6 Great Trick-or-Treating Routes in Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley

Whether it’s because the homes are too spread out, or they’re lining a busy road or the neighbors are super cranky, some of us just don’t live in neighborhoods that are great for trick-or-treating. There are a few sites out there known for rating the best trick-or-treating in the country, but we’ve done a little of own local research. All kids deserve a safe and candy-filled Halloween, so check out some of these family-friendly areas if you need an alternative.

Know any other routes you want to share? Let us know in the comments below! For more Halloween-related fun, be sure to check out our Event Calendar.   

Postpartum Support Resources for New Moms in New York City

In those final sleepless nights before your baby is born, you might lie awake thinking of what to put in your hospital bag, who will watch the dog, or heck, finalizing the name! But the arrival of that baby brings on a whole new onslaught of questions.

Is he getting enough milk? Why won’t she sleep more than 45 minutes at a time? He cries so much….is it an allergy? When will I get this under control? Where can I find a mellow mommy and me class? WTF is that stabbing pain in my pelvis? And once the wave of eager family and friend visitors subside, and let’s be honest, your partner goes back to work, it’s usually just mom and babe. Who to ask? Where to find help?

Lucky for you, we NYC Mommy Poppins moms have a few babies between the lot of us. We’re not going to say just how many, but we are compiling a list of resources that have been helpful to us over the years, from postpartum therapy and lactation consultants to parent support groups. And don’t forget to peruse our Baby and Pregnancy Guide for more NYC resources.

Holiday Trains in New Jersey: Take the Kids on a Christmas Ride

Every year, New Jersey's railroads get decked out in their holiday best to offer special Christmas-themed rides for the whole family. Though these trains don't go all the way to the North Pole, most include a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, along with treats, caroling, and stories. One storybook Santa train invites kids to wear their pajamas and hear a classic Christmas story read aloud on the rails, while another ferries passengers to a Christmas tree farm. Check out these holiday train rides with Santa Claus and book your tickets as soon as possible – they sell out fast! 

The Sky's the Limit at These Houston Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks give parents the chance to release their inner child as the kids burn off some serious energy. It's also the safest way to practice front back flips and bouncing friends into the air without serious physical trauma. We all knew that one kid growing up who flew off the backyard trampoline and broke a bone or two. Houston has several trampoline parks to choose from that offer unique activities, weekly specials, and party packages.

In general, the facilities do not allow guests to wear denim, and most require grip socks that can be purchased upon admission (maybe they will let you by with those fashionable hospital socks you probably still have stashed away somewhere along with an unfinished baby book). 

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Racing Pumpkins, P-22, and Enchanted Crawlies, Oct 22-23

This weekend we're all thinking about one thing: the race. And who will win? Will it be the big orange pumpkin, or... a different big orange pumpkin? One way or another, it's going to be a big orange pumpkin, though I suppose it could be a small orange pumpkin. But whoever wins, it's going to be a pumpkin. And the lucky people who get to watch those crazy racing pumpkins of Manhattan Beach! Go, gourds, go!

It's also a big weekend for P-22, the adventurous mountain lion who rose to fame when he crossed two freeways to get from his birthplace in the Santa Monica Mountains to his adopted homeland of Griffith Park. P-22 (or P-kitty as he's known to his friends) is the feline of the hour at a festival given in his honor.

Come to think of it, there are going to be a lot of winners this weekend. Three hundred year old witches, kids with Broadway dreams, hungry critters, mad monsters, lucky puppies, eager beagles, ping pong prodigies, and more and more and more. It's a good time to be in Los Angeles, and remember: when our kids are happy, we all win.

Keep reading for our winningest picks for this weekend...

Weekend Fun for Houston Kids: LEGO KidsFest, ArBOOretum, Tomball Bluegrass Festival, Oct. 22-23

Houston's faux fall is in full swing, but the good news is a cool front is allegedly on its way to town just in time for the weekend. You and the family can visit pumpkin patches and take pictures wearing cute fall clothes instead of tank tops, check out area festivals, or test your wits at a haunted house. Hayrides are another good option, and many are hosted at area farms which provide a full day of family fun.

Here's a list of the biggest events happening in October, and don't forget to check our calendar for weekday and weekend activities. 

Weekend Fun for LI Kids: Rock Hall Country Fair, Halloween Family Fun Fest October 22-23

A week before Halloween and the festivities are just getting started. Enjoy the Halloween Spooktacular at Sweetbriar Nature Center or traipse in costume down the village of Bellmore for the Halloween Parade. Run amuck on Molloy College's campus during the Halloween Family Fun Fest in Rockville Centre or at the Rock Hall Country Fair in Lawrence. Feeling fit? Take on the Tiny Titan Obstacle Run as a family.

Also, as the temperature starts to drop, now is the perfect time to peruse our Long Island Classes Guide to find indoor, educational opportunities for children of all ages.

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Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Harry Potter, Goblins, Shell Show October 22-23

With Halloween a little over a week away, Philly families can see that our events calendar is getting spookier and scarier as the days go by. This weekend offers encounters with wizards in Chestnut Hill, goblins at Camden Children's Garden, and ghosts at Evans-Mumbower Mill. Visitors to Ebenzener Maxwell Mansion can even participate in a 'who-done-it' mystery!

But, if your crew seeks not-so-scary fun (instead of the golden snitch), fear not! There is plenty of excitement in store. Sesame Place invites children to Abby's Magical Magician Ball this weekend. The Academy of Music features Cinderella's Children's Ball before the Pennsylvania Ballet takes the stage. And, The Academy of Natural Science hosts its annual Philadelphia Shell Show which displays thousands of unique sea shells.

Browse through our entire calendar and narrow down your options by using our search functions selecting location, ages, and keywords. Keep reading to learn about our top picks for the weekend!


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