NJ New Year's Eve, Day & Weekend: From Swords and Waterslides to Kings and Cube Bubbles

Make a resolution to spend more time hanging out with the kids in 2010, and jump right in on New Year’s Eve. There are plenty of celebrations to ring in the New Year, even if you party at noon instead of midnight. Here’s four suggestions for kid-friendly New Year’s celebrations at any time of the day, or evening, or even weekend. After the confetti has settled, the weekend is chock-full of fun indoor and outdoor events for kids including calendar-making, bubble shows, macaroni necklaces, nature walks, and even a Three Kings Celebration to end the holiday season.


Holiday Break December 28-30th: Wolves, Winter Walks and Wacky Science

You’ve got 3 days to fill with the kids before New Year’s Eve hits—what to do? Put the resolution writing aside and head to a great long-running event, including Trenton’s Patriot’s Week, 12 Days of Science at Liberty Science Center, Family Fun Week at Newark Museum and Adventure Aquarium’s Christmas Celebration; or take a hike, catch an ice-skating show or go on a wolf watch. It’s nearly your final family time in 2009–spend it wisely, and together!

Holiday Links, Big Sale News, and How You Can Help Fund a NYC Public School Library (maybe yours)

It's Christmas. I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family and this little Christmas post will share a little bit of seasonal joy with you. I have some fun (if belated) holiday links to share, plus Swapna sent in a great tip about a huge sale at the Disney Store.

I also want to thank VTech Toys for working with me to provide some of their great toys to the children of Nazareth Houses. I'm sure that made their Christmas mornings to get such awesome gifts. And I have some news about how you can help raise money for a NYC public school library. It could even be yours.

Hip Hop Dance Classes for NYC Boys and Girls

Hip Hop dancing can be a great physical outlet for kids who might not otherwise be into sports and it is growing in popularity with children of all ages. If your child might be interested in trying out a Hip Hop dance class, here are some of the Hip Hop dance classes for kids around NYC.

Home Made Coloring Books and Recycled Crayons

Every year I try to come up with some crazy home made Holiday gift to give friends and relatives. Generally they involve figuring out a creative way to repackage pictures of our family in the form of a (very hypothetically) useful item. I've done calendars, lunch boxes, and home made photo printed cookies in recent years. This year I decided to do coloring books.

Christmas Weekend Events Dec. 25-27: Patriots, Puppets, Penguins, "Peanuts" and More!

Finally! Christmas is here. A long weekend full of gift wrap, relatives and relaxation, right? Not if your house is like ours—I give my kids 3 hours after opening presents before they start with the, "I’m bored" line of whining. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, don’t worry–there’s plenty of activities happening to keep everyone busy; from Santa scuba-diving to a "funky Jewish music" concert, and from patriot re-enactments to puppets and penguins. So take up Grandma and Grandpa on that offer to entertain the kids, hustle them off, then hurry up and dismantle the holiday decorations–without the added "help" of little hands!

New Skating Rink in Battery Park City: We're giving away lessons and party packages

There's a brand new ice skating rink in Manhattan this winter. Battery Park City on Ice is located directly across West St from Whole Foods on the Northern edge of Battery Park City West St and Warren to be exact). We stopped by for an afternoon of skating last Monday to check it out.

Read on to learn more about this new skating rink and how you could win skating lessons or a birthday party.

Find Unique Gift Ideas for Kids at New York City's Best Museum Shops


If you are looking for gift ideas for kids outside of the offerings of your neighborhood toy store, look no further than a museum gift shop. Museum gift shops are a great place to find unique toys, books and games for kids that you won't find in any regular toy store and New York CIty is a Museum Gift Store shopper's paradise. Not only do we have the best museums (with the corresponding best gift shops), but some museums even have gift shop outposts completely separate from their museums, making it easier to pick up a gift without making a separate trip to the museum. Check out these cool museum shops that have great gift ideas for kids.  

Guide to The Best Holiday Gift Guides for Children's Presents

I love gift guides [Swoon]. Everything in gift guides seems so beautiful and cool. Why buy an ordinary present for the kids in your life when you can buy the much cooler and prettier presents selected by the experts of the interwebs. I scoured the web and have rounded up not just the best holiday gift guides for your green-eyed browsing pleasure, but have picked out some of the best items from their guides in case you can't deal with all that present-y goodness. You will be stumped for presents no longer with these fabulous holiday gift guides. PS. Most of them have sections for gifts for other people besides kids too.


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