Linkin B'logs: Orgasmic Birth, Blagojevich's Hair Brush, Redshirting and More

When I was a kid, I would get overwhelmingly tired at night and be completely unable to finish my homework.  So, my Dad who is a teacher would wind up finishing it for me.  This led to me handing in papers in the 6th grade with references to Karl Marx and Woody Allen and a paralyzing inability to write anything by myself which lasted until freshman year in college when I realized it had gone too far.  These days I'm more or less cured of the writing issues though the narcolepsy is very much still with me.  It particularly comes into play with this column which for some reason I can't seem to write at a normal time.  And, tonight I'm feeling so tired that I actually just asked my Dad (who has been visiting for a really long time) to finish it for me which he seemed really happy to do.  Which in turn made me realize it was a bad idea.  Note to self - remember to be helpful without quoting Marx.

Now, onto the week in news - keep reading to find out why Scorpios get more asthma, what Blagojevich calls his hairbrush, why holding your kid back from kindergarten (aka redshirting) may not be a good idea and more.

Free Play December 12-13, 2008: Free Indoor Play, Sinterklass and Festival of Lights

200812120009.jpgSome of my favorite holiday events are this weekend: All those wacky events in our Off-Beat and Multicultural Holiday Events post are all this weekend. So if you missed that check it out here. And if you haven't taken a look at our round-up of the best Nutcracker performances for kids, find that post here.

Below we've picked out just the cream of the crop of other cool events for this weekend, where we think you'll find something new and interesting for the whole family.

Great Gift Idea: A Night at the Museum Sleepover

200812092319.jpgThis site is dedicated to helping parents find all the amazing, cool, once-in-a-lifetime events that you don't have to spend a fortune to take advantage of, but there are some events that are worth the splurge. A Night at the Museum Sleepover is one of them and would make a terrific Holiday Gift.

The American Museum of Natural History invites families to spend a night exploring the museum after everyone else has gone home and camp out in one of the exhibit halls. My daughter was lucky enough to be invited to do this with a friend who received the sleepover as a gift. What an amazing present! And they had such a great time.

Linkin B'logs: Your Chances of Divorce, Toxic Toys, 17+ Children and More

While everyone out there tries to remind us to keep on consuming to save the economy, I just don't buy it.  In contrast, Obama's announcement of of his public works program on Saturday feels exciting.  He is talking about about things like improving schools, providing universal broadband access and creating programs to increase energy efficiency.   I can't help it, the guy makes me feel hopeful! 

Keep reading for more of this week's news including a simple test you can take to find out how your marriage will turn out, the toxic toy report and what in particular to avoid, my favorite family that clearly doesn't believe in birth control and more.

Spectacular Holiday Giveaway Winners


Wow! This was a really fun and super popular giveaway event. We gave away over $2000 worth of prizes, my inbox is completely jammed with all of your entries and I've gotten lots of nice comments from your friends, who are happy to have learned about the site, so thank you for sharing it with them. And, welcome to our new readers.  

But here's what you really want to know... Who won!

Spectacular Holiday Giveaway: Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular Tickets 2

Picture 43.png

For some it's a traditional, for some it's a dream. Whether you've ever been to NYC's most famous Christmas show or not, you can win four free tickets to the show right here, today, on Mommy Poppins.

We're giving away a family pack of tickets to The Radio City Christmas Spectacular performance on Sunday, December 14 at 9am.

Check out our other giveaways for Big Apple Circus Tickets, Wintuk Tickets and New York Shop Holiday shopping event.



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