Passover Events for Kids and Families in the Boston Area

As sure a sign of spring as crocuses and daffodils, Passover has sprung up all over the calendar this April with plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday. Even some of the youngest members of the family can participate in Passover celebrations in a meaningful way. 

Through stories, meals, and hands-on activities hosted by Boston-area organizations, children learn about the history and traditions of Passover. 

Passover with Kids: 10 Slightly Irreverent Ways To Make Seders Fun

As religious holidays go, Passover is pretty user-friendly. It can even be a great holiday for inviting non-Jewish friends to join in, since the primary activities are eating, storytelling, and playing with food—all universally appealing. From a kid perspective, though, it can sometimes feel like a whole lot of sitting around waiting for something better to eat than parsley. Extra verses of Grandpa singing Dayenu may have been enough to keep the party entertaining when we were kids, but let's face it, the bar has risen a little since then. To keep the retelling of the slaves' delivery out of Egypt lively for the next generation, we've collected 10 creative ways to make a Passover seder fun for kids. This is not your mama's seder, but it should help to hold everyone's attention until the matzo balls arrive.

Spring 2016 Festivals in the Lower Hudson Valley

Despite the cool temperatures and occasional flurries, spring is here, and that means outdoor festivals will soon dot the landscape of Westchester and Lower Hudson Valley! That's great news for those of us suffering from the winter blues and daydreaming about the warm, sunny days and budding flowers this season brings.

We’ve rounded up several fun fairs and festivals throughout Dutchess, Orange, Ulster and Rockland counties. In addition to featuring kiddie favorites like rides, games and live entertainment, many of these fetes celebrate the Lower Hudson Valley environment, with workshops and educational activities for the entire family. Read on for all the details, and be sure to check out our Event Calendar and our April GoList for even more options.

How to Hire a Baby Night Nurse for Your Newborn

When her baby was just three weeks old, Rachel Beckerman’s maternity leave was up and she returned to work part-time. Her husband had already returned to his full-time job. Sleep-deprived and juggling two demanding careers while caring for a newborn, the Manhattan couple was desperate for help. “We needed to be able to function in our jobs during the day,” Beckerman said. “We needed someone to help with night feedings. And as first-time parents, we also needed help learning some of the baby basics.”

Enter the baby night nurse, or nighttime nanny. 

10 Great Beach Day Trips in Connecticut

As a lifelong resident of Connecticut, the list of my state's redeeming qualities is lengthy.  Among the attributes of living in the Nutmeg State, is our close proximity to water.  No matter where in Connecticut you find yourself, you're likely within an hour's drive of a beach!  And, in the summer, with anxious, energetic kiddos, the less time spent in the car, the better.  So, we've compiled a list of 10 great beach day trips within Connecticut.  There's sure to be one close to you! Make sure to check out our list of 8 Affordable Connecticut Beaches too.

Spring Break in NYC: 50 Fun Things to Do with Kids

If you plan to stick around New York City for a family staycation this spring break (Monday, April 25 to Friday, April 29), we have 50-plus ideas on how to stay busy with a packed week of kiddie fun. 

From interactive exhibits and hands-on museum programs, to cool circus and family theater shows, to parks, playgrounds and indoor play spaces, there's no shortage of spring break activities for NYC kids in 2016. Some of our picks only take place on specific dates, others run the entire time but all are engaging ways to get out there and celebrate the season

If you're thinking of heading out of town for a last-minute vacation, you can find plenty of worthy far-flung destinations via our travel reviews of Caribbean resorts, walkable European cities and plenty of family hotels and cities right here in the U.S. Or check our just published 25 Spring Day Trip Ideas for NYC families for a shorter and less expensive getaway. Working? Consider a spring break weeklong or day mini camp, covering all manner of interests from STEM and fashion to gymnastics and swim.


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