Winter & Holiday Camps for Houston Kids

Whether you're a working parent or a busy stay-at-home mom and are looking for activities for the kids during winter break, there are tons of options across the city. We've rounded up some fun enrichment camps for kids of all ages with focuses ranging from sports to science.

Breakfast with Santa for Philly Families

There's something special about that moment when children approach Santa Claus with their wish lists in hand at Christmastime. Nervousness, excitement, awe (and sometimes tears!) cover their faces as they wait to tell the big guy how good they've been all year. Families can avoid the long lines at the mall and extend the magical moment a little longer by attending one of many breakfasts with Santa all over the Delaware Valley.

Kids have a chance to enjoy breakfast, brunch, or lunch as Ol' St. Nick mingles with guests at venues like restaurants, zoos, and even boats! Some events include a professional photo with Santa, while at others, families are welcome to bring their own cameras. Get ready to chow down and get ready to make some special holiday memories at one of the many Santa events we've rounded up. Many of these sell out early, so reservations are often recommended.

Volunteering with the Kids in Litchfield County

There are so many wonderful opportunities around the holidays for children to consider people less fortunate than themselves by purchasing food and gifts for those in need.  However, it is often more difficult to find places for kids to volunteer their time. In Litchfield County, there are a number of ways for kids to be involved using their physical presence rather than purchased presents.

Retirement communities and nursing homes welcome children and families who wish to volunteer during the holidays.  Families can visit, bring cookies and sing carols room to room.  All that is needed to set up a visit is a call to the volunteer coordinator.  Here is a list of some of the communities that welcome volunteers now and throughout the year. We've also written about opportunities to volunteer in Hartford and Fairfield Counties.

Santa Claus Brunches, Teas, and Cruises for NYC Kids

A picture with Santa can be thrilling for a little kid. But if your child wants a heartier visit with the Big Red Guy, a tasty breakfast (or brunch, or tea) with Santa might be in order.

We've found 10 spots in New York City where families can enjoy a special holiday meal with Old St. Nick. These range from inexpensive pancake brunches hosted by local organizations to lavish spreads at Rockefeller Center and the Plaza Hotel. You can even hop on a cruise with Santa.

All require advance reservations and sell out quickly. Whichever one you choose, bring your camera—and your appetite—and for more seasonal family fun check out our Holiday Guide.

Where To Find a Tutor for Kids in Northern New Jersey

Whether your child is lagging in a certain subject or just looking to get a boost, tutoring might be the way to go. The good news is that there are plenty of options available in Northern New Jersey. So sharpen your pencils and get ready to take some notes while you check out our list of local tutors. For more ideas, you can also explore some after-school programs throughout the state. 

Beyond Splash Pads: 6 Places for Year-round Water Play in Los Angeles

Labor Day has passed, but around here the weather doesn’t follow the calendar. It can be hot anytime in Los Angeles, so there’s good enough reason to look for splash pads, pools, and beaches anytime the mercury rises. In summer, you can always rely on our list of splash pads in Los Angeles as well as the water play parks in Orange County, but what about the rest of the year? There is always somewhere to beat the heat in LA. The following six places offer water activities at any time of year, whether you have older children who can visit on the weekends or little ones that are able to splash around mid-week.

Indoor Play Places for Big Kids in Hartford County

As much as we love sledding, skiing, or playing in the snow with our kids, sometimes we just need a day off from slushy, mushy adventures, soggy mittens, and snow pants. We've researched some great places to have some fun inside during those long winter months, especially with children 6 and up. The trampoline parks are all the rage, and you can read our review of Flight Trampoline Park in New Britain. You can also check out our Indoor Play Guide for younger kids in Hartford County, or give Indoor Rock Climbing a try. 

Here are some other suggestions for indoor activities and great places to have winter birthday parties in Hartford County


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