Kids Swimming Lessons in New York City

So, you’ve decided it’s time for the kids to venture off land and into the pool. After taking a look at our post on how to choose the right swimming lessons for your child, you might be wondering where to go and what this adventure is going to cost. Luckily, as with most things here in the city that never sleeps, there are swim lessons that can fit into any budget (including free) and swimming classes for kids at every level. Read on to find out all the options for kids swimming classes in New York City from Mommy and Me swimming lessons to group and private swim instruction.  

Wednesday Quick Hits: 31 Awesome Cake Designs, Talking to your Child about Race, Extreme Weight Loss Measures, More!

It’s almost Spring and hope is in the air!  Right now there are so many fun birthday parties happening and we’re all emerging from our houses to go to them.  If you’re one of the parents planning them, we’ve found 31 awesome cake designs you may be able to put together (ok, I wouldn’t be able to make them, but I have a friend or two who may).  Also: tips on learning to talk to your child about race, the newest (very extreme) way to loose weight, Chris Brown trying to get the kids behind him and the best idea of the week.  Go!

10 Reasons to Visit Disneyland California Instead

Going to Disney World feels like a can't-miss obligation for New York City parents: like if we don't take our children to the Magic Kingdom before they outgrow the magic it will just be another decade of therapy to pile on to all our other parental misdeeds.

I'm sure Walt Disney World is 100% as magical as it is said to be, but here are 10 reasons why New York parents should consider opting for Disneyland instead:

Monday's Quick Hits: Best of New York, 13 is the New 18, Helping Your Child During a Move and More!

Oh man I cannot believe I even have time to sit down at a computer to write.  With the weekend weather as beautiful as it was, and my son's decided efforts to expend each piece of energy he stored up over the winter, the computer has been the last place for me to land.  Somehow, though there are great writers still writing out there in the WWW, and I've done my best to lasso them up.   Today:  NY Mag has released their "Best of New York" issue, why women feel dissatisfied (hint: stop comparing yourself to the lady next to you), help with transitioning your child during a move, and one Brooklyn mom's hilarious hi-jinx.  Read them.... then go outside!

Healthy Quick & Easy Recipes: Making Pasta with Kids

One of my kids' favorite things to do is make homemade pasta. It's so easy and fun and kids love eating noodles. We picked up a pasta maker somewhere, the kind that you crank the dough through, but the March issue of Cookie Magazine has three easy pasta recipes that you can make with nothing more than your hands, a knife and a colander. I actually think that hand-made noodles have a lighter texture that I love even more.

Making pasta might sound like a pain, but it's really easy and since you can get your kids involved it kills two birds with one stone. Check out these healthy, quick and easy recipes for making noodles that your kids will love making as much as they will eating the results:


Have you saved anyone's life today?


This week our video break takes a more serious tone. Don't forget tomorrow is the bone marrow drive for Jasmina, a 5 year old NYC girl with (spoiler alert) leukemia. Watch this video to learn how you can help save this little girl's life or some other person's child.

The drive is Saturday, March 7 from 10-2 at PS 41 (11th St @ 6th Ave). Let's give this video a happy ending!

High Brow Culture For Kids This Weekend: Concerts, Ballet, Jazz and Art Events

Ballet, Opera, Orchestra, Art Museums. For many people, high brow cultural opportunities like these are the best thing about New York City. And there's no reason that can't be true for kids too. Start your toddlers, preschoolers and little kids off on a diet of high brow culture tailored just for kids and before you know it you'll be taking them to the real thing.

This weekend there are a bevy of fun high brow performances your kids will love. But don't take my word for it. I've included some video clips for each show (where available) so you can decide for yourselves if this high brow culture is cool or not...oh, and most of these events are parts of series, so if you can't catch them this weekend, look for alternate performance and dates.

Have the Ultimate Princess Weekend in NYC

And we're not talking about Paris Hilton. We're talking about the real kind of princesses??”the little ones. Yes, I know some parents frown on encouraging little girls to overload on tulle and Disney, but in my experience this is a phase that should be enjoyed while it lasts, because around first or second grade the dressing up stops and there'll be no more pictures of those chubby little faces peeking out from crooked tiaras and sequined tutus. Whether your little princess hails from New York or you are visiting royalty, here's a list of activities for creating the Ultimate Princess Weekend in New York City for your little girl. (Warning this post could be dangerous to your wallet. Extreme caution is advised when planning on indulging your little girl's every fantasy. Do not attempt all of the following in one weekend. Mommy Poppins takes no responsibility for damages incurred by hysterically happy little girls or exhausted, broke parents.)

How to Choose the Right Swimming Lessons for Your Child

Swimming lessons are some of the most popular classes for New York City kids. And, while perhaps you were taught by being thrown in the water and allowed to figure out how to not drown, today's approach is much gentler. I mean, geez, who would pay for that?

Swimming classes start for children as early as newborns, with Mommy and Me Swim Classes, and continue with Group Lessons, Private Swim Lessons, or you might even consider a Swim Team. With all the options (and often high prices) of learning how to swim, it can be difficult to know what class is right for your (soon-to-be) Nemo. Your child’s age, skill level and your own expectations are the key determining factors.

Children's Books about Smart, Brave Girls


The New York Public Library has put out a list of recommended children's books for Women's History Month. I guess that would be March.  I love books that feature clever, brave heroines any time of year.

Check out their list and here are some of my all time favorite books about cool girls:


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