DUSC Summer Soccer Program


DUSC/GGFC offers innovative training on the fields at Pier 40 in downtown Manhattan. Under the guidance of Gustavo Palomino and Paul Jeffries, our experienced and talented staff employs disciplined training methods to deliver 10 weeks of innovative and fun soccer education.

Each week presents campers with an intensive program designed to take individual games to a higher level of play. Players will learn new forms of warm up and flexibility; skills training will focus on different parts of the game each day: emphasis will be put on dribbling, body movement, passing, shooting, game tactics and much more. Games allow players to develop skills gained. Campers will watch soccer games on video, and discuss tactics. The full-day program includes swimming in a college-sized pool.

DUSC/GGFC soccer clubs focus is on the imagination, style and flair of the individual: soccer is a game where each player should be given the skills that support their imagination and allow them to make critical decisions on the field without the restrictions of over-coaching. We want to develop smart players, with a strong grounding in proper technique, who will go on to develop their own creative interpretation, and love, of the game.

Program Information:

June 8th-August 21st, Ages 5-12 and 7-14 and 3-4
Full Day/Half Day and Single Day options.  

The program is run at Pier 40, Houston Street and the West Side Highway, New York City.


Website (on line registration): www.dusc.net

Gustavo Palomino: 646-247-6449 or gmsgpalomino@optonline.net or information@dusc.net

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Taking a Baby Sitter on Vacation with You


Private schools just had their Spring Break and public schools have theirs coming up and as we're waiting for the weather to warm up, we've got vacations on the brain.

Have you ever been stuck with a family vacation that actually seemed like more work than not being on vacation? If you are used to having childcare, a family vacation can be a shocking experience. It's not something that most people want to admit, and of course we all love spending lots of time with our kids, but hard-working parents need some real down-time too or they're going to have their own little melt-downs that no binky can fix.

Taking a babysitter on vacation with you might seem like a huge luxury, but sometimes luxuries are really necessities. But wanting to take a baby sitter on vacation with you and actually doing it are two different things, two things with lot of steps in between, like how much to pay and how to find a sitter who will travel with you, etc. The experts at Sittercity have shared some tips with us on how to make the fantasy a reality.

From the archives: Urban Alphabet Books

I haven't done an archive post in a while and it's too bad, because looking back on the posts from last March there a ton of good ones. In fact, I just updated the POPULAR POSTS list over in the left sidebar with some new, great old posts like Useful Links for School Hunts, An Overview of the Preschool Admissions Process, and more.

But today's post is a great list of alphabet books. Unique, artistic alphabet books have become very trendy lately. These ones all celebrate the alphabet through urban environments:

Harbor Conservatory Summer Programs

Harbor Conservatory is proud of its 38 year history of helping children gain
a deeper appreciation of music, dance and theater through individual and
group instruction, special ensembles, public performances, master classes,
and faculty and guest artist recitals. The Conservatory serves beginning
students as well as though talented youngsters with professional

3 Different programs - ideal for children and teens ages 6-19, Beginners &


This course is ideal for youngsters' 11-16 years of age, beginners and

Basketball City Summer Day Camp

Basketball City provides NY's most comprehensive youth instructional basketball programs all year round.

Summer camps - Beginning June 15th 2009 through the end of August, at Hunter College. This year's camps include Walt "Clyde" Frazier, Five- Star, New York Knicks, and the Basketball City FUNdamental Camps. 

For boys and girls ages 7 -18.

Call (718) 786-4242 Or visit www.basketballcity.com for more information!

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