Where To Find a Tutor for Kids in Northern New Jersey

Whether your child is lagging in a certain subject or just looking to get a boost, tutoring might be the way to go. The good news is that there are plenty of options available in Northern New Jersey. So sharpen your pencils and get ready to take some notes while you check out our list of local tutors. For more ideas, you can also explore some after-school programs throughout the state. 

Beyond Splash Pads: 6 Places for Year-round Water Play in Los Angeles

Labor Day has passed, but around here the weather doesn’t follow the calendar. It can be hot anytime in Los Angeles, so there’s good enough reason to look for splash pads, pools, and beaches anytime the mercury rises. In summer, you can always rely on our list of splash pads in Los Angeles as well as the water play parks in Orange County, but what about the rest of the year? There is always somewhere to beat the heat in LA. The following six places offer water activities at any time of year, whether you have older children who can visit on the weekends or little ones that are able to splash around mid-week.

Indoor Play Places for Big Kids in Hartford County

As much as we love sledding, skiing, or playing in the snow with our kids, sometimes we just need a day off from slushy, mushy adventures, soggy mittens, and snow pants. We've researched some great places to have some fun inside during those long winter months, especially with children 6 and up. The trampoline parks are all the rage, and you can read our review of Flight Trampoline Park in New Britain. You can also check out our Indoor Play Guide for younger kids in Hartford County, or give Indoor Rock Climbing a try. 

Here are some other suggestions for indoor activities and great places to have winter birthday parties in Hartford County

GoBaby App Lets New Yorkers Rent Out Baby Gear

Traveling with babies and toddlers can be as stressful as it gets. There are tantrums and tears, and most of us are not our best selves when paying an overweight luggage fee for a suitcase full of baby items or building a tower of pillows while praying our child won't roll off a guest bed.

Now there’s an app that can help families traveling to New York City with all that gear, and let locals make a little extra money. GoBaby is a peer-to-peer marketplace such as Airbnb, but for baby and toddler equipment. Remember that pack-and-play you shoved in the back of the closet just in case you need it? With this crowd-sourcing app, rent it out when you aren’t using it. And tourists? No need to pack all that baby stuff!

11 Beautiful Long Island Landscapes for Christmas Card Photos

It takes time and planning to achieve the perfect family Christmas card photo — and one of the most important decisions you'll make concerns the location you choose as your backdrop. With so many beautiful Long Island landscapes from which to choose, the biggest challenge you'll face when deciding where to set up your holiday photo shoot is whether to pack up the kids and head to the beach, a lighthouse, vineyard, or even the aquarium. These 11 Long Island landscapes will make for stunning and memorable Christmas card photos.

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Getty Fest, Beach Streets, Thanks-Gibbon, Nov 12 - 13

This weekend is for the birds. And the ocean. And the open Beach Streets of Long Beach. Oh, don't forget the gibbons. (We're pretty thankful for them). And magical boys and classic super heroes and cartoon mice.

It's also about getting ready for the holidays. Festive holiday tree lighting, anyone?

Of course, some of us may just sit this one out and have a drink. Or two. Cheers, America.

Keep reading for our picks for this weekend...

Weekend Fun for Boston Kids: 1980s Flashback and Free Art, Nov 12-13

When I was eleven years old, I fell in love with a band and have been a fan ever since. That band is U2 (who's with me?) and this Sunday the Family Folk Chorale is presenting an energized afternoon to celebrate 40 years of U2. The audience is even invited to sing along with the intergenerational 65-member group. Also in the spirit of amazing things that came out of the 80's, the Footlight Club is presenting Big: The Musical! based on the classic 1988 movie with shows on Saturday and Sunday. If you are looking for some fun, free events happening this weekend, the Guild of Boston Artists is holding a two-part series of art discovery classes for children starting on Saturday, and the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is having its free second Saturday morning for families.

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