Weekday Picks for LI Kids: Pumpkin Carving, Costume Party, Boat Burning, October 26-30

The week leading up to Halloween is packed with plenty of activities centered around the holiday, including pumpkin carving, costume parties and the annual Boat Burning at the Long Island Maritime Museum.

For even more fall fun, check out our Long Island Events Calendar, which is updated daily. And get the best of what's happening for the upcoming holiday with our Halloween Guide. You can also get the best events of the week sent directly to your inbox each week if you sign up for our newsletter.

Weekday Picks for Boston Kids: Spooktacular Celebrations, October 26-30

The countdown to October 31 has begun! Events this week are pretty much all about Halloween. Our top picks for young children include everything from a family-friendly concert (pictured) to decorating a trick-or-treat bag for free.  For older kids looking for spooky fun, there's a play featuring some creepy witches. Even if you're spending all your free time preparing for a Halloween party or making last-minute costumes, here's to a ghostly week!

Be sure to keep your eye on the full Event Calendar for more happenings this week and beyond.

Where to Trick-or-Treat on Halloween with New York City Kids

Which neighborhood is best for Halloween trick-or-treating in NYC? That probably depends on who you ask. New Yorkers love to bicker over the best coffee shops, the best (and worst) train lines, and yes, the best places to take their kids on Halloween—and we also love to find that secret gem.

So we asked our astute readers and collected recommendations from our parent-driven NYC staff over many, many years to bring you a list of our favorite trick-or-treating spots so you'll know where to bring your kid this October 31. 

But remember, it's meant to be fun. One of my favorite childhood memories from growing up in NYC was in Greenwich Village. Back then, the Village Halloween Parade was just a couple hundred artists and freaks who marched through the neighborhood. Afterward, we would trick-or-treat up and down the brownstone blocks. Everyone was really friendly, and we would come home with our shopping bags completely filled. It was magical.

Weekday Picks for Connecticut Kids: Enchanted Castle, Halloween Cupcakes, and Sea Scare, October 26-30

The main event isn't until Saturday, but there's Halloween fun to be had all over Connecticut this week. There are activities for kids of all ages and interests, from storybook characters to cooking to sea creatures. For even more options check out our Halloween and Fall Fun Guide and the jam-packed Event Calendar which is updated every day. Have a spooktacular week!

Indoor Play Spaces: 6 Places to Burn Off Energy for Westchester Kids

When I first moved to the suburbs, I asked the mother of one of my daughter's classmates what people do here when the weather keeps you indoors. She laughed at the question and said it reminded her of when she used to commute into Manhattan from our town and her city-dweller coworkers would ask what the weather was like out here. 

Even if you have a backyard and rooms full of toys, we quasi-country folk still run into the same problem of stir-crazy children in need of exercise. We've mentioned beautiful nature centers and great hiking trails for families, but when inclement weather dampens outdoor fun, its good to know there are a number of fantastic indoor play place options in Westchester that range from steals to splurges. Read on to find out where to play and what to know before you go!

Weekday Picks for Philly Kids: Parades, Trick or Treat October 26-30

Beginning this week, Mommy Poppins Philly provides Philadelphia families with a weekly round up of our top Weekday Picks, to keep the fun at your fingertips in between our weekend event picks. And, with less than seven days before the most exciting night of fall, Halloween, there are many options. Leading up to the big day, kids can participate in activities such as costume parades and trick-or-treat opportunities. Below are our top picks by day, but be sure to check out the Events Calendar for each day's complete listing.

Looking for fun photos at local, kid-friendly places? Check out our new Instagram page and follow us @mommypoppinsPHL! Plus, tag us @mommypoppinsPHL in any of your Instagram photos of adorable kids' Halloween costumes!

Weekday Fun: Free Movie Fest, Asphalt Screams, Halloween Events, October 26-30

The countdown to Halloween is on and there are lots of ways to celebrate leading up to the big day. Dare to enter a kid-friendly haunted house, whip up a few terrifying treats, craft your own trick-or-treat tote or hit one of the many FREE Halloween fetes taking place after school (there are a bunch on Friday). It's also a great time to gaze at fabulous fall foliage before all the colorful leaves are gone.

Our best bets for October 26-30 include the FREE Kid Cinema Fest uptown, a cool Halloween-inspired science show in the Bronx, a pair of fall fests and the annual Asphalt Screams.

As always, you can find lots of other ideas in our Event Calendar and Fall Fun Guide.

Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Halloween Fun, Day of the Dead, STEM, Oct. 26-30

You might notice a theme in our top picks for weekday activities for Westchester families this week: It’s Halloween! Why wait for October 31, when there are so many spirited programs that set the mood?

Regardless of the occasion, a performance by this group is always both entertaining and educational, so consider the STEM-filled Mad Science Creepy Chemistry Halloween Show. For less zany entertainment, pull up a toadstool for some Spooky Tales, or get extra mileage from that costume you invested in at the indoor Halloween Parade.

There are oodles of really cool FREE Halloween programs happening all week, as well as the first of the Day of the Dead activities we rounded up. And if you need a departure from holiday-themed activities, know that our Event Calendar has a varied assortment of other fun happening all week and beyond!


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