Brooklyn's Best Hot Chocolate Spots

Delicious, steaming hot cocoa topped with pillowy marshmallows is a kids staple during the winter months, warming little hands from the very first sip. You can make it at home, of course, but foodie Brooklyn offers a multitude of independent chocolatiers, coffee shops, and cafes serving up rich, creamy and inventive hot chocolates.

We recently covered the best spots to get hot chocolate in Manhattan, as well as Queens, but Brooklyn, home to the city's artisanal food scene, has plenty to offer, too. Read on for 10 of our favorite spots to pick up a cup of hot chocolate with the kids in this family-oriented borough.

7 Drop-In Art Spots for Long Island Kids

Have a little Picasso on your hands? A budding artist whom you would you like to get drawing on paper instead of your walls? These Long Island-based art spots offer drop-in classes, painting parties and more. No long-term commitments necessary. Pop in for some arts and crafts and get your creative juices flowing.

For more seasonal activities, pop over to our Winter Fun Guide. And if you're keeping an eye on your wallet after the holidays, check out our list of 20 FREE Things to Do With Long Island Kids This Winter.

Houston Area Music and Theater Camps

Houston has an array of summer and vacation camps to fit every kid's passion that provide a break from the classroom and the perfect opportunity for kids to pursue their interests in a more singular fashion. Have an aspiring actor or actress on your hands? Use summertime to help them hone in on their musical and theatrical skills by enrolling your little Romeo or Juliet in one of Houston's many music or theater camps. 

11 Historical Ways to Spend Presidents' Day Weekend for Philly Kids

Presidents' Day weekend is the time of year that Philly families enjoy a much-needed break during the throws of winter. Some may take a ski getaway or road trip, while others delight in a staycation. With so much history to offer, consider spending part of the holiday weekend by participating in some historic activities from our events calendar. These experiences not only entertain but also educate young and old alike. We have rounded up some of our favorites below.

February Vacation Week with Kids in Boston: Free Things to Do

If your plans for February Vacation Week include a staycation right here in Boston, you're in luck, because there are tons of cool things to do this month. We're sharing spectacular activities that are worth the money during vacation week in a separate post tomorrow, but we're happy to report that there are also oodles of free events that are easier on the wallet. My family is definitely taking advantage of some of the picks below. Hope they're a big hit with your kids, too!

Weekday Picks: Globetrotters and Lots of Valentine's Day Love, Feb. 13-17

The short month of February isn't short on holidays and celebrations, with Tuesday bringing hearts and flowers and lots of Valentine's Day cards and candy, before next week's President's Day off. Families can take advantage of the extra time together to check out the Harlem Globetrotters in Mission Viejo for some comic relief. And in between all the cards and candy kids can celebrate Valentine's Day at Pretend City in Irvine with crafts, other activities, and story time.

For more ideas, consult our Mommy Poppins Event Calendar, as well as our picks for the month in our February GoList. Here are some what-to-do ideas for this week:


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