Leftover Halloween Candy? Ways To Use It (Or Lose It) in New Jersey

Twix, Milky Ways, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles! Did your little one collect enough candy to last a lifetime? Instead of saving your surplus supply of Kit Kats or having your children consume it all in one night (or worse, you consume it all in one night), take a look at our alternate ways to use, nibble, donate, bake with, or make money (!) from, or make others smile with your leftover candy. Hope you have a great Halloween, New Jersey!


Meet Snoopy and Celebrate the Peanuts Movie All Over NYC

Good grief! The Peanuts Movie, the first-ever 3D feature film based on Charles M. Schulz's beloved cartoon characters, hits theaters next month and to celebrate, the studio is sponsoring Snoopy-themed kid activities throughout NYC starting this Saturday, October 24. Whether your children are already fans from watching those classic holiday TV specials like It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas or are just now learning how awesome Charlie, Linus, Lucy and the rest of the gang are, they're sure to have a blast at these FREE Snoopy sightings, cartooning lessons and other Peanuts-centric events in Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

Dia de los Muertos: Mostly Free Day of the Dead Events for Westchester Families

Halloween is fast approaching, and while you're counting down to the big day and enjoying all the fun haunted happenings around town, why not consider adding a multicultural flair into the mix? Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is technically not a Halloween event; however, it falls right around the same time of year and shares many similar customs and themes.

This Mexican tradition may sound somber and spooky, but it’s actually a joyous time of year, meant to honor family and friends who have passed on. Revelers prepare special foods, don colorful outfits, and create alters adorned with flowers, smiling skulls (calaveras) and candles to celebrate lost loved ones. Festivities include dancing, joyful skeletons (calacas), masks, plenty of candy, skulls made out of sugar, and marigolds, the traditional flor de los muertos—flower of the dead. Day of the Dead is observed on November 1 and 2, but events are taking place as early as this weekend. Read on for ways to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in Westchester. The best part—most events are FREE.


Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead Celebrations around Los Angeles

Hauntingly close to Halloween, El Día de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead – is a magical holiday that's also a living history lesson, demonstrating the tendency of conquerors to absorb indigenous customs into their own. Christian Europeans arrived in Mexico already fans of All Hallows Eve (modern day Halloween), only to stumble upon an ancient tradition celebrated by the Aztecs on November 2, with a spookily similar theme. Day of the Dead is a time when the door between worlds is meant to open, so that celebrants can honor departed loved ones and hopefully lure them back for a visit.

10 Not-So-Scary Halloween Activities for Philly Area Kids

This post is currently being updated for 2016.

No need to protect your kids from the frightening gore-fest that Halloween can be for the older crowd. From dance parties to parades to scarecrow contests, pint-sized trick-or-treaters can still have fun on this ghoulish holiday without having nightmares about scary scenes. Read on to find out more about what's available for little ones in the Philly area.  


Fall Family Travel Deals: Camelback's New Water Park, Disney, Skiing, and Caribbean Offers

Fall is in full swing and holiday travel will be upon us in the blink of an eye. If you’re considering a getaway before Thanksgiving, Disneyworld has pre-holiday hotel deals in newly named Disney Springs. In other parts of Florida, Panama City Beach offers loads of family diversions and competitive prices. Reasonable rates and thin crowds make late fall a great time to plan a Caribbean or Costa Rican break. If you’re itching to ski, Sunday River in Maine has Thanksgiving deals or head to a snow-covered ranch in Montana. Camelback Resort in the Poconos offers kid-approved fun at their giant new water park plus big discounts off their regular rates.

13 Indoor Play Spots for Toddlers with Weekend Hours

Indoor play spots are essential to NYC families with young children (and limited square feet) as temperatures begin a steady decline into winter.

Unfortunately, so many of the city's indoor play spots are limited to weekday hours only. Great for caregivers Monday through Friday, but this leaves mom and dad out in the cold, scrambling to fill up that chilly fall or rainy spring weekend or snowy winter hours with their preschooler in some other way. Luckily, we've uncovered more than a dozen(!) fantastic play spaces that get it and are keeping weekend, drop-in play hours for kids—no membership required. All are stroller-friendly and equipped with changing stations, making them no-fuss options for the toddler squad.

Special Halloween Library Programs in the Lower Hudson Valley for Kids

While there’s nothing wrong with your basic pumpkin or witch foam-sticker-and-construction-paper craft, it can be hard to get kids (especially older kids) excited about a project they’ve already done a million times. We last took a look at libraries in Westchester with cool and special programming, and now we’re going to turn our eyes to the rest of the Lower Hudson Valley. Whether it’s music or science, art or zombies, the library programs on this list try to mix things up a bit. And as with the Westchester programs, all of the events here are FREE!

For even more holiday celebration ideas, be sure to take a look at our Event Calendar, which is packed with tons more Halloween happenings. And don’t forget to sign up for our FREE newsletter and follow us on Facebook!  


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