7 Places for Yummy Hot Chocolate With Long Island Kids

Ready or not, the cooler weather is coming. One of my family’s favorite ways to warm up is by enjoying a big cup of hot chocolate. And while you can make it at home, it’s always nice to get out of the house with the kids—after all, it can help squash any cabin fever the kids might be experiencing and there’s no cleanup for you. Here are seven places that serve up delicious hot chocolate and other yummy treats. For more cool weather fun, check out our Fall Fun Guide.

Knott's at Halloween: Is the Scary Farm for Kids?

Halloween haunts are a major part of autumn for some SoCal kids, and Knott's Scary Farm is the theme park haunt that launched them all 40-odd years ago. Touted as the largest Halloween event in the country, the Scary Farm's reputation for terror precedes it. But is it that scary—or Knott? The daytime Halloween attraction, Camp Spooky, is good, clean holiday fun with nothing to ruin a toddler's day; but long before dusk falls everyone cute and cuddly is shuffled to the exit, allowing an entirely different crowd to fill the park as the Berry turns Scary. Should your tweens be among that crowd? And what exactly goes on?

Best Indoor Obstacle Courses for New Jersey Kids

Got kids who can't get enough of American Ninja Warrior? You're in luck: There are several places in New Jersey where little ninjas can try out obstacle courses like those seen on the popular TV show.

These indoor courses to get your kids climbing, vaulting, tumbling, and balancing. From ropes courses and rock walls to parkour hurdles and ninja-riffic birthday parties, these New Jersey climbing gyms will keep your adventure-seekers moving right through the winter.

Find more active spots for NJ kids in our Kids' Sports Centers Guide and Indoor Play Spaces Guide.

Haunted Halloween Houses and Not-too-Spooky Walks for NYC Kids

Looking for a not-too-scary Halloween fright for the kids? A tricked-out haunted house or slightly spooky Halloween trail just might be the right kind of boo for you.

Haunted houses long have been a popular suburban Halloween stapleLong Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and New Jersey are rife with them. And while NYC has gained several spooky haunted houses of its own, including Blood Manor, those are for grown-ups only. However, there are a handful of haunted houses in New York City that offer gentler Halloween chills for families.

You're sure to find spooky family-friendly attractions at pretty much every Halloween festival and fall fair. But we're skipping those to tell you about the best of the city's more elaborate and kid-friendly haunted houses and other spooky attractions for kids this year. Read on for the scoop—and heed the age warnings. While grade-school kids can attend most of these, not all are suitable for preschoolers.

13 Hay Rides Near Boston for Fall and Halloween Family Fun

We love everything farms have to offer families in the fall. From apple and pumpkin picking to corn mazes, there’s something for every age group. This includes one of our fall favorites: hayrides! It’s truly an activity for everyone, even the littlest family members, so we’re bringing you a list of 13 local farms that offer hay rides throughout the season to make your fall even more special.

11 Awesome Fall Events for Preschoolers in Westchester and the Hudson Valley

There aren’t enough days in a season to do all of the autumn activities available for families in Westchester and the Hudson Valley. To help you stay focused, we’ve collected 11 of our favorite fall events for preschoolers—many of which are FREE!

So read on and add these events to your to-do list. Looking for more seasonal activities? Check out our Fall Fun Guide and follow us on Facebook!


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