ArtKids Fall Preview: New and Fun Art to See with Your Kids

This Fall there are lots of new, wonderful art exhibits in the NYC museums. Natasha Schlesinger from ArtKids has offered to share some of the best ones, along with tips for enjoying them with children. So take a break from the same old kid venues and head out for some real art experiences. We've even including some of the museum family programs to make it more kid friendly.

Where the Wild Things Are Movie Takes New York City

Everyone's going crazy for Where the Wild Things Are movie coming out later this week. And New york City is so excited they've dedicated the entire week to the movie launch. This week you can hear the story read by the actors from the movie, get your picture taken in a scene from the film and see, or even buy, original illustrations from the book. Check out these fun, and free, events celebrating Where the Wild Things Are.

City Island: The Perfect Day Trip for a Fall Weekend

Many New Yorkers associate City Island with summertime (that is, if they even know about it).  Afterall, the main cuisine offered is seafood, there are panoramic water views, and sailboats galore.  However, we find the best time to visit City Island is a) anytime but a Friday or Saturday night (lunchtime is fine) and b) off-season!  Therefore we're recommending it as a perfect weekend daytrip. 

Things to Do Columbus Day Weekend on Long Island: Fall Festivals and Fairs

I have family visiting and I was thinking today that there really couldn't be a better time to visit Long Island than now. Fall is here, it's pumpkin and apple picking season, Fall farms are bustling, and there are plenty of Fall Festivals happening across the island as well. The weather forecast looks great for Columbus Weekend, and here are a few of our favorite suggestions for activities for you and your family to enjoy over the long weekend:


Check Out Our New York City Kids Culture Guide

I've added a new page to the site that I wanted to share with you. The Arts and Kid Shows Guide has lots of information about museums, performances, art shows and other fun cultural activities to do in New York with kids. There's also money-saving tips, like free times at all the museums, some ideas for how to make a museum outing more fun with kids, and recent reviews of kid shows.

I'll keep adding more info as we write it and all new reviews will be in there, so you can always check the guide for the most current exhibit and show information. You'll find it by clicking on the Art & Shows tab at the top of the site.

I hope this page will be a helpful addition to the site. If you have any suggestions please email me.

Visit the Culture Guide now.

News: Swine Flu Parties, Bake Sale Ban, Cheap Philharmonic Tickets, More

I can't believe it's October already. The first month of school went by so fast and we've been so busy. Meanwhile the DOE has been busy too: a new rule prohibits bake sales in schools. On the flip side, the junk food industry has launched a campaign to fight City Hall's attempts to fight the obesity epidemic. A study shows that Charter Schools perform better and Bloomberg asks to lift the cap on them. And Obama wants to keep kids in school longer while some kids may be missing school after going to swine flu parties. Lastly, we learn about the silver lining of recessions and how you can see the philharmonic for just $16.

Weekend Events for NJ Kids, October, 3-4: Four Fall Festivals and a Special Hindu Festival

Hello October! This weekend you can celebrate Autumn with a wide variety of Fall festivals. Hop on the Pumpkinliner Express for a trip through the pumpkin patch. Enjoy an Asian Harvest Festival at the Newark Museum or a historical Harvest celebration threshing and grinding wheat at Howell Historical Finally. Finally celebrate the Fall season with more traditional Fall festivals with pumpkin painting, hayrides, and crafts at the Essex County Environmental Center of the NJ Botanical Gardens.

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, October 2-4: Beach and Fall Festivals, Flashlight Maze, Fishing Clinics and More

There is so much to enjoy this time of year on Long Island, and this weekend's events really reflect that. Head to one of our great local farms, hit a family festival, enjoy one last blast of Summer beach life, or take advantage of the great cultural offerings available for families. You might also want to check out our recent posts about pumpkin picking or apple picking farms on the Island. I don't know about you, but now that school is back in session, I cherish these last long days (even thought they are getting shorter) and I'm looking forward to getting outside and enjoying some of this Fall air. Here are our suggestions for Long Island's best family activities this weekend:

New York City Kids Weekend Events for October 2-4: Free Parties, Festivals, Cultural Events, Harvests, and More

Colors are changing, and those warmer jackets are making their way out of the closets—true signs that Fall is in full swing. If you’re looking to bob for apples (or pick ‘em), play in pumpkin patches or feast on the harvest, you’ve got plenty of options. But there’s also a slew of cultural events happening this weekend, like the Tibetan, Norwegian, Korean, and Diwali festivals, and Halloween events are going on already, too. If you are looking for a little mini-adventure, the “outer boroughs” are also jam-packed with events from the traditional fall fare to soap box derbies. So whatever you wind up doing, get out there and enjoy the crisp air (and leaves)!


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