Cool Messenger Bags for Girls and Boys

Get with the program, Oldie Square Pants, backpacks are for babies. Cool kids today carry messenger bags. But finding cool messenger bags that fit pint-sized hipsters is not so easy, so we scoured the net for the coolest little messenger bags for our mini trendsetters and have gathered them here for you (after clearing them through our own pint-sized coolness testing dept., of course.)




Cool girls want stuff that's not too flowery, but definitely not boyish either like this Little Miss Sunshine Messenger Bag. It's on the large side at 12" x 15" so it's better for older kids, but at $19.99 from Target or Amazon, it fits the bill perfectly.

Little Naturalists: Playing with Seeds

The Reason For a Flower by Ruth Heller is one of my favorite children’s books. It teaches us that “the reason for a flower is to manufacture seeds.” My last post was Wildflowers Everywhere, well those beautiful spring flowers have produced many interesting fruit. Fruit is the part of the plant that holds the seeds. Within all of these fruit are seeds you can collect.

Playing with seeds is fun! Collect a number of different fruit and seeds and have your children sort them, count them, draw them, contrast and compare their shapes and colors. Some of the seeds can be put in soil and they will germinate or grow right away. Some might need to be planted outside and go through one winter before they germinate. It’s fun to walk up to a tree and see what surprises are in store for you. But we are not the only ones who need and value fruit and seeds. Our city’s wildlife: seed eating birds, squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents depend upon the fruit and their seeds that our trees produce. Here are some fruit to look for in midsummer.

Kiddie Cruise Giveaway Winner and Linkin B'logs

This week's hot tips and important stories for parents, so you can be the most-in-the-knowiest.

But first - congratulations to the winner of our Kiddie Cruise Giveaway, lucky reader Mabl!  Sorry to hear that you have been reading a set of functional specs for work all summer, at least your 5 year old has better taste in reading materials with the new Brambly Hedge book, Wilfred to the Rescue. We are very happy that now you can put down that work reading and spend some time enjoying your summer on the Kiddie Cruise

And now, onto the news....

Standing Room Only. Check this out - the Transit Authority is about to unveil seatless subway cars. They will have folding seats which will be locked in the up position during rush hour.  Pros, more room for strollers.  Cons, nowhere to sit when you are pregnant, oh wait, thats the same as it is now.

Free Fun Friday: The International Yo-Yo Open, Outdoor Concerts and Cloud Gazing

Make the most of your weekend and explore some new places with this weekend's line-up of FREE events.

Learn to Walk the Dog - Old-school toys are still the best and what could be better than the yo-yo? Head over to the South Street Seaport this Saturday for the International Yo-Yo Open, presented by You can see the world's best yo-yo players and soak up the entertainment, education, and eye-popping yo-yo ability. Festivities begin at 11AM. FREE.

Giveaway: Kiddie Cruise

This giveaway has ended. Click here to see our current giveaways. Will you be happy when the summer ends or are you dreading it?  Either way, the end of summer is a time to celebrate so why not have a last hoorah on us with this giveaway for four tickets to the NYC based Kiddie Cruise!

You will board your cruise ship and set sail for a three hour tour (actually its only two hours but I couldn't control myself from writing that line) on the Hudson and around the Statue of Liberty.  The cruise ship which is called the Queen of Hearts, is a 3 level Louisiana-Style paddlewheel boat that is literally packed full of kiddie entertainment. Recommended for kids ages 2 to 8, expect lots of kid pleasers including face painting, balloon sculpting, arts and crafts, magic shows, children's performances, story telling, live music, raffles and yummy food for kids and adults.

Keep reading to find out how you can enter the giveaway.

Free Demo Classes For Kids Throughout NYC

This is first in a series of posts listing free demo classes for NYC kids. Find more free demo classes and exclusive discounts in our second Free Demo Class Post.

I admit, I have a fear of Mommy and Me classes. I'm not sure how it started but every time the idea was batted around in my house I came up with a million excuses why it wouldn't work. But, now that my daughter is two and we are both sufficiently bored of the playground, I've come to realize it's time to take the plunge. Even better, I've realized that she is now old enough to take classes without me having to participate!

If you are anything like me, here is the perfect baby step - FREE demo classes. Before you shell out the money for a weekly class, why not try it out? We have compiled a super long list of FREE demo classes, most of which are held in August and September. From pottery to gymnastics to music to miming so you can see how you and your kid like the class before committing to an entire semester. Plus, a lot of these places have offered amazing discounts to Mommy Poppins readers if you do choose to sign up for the class.  Keep reading to check out our list.

Linkin B'logs: Lactavists, Stay-cations and What Not To Worry About

This week's hot tips and important stories for parents, so you can be the most-in-the-knowiest.

Stop Worrying, at least about a few things...I LOVE this article from the Times on 10 Things to Scratch From Your Worry List, including nitrates in hot dogs, carcinogenic cell phones and BPA in plastic bottles which they say is only a problem in really large doses.  Call me crazy but I even started using my Nalgene again after reading this.

Lactavists on the A train- Gothamist reports on National Breast Feeding Week  and a crew of lactavists who rode and nursed on the A train

Free Fun Friday: Family Events that are fun for Mom and Dad too

200808010040.jpgWe all know you secretly sing along to Laurie Berkner, but that doesn't mean you don't occasionally enjoy real grown up entertainment. This week our family friendly activities really are fun for the whole family, focusing on stuff that the grown ups will enjoy for themselves, but we think cool NYC kids will love too.

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival. What a great way to set the stage and introduce your kids to Chinese culture and the Olympics! This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, enjoy two days of dragon dances, martial arts performances, and arts and crafts tent including Chinese calligraphy, rice doll making, paper cutting and other crafts. Plus of course the dragon boat races!

Here's the perfect family event, in my book:

Reader Tip: Free Outdoor Movies at Waterside Plaza


Reader, Bess, from Brooklyn gave us the heads up about yet another place to enjoy free family friendly outdoor movies this summer—Waterside Plaza. Waterside Plaza is the apartment complex/community east of the FDR in the 20s. It can be reached by the 25th Street footbridge over the highway or by taxi or bus at 23rd St.

In August there will be a series of movies, music and dancing on the plaza with views of the East River.

Movies are Monday nights at 8:30. Free popcorn and beverages are available. There is limited seating. You should bring your own folding chairs or blankets. Here's the line-up of free family friendly films:

Cool Mom Picks of the Month: The Best Gear, Toys and Accessories for Moms and Kids

I'm not a big "stuff" person, but when I do want to ogle, buy or dream about buying kid stuff, I turn to the site Cool Mom Picks where some super savvy moms select the most unique little things for babies, kids and moms. That's why I'm thrilled to announce that Cool Mom Picks is coming to Mommy Poppins. Check out what the girls have found for us this month: 





Now your little monsters can make their own big monsters.




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