Weekend Fun: Passaic County Fair, Night Hike, Movies on the Beach

The end of summer vacation incites both cheer (the playroom will stay clean for more than 10 minutes!) and panic (what kind of lunch box? another pair of shoes?). With just a few more weeks to go before school buses start lining up at the curb, it's important to make the most of the time that's left. This weekend offers plenty of opportunities to make memories: find out what zoo animals do after dark; meet your favorite superheroes at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show; check out cool aircraft at the Open Cockpit Weekend in Teterboro; and much more.

Find ways to beat the heat in our Summer Fun Guide for NJ Kids, including our list of 15 Awesome NJ Water Parks, Best Splash Pads and Water Playgrounds, and the Best Jersey Shore Beaches for Families. And be sure to check out our Event Calendar for a complete listing of happenings this weekend and beyond. 

Last but not least, visit our brand-new local DEALS page to score discounts on camps, classes, birthday party packages, and more for NJ kids. Check back often because we're constantly adding new ones.

19 Kid-Friendly Shows are Coming to Boston Stages this Fall

As summer winds down, it’s time to think about what activities will entertain your family in the fall. Luckily, Boston offers dozens of performances that will amaze and delight your kids. From traveling circuses to local children’s theater, here's a list of some of the best shows of the autumn. Whether your kids are in the mood for The Nutcracker or a comedy show with rescued pets, we’ve got you covered—so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Zylofone: Music Workshops for Hudson Valley Families with Special Needs

Finding supportive and inspiring arts and development programs for children with special needs isn't always easy. Luckily, families in Orange County and surrounding areas have Zylofone, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing such quality programming and opportunities. This Campbell Hall-based group provides music-centered workshops that promote creativity and growth in both physical and cognitive abilities.

Founded by a single mother who raised twin boys with special needs, Zylofone offers engaging and tailored programming designed to be compassionate, encouraging, educational and fun for students of all ages and their families.

Looking for more creative programming for children in Westchester and the Hudson Valley? Consult our Classes Guide and sign up for our newsletters.

12 Surprisingly Fun Places in NYC to Hang with Your Baby

Yes, infanthood is a wonderful time, full of snuggles and milestones. But entertainment options for non-walkers and even early walkers can start to feel repetitive day after day. Once you've tried all the baby play spaces and gymsplaygrounds, and even stroller tours at museums, what's next?

The thing about New York City, is there's always something open, always something going on, and always something new to try. We've rounded up some out-of-box ideas to shake up your daily routine with your NYC kids ages 12 months and under—many of these ideas are 100% FREE things—and most will also entertain your toddlers. Each destination is loaded with sights and sounds or another cool sensory experience for little ones, plus a change of scenery for the grown-up. So read on to plan the next city adventure with your little one.

Peruse our NYC Baby Guide for more need-to-know info and cool activities for the littlest New Yorkers.

The Solar Eclipse: Getting Kids Psyched and Watching as a Family

What's all too fleeting, potentially a bit hazardous, and absolutely something you need to experience with your kids? We're talking about the solar eclipse on August 21st, of course! For the first time since 1979, parts of North America will be treated to a total solar eclipse—a rare moment when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, temporarily blocking the sun. 

How dramatic the eclipse is will depend on where you are located geographically. People in the states that fall in a diagnonal line from Oregon to South Carolina are in the path of "totality," meaning they'll be exposed to a complete blocking of the sun. The rest of us will see a crescent shape as the moon partially blocks the sun from our view. Nevertheless, scientists and educators nationwide are encouraging everyone to plan to watch this astronomical phenomenon. So we tapped John Aviste, a civil engineer who runs the popular Edge on Science camps in New York and Massachusetts, to help us understand why—and how—families in all of Mommy Poppins' nine regions should witness the eclipse. Whether you've been preparing for this moment for years or are just catching up now, read on for some useful tips—from explaining eclipse science to little ones to ensuring that everyone's peepers stay protected.

Weekday Picks: Tchaikovsky and Fireworks, Long Beach BBQ Festival, Echo Park Rising

A word to the wise before summer slips away: hit up some iconic LA spots so your kids have something to tell their friends about when school starts. One classic venue, the Hollywood Bowl, features music and world-class pyrotechnics at this week's Tchaikovsky Spectacular with Fireworks. Another pick is the Long Beach BBQ Festival, which offers a view of the Queen Mary along with grilled meats, poultry, and other tasty items. Meanwhile, Echo Park Rising features music and activities in celebration of the neighborhood that surrounds the family-friendly Echo Park Lake. Throw a free outdoor opera in the mix, and there really is something for everyone.

Here are some of the highlights of the week; plenty more ideas can be found by visiting the Mommy Poppins Event Calendar.

Weekday Fun: Star Gazing, Magic Shows, Village Festivals

Indoors or out, these last few weeks of August offer a variety of weekday activities for families eager for a last blast of summer.

This week, relax under the stars and catch a flick, or grab a beach blanket and set out for a picnic. Whatever you decide, check out our August GoList and our Summer Fun Guide for more fresh ideas. For some fun FREE events, check out our list of 50 Free Things to Do With Long Island Kids This Summer. And remember to check out Events Calendar for new listings each day.

Here are some of our top picks for this week.


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