic and joyous time of year. Between live holiday shows, shopping, Breakfast with Santa and more happening around town, it might be easy to lose sight of the fact that Westchester kids will be off of school for nearly two weeks! And though they may be waiting with giddy anticipation for the Christmas morning, how will they spend their time during the rest of their break? How about keeping your kids active with a fitness or sports mini-camp?

Westchester has many fantastic options, including basketball camps, fitness camps, even rock climbing adventures. Read on for details on sports and fitness-related mini-camps happening over the holiday break in Westchester.

For more holiday fun, be sure to check out our Holiday Fun Guide and our December GoList!

Mini-Camps for Long Island Kids During the Holiday Break

This holiday season, kids will be getting a two-week reprieve from school. That means either two weeks of setting up play dates and activities to keep them occupied--or you can opt to sign your kids up for a holiday camp. If you're interested in the latter, we've compiled a few options for you.

And for other fun activities during the break, check out our Long Island Events Calendar and Holiday Fun Guide.


Summer Math Camps and Classes in New York City

While there's always a big push for summer reading, kids' math skills don't get much of a workout while school's on break. Come September, many students find they've forgotten a lot of what they had learned and start the academic year behind.

In order to make sure your kids' math knowledge doesn't melt away in the summer sun consider investing in one of these camps and classes where students can put two and two together—and hopefully do a lot more complicated equations. Our picks include competitive math programs, individualized instruction and remedial classes.


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