Discount Broadway (And Off-Broadway) Tickets for Kids' Shows

There are more and more fun shows for kids popping up on Broadway and more and more ways to find cheap tickets to Broadway shows for kids. Here's a rundown of the top ways to find discounted tickets to Broadway shows, with some that are only good for kids. Plus, as this post is going up, Kids Night on Broadway tickets just went on sale today, so snap those up right away. They sell out fast!

School of Rock and Other Rock Music Classes for Kids in New York City

As I stood in front of the stage at Crash Mansion on Bowery, I never imagined that it would be to see my daughter play the drums in her rock ‘n’ roll band. At the ripe old age of 6, Max looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said “Mommy, I would like to play the drums!” and so began my search for a music school.  And voila, you have a budding little rockstar who is looking to get up on stage and perform, NYC is the place where kids can be rockers too. There are a few options where your children can explore the world or popular music. Here is the skinny:

Write for Mommy Poppins

Are you the one all your friends turn to when they need to be in the know, especially when it comes to kid stuff? Are you always on the lookout for the coolest stuff for kids and parents, the latest bit of news and the off the beaten track activities? Are you passionate about raising your kids in New York City and always out exploring its nooks and crannies?

Mommy Poppins is looking for a new blogger or two to join our team. Someone enthusiastic and knowledgeable about New York and the things that make living in New York City with kids so great. Someone who wants to share her (or his) knowledge with our readers, with a talent for picking out the cool and unique.

Links: How to recycle gadgets, Junk Food=Crack, H1N1 Vaccination Clinics Open, Baby Gift Ideas

Some hopefully helpful and interesting links going into your weekend: Find out about the vaccination clinics opening this weekend for middle and high schoolers, the definitive resource on how to recycle your gadgets, great ideas for baby gifts for people that have no space, and our own contributor, Bess, was shown on Good Morning America this week in her "real" job.

Weekend Events for Kids on Long Island, November 7-8: Cool Magic Show, Tennis Expo, Nature Scavenger Hunt and more!

Now that Halloween is behind us, I can feel a subliminal pressure mounting about the coming Holiday Season. The toy commercials are ramping up, the Toys R Us big book of presents as I call it arrived last Sunday, and I even spotted some tinsel being strewn, but I'm not gonna tell you where. At any rate, in case you hadn't heard, there is one less weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, meaning once Thanksgiving hits (which is just a few short weeks away), we are pretty much going to be in turbo Holiday mode until January 1st. Take advantage of the calm before the storm this weekend, and check out some of the cool family events going on across the Island:


New York City Kids Free Weekend Events for November 7-8: Fall Festivals, Family Arts Programs, Dance Parties and More

You might still have left over Halloween candy hanging around (here’s some ideas of what to do with it), but the monster-filled events have come to an end here in the city. And that's not a bad thing. Fill this weekend with some decidedly Fall adventures like kite flying, chamber music for kiddies, family arts programs, dance parties, and much more.

And don't forget to enter our giveaway for a free family photo portrait session. Two winners will be chosen on Sunday.

Weekend Events for NJ Kids November 7-8: Outdoor Animals and Indoor Fun

Winter may be just around the corner, but it isn't time to give up fun outdoor activities just yet!  This weekend, kids can head outdoors and get up close with all kinds of animals: watch wild ducks, learn all about horses, or attend an outdoor animal storytime.  They can also travel back in time at a historical farm and explore sausage and bacon making, or learn how to turn apples into cider.  Too chilly for you? Look for a good time indoors with a free theater series with campfire stories, a Mo Willem’s show at SOPAC, or family fun at the Newark Museum.

New Tribeca Kids Film Club and 3 Other Cool Kids Movies Series

Earlier this week we wrote about a website that helps you choose appropriate movies for your kids. Another way to find great movies for kids is to check out one of the local film series where aficionados have selected for you movies that are outstanding.

And this week there's a new option because the people who bring you the Tribeca Film Festival are turning their filmy goodness to movies for kids with the brand new Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club. Read on for the scoop on this new film series where you can catch cool flicks for kids every other Saturday starting this weekend, plus three other cool film series you won't want to miss.


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