21 Signs You Have a NYC Toddler

Let's be honest. Raising a toddler is a handful, but raising a NYC toddler comes with its own unique challenges—and rewards—like trying to carry their tantruming little bodies up the subway stairs, but knowing they'll come out of it with some awesome values. It also means they develop some pretty distinctive NYC habits at an early age. Watching a toddler in NYC is both hilarious and hilariously frustrating, because they’re right at a crucial development phase in terms of language, basic skills and learning—and they’re doing it on full display of your building, block or, basically, the entire city.

Does your tyke display these quintessential NYC kid quirks?

Best Things To Do with Kids in Boston This Spring

We're always delighted to welcome spring to Boston. It's the season when everything comes alive and each day brings a small and wonderful surprise. The city's green spaces are vibrant centers of color and activity, and It's the perfect time to get outdoors with the kids to reconnect with nature or celebrate at a spring festival. Here are our picks for Boston's best activities for families in springtime:

Please note: This year's information is not yet available for some events. 

Mo Willems Exhibit Inspires at New-York Historical Society

The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems exhibit at The New-York Historical Society opens Friday, March 18 with 90 pieces of original artwork, animation cells, sculptures, an adorable reading area and an audio guide just for kids in a career retrospective of a multitalented artist and beloved children's author.

It's one of our top activity picks for the entire year, and we are big fans of Mo Willems' simple but enchanting NYC-themed kid-lit in my house, so it was exciting to attend the preview to tell you all about it. 

A must-see for fans of Knuffle Bunny, Elephant and Piggie, and the always angry Pigeon, the galleries are immersive, painted to resemble the hand-drawn cityscapes of Willems' books. But they are not kid-focused: There are no interactives to keep little hands busy. Of course, that really isn't the point. Willems said during the opening that one of his goals for the exhibit is to encourage people to draw and create characters. He wants his work to inspire adults and kids to draw and sketch. Kids can hear what else Willems has to say on an audio guide created just for them and narrated by Willems. On Saturday and Sunday (March 19 and 20), the museum is offering a slate of family activities to complement the exhibit.  

Volunteer Opportunities for Long Island Kids

It's never too early to teach your child how to give back to others. Whether it's donating their old toys to serving food to needy families, there are plenty of opportunities on Long Island to volunteer your time and show your kids the importance of giving back. Since service projects abound all year-long be sure to check out our guide on getting kids involved in community service. And you may also want to check in with your local church, synagogue or mosque, as many are looking for volunteers to assist with their soup kitchens.

Summer Art Camps for Philly Area Kids

Summer will be here before we know it, and many parents are starting to think about camps. If you have a budding young artist in your family, there is no shortage of camp options available for you in the Philadelphia area.  From museums and neighborhood art leagues to paint-your-own ceramic studios, we have assembled a list to fit all levels of artistic ability. So, if your children have created enough crafts at home this winter and are ready for a new learning experience, read on for our ideas.

Be sure to browse the Mommy Poppins Camp Directory for even more ideas!

Hosting a Birthday Party at Home for Kids in Litchfield County, CT: Entertainment and Catering Ideas

Call me crazy but I love having loads of children playing games outside while roaming our property. Bouncy houses, petting zoos and old fashioned games like potato sack races and tug of war are always a big birthday party hit. Even though I've been known to have an outdoor party even when it's freezing outside (we have a bonfire!) it might not be for everyone. In those instances, indoor entertainment will keep you sane and the kids happy. We've listed some great resources for hosting a birthday party at home in the Litchfield County area. We've also included some of our favorite bakery and catering suggestions in order to make the planning process that much easier for you! For even more great party ideas check out our Party Guide.

Feathered ‘Dinosaurs Among Us’ Opens at Natural History Museum

Bird or dinosaur? Your kid may ask that question a lot after visiting Dinosaurs Among Us, the new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, opening Monday, March 21, on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

The whole premise behind the new exhibit is that dinosaurs never really left. Instead, we can see their “evolutionary legacy” on display in the behaviors and anatomy of thousands of modern-day birds. Think of your annual turkey wishbone, birds' scaly feet with elongated toes, the aggressive, beast-like piercing call of certain species like the peacock and, of course, their egg-filled nests.

The exhibit is made up of dozens of fossils, full-scale dinosaur and bird casts, as well as display cases of eggs and nests, feathers (everywhere) and other elements to help visitors compare today's bird species with their extinct relatives, like a side-by-side display of the three-toed foot of an emu and the similar, but larger, three-toed foot of a Struthiominus altus that lived 78 million years ago in North America.

Find Brooklyn Swimming Classes for Kids and Babies

Whether it’s the middle of winter or the hottest day of summer, it’s always swimming lesson season at the pools around NYC, including the family-packed borough of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has several indoor pool options for water babies, toddlers and kids. Swimming classes at these Brooklyn locations can introduce your youngest to the water with a parent-child class or teach more advanced swimming techniques to kids who already know the ropes. Many offer private instruction, too, if the group class or schedule doesn't work for your family. So pack the towels (and swim diapers) and let's hit the pool!

Find more NYC classes in our Classes Guide and Directory Listings.


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