Best Things to Do in NYC With the Grandparents

A visit from the grandparents can be a special time for everyone. Parents get a break and kids get to spend time with family members who aren't mom or dad. That may mean slightly different ground rules, like snagging treats they aren't allowed at home, but it's also an opportunity to hear stories about what mom and pop were like as children. Plus, we live in a city where grandparents can actually explore history with their grandchildren by visiting museums and other enriching destinations that highlight a variety of cultures, interests, and time periods, including the immigrant experiences so many American families share.

Whether your kids' grandparents drop by all the time or are only able to visit once in a while, the next time they ask where to take the kids, skip the usual playgrounds or play spaces, and suggest one of these meaningful outings, which help the generations find common ground while having fun.

7 Educational After School Programs for Philadelphia Kids and Teens

The school year is upon us, which, for some, means normalcy is returning. For those who work late and need to extend school hours, or for kids interested in further pursuing their passion for science or the arts, after school programs are great. These programs are the perfect way to keep kids entertained in those late afternoon hours while continuing to further their education. Keep those brains working a little longer with some of these awesome programs.

Mommy and Me Swim Classes in New York City for Babies and Tots

Mommy and me swim classes (or daddy and me) are a wonderful way to spend time with your baby or toddler. Ideally, these lessons should be enjoyable, stress-free, educational, and a good source of exercise for kids and parents.

During the summer, swim lessons offer overheated families the chance to cool off while young kids become comfortable in the water, a skill they'll certainly use a lot in the coming years, what with all the great swimming pools and beaches in NYC. Parent-child swim classes are also offered around the city throughout the fall, winter, and spring, both on weekends and after school.

Most classes for wee ones and their caretakers take place in indoor pools. Except for the free swim lessons offered via lottery by the New York City Parks Department, mommy and me classes invariably cost something. We've rounded up the top parent-child swim programs across the city (and for more options, see our roundups of swimming classes for all ages in Brooklyn and Queens).

Mommy and Me and Baby Classes in the Hartford Area

Whether you're looking to bond with other parents or to boost your baby's growing smarts and skills, Mommy and Me classes are a godsend in motherhood's early days. While children gain more mobility and social skills, moms benefit by making connections, getting some exercise, and escaping home routines for a short while. Here are 10 Mommy and Me classes in the Hartford area that will make both you and your little sidekick happy. If you live(or have a friend) in southwest Connecticut, check out our roundup of some of our favorite Mommy and Me and baby classes in Fairfield County.

Deals and Special Offers on New Jersey Kids Classes

If it feels like kids activities are really busting your budget, you're in luck! Some of New Jersey's much-loved children's programs have offered to extend special money-saving offers to Mommy Poppins readers just in time for fall. Read on to find deals on academic enrichment courses, theater and dance classes, swimming lessons, kids cooking classes, and so much more.

Don't dilly-dally, because these deals will literally disappear as they expire. If you don't see a deal listed below it means the offer is no longer available. If you're looking for even more kids classes, visit our New Jersey Classes Guide, or you can even search our Directory by location and age!

New VR Gaming and Escape Room Opens in Chelsea

There's a new game in town—actually, a whole slew of them—with the opening of Escape Virtuality in Chelsea, featuring two floors of immersive gaming and technology. Whether you're in the mood for classic, immersive VR games, have a taste for a wild ride, or want to tackle a brain-teasing escape room, grab your big kids and sense of adventure and give it a go. Read on for a look inside the new space and tips for what to expect (and play!) when you arrive.

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Elephant Day, DOGust, and Natsumatsuri

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. No, not the start of the school year: I mean the weekend festivities in Griffith Park. The LA Zoo is celebrating the pachyderm, and shedding light on the majestic beast's situation in the wild. It's the once-a-year chance to go behind the scenes and see how the "Ele" half lives.

They say an elephant never forgets. But you know who does forget? A kid who's been out of school too long. Luckily, the 2019/2020 academic year is fast approaching, with some kids returning to school as early as next week. Time to get a move on if you have any unrealized summer plans, like perhaps attending a county fair. (Both the OC and Ventura County fairs end this weekend, as do several of the summer concert series.)

You might be seeing double; it's really quite incredibles, this sorta summer, sorta schooltimeway out, out of this world. There's so much going on my brain is exploding. Or maybe that's just the fireworks.

Keep reading for our most elephantine list of picks for this pre-school weekend.

Weekend Fun for Houston Kids: Nature Walk, Million Penny Challenge, Aug. 10-11

First things first: did you hear that Toys 'R' Us is making a come back to The Galleria after the 2018 closing with a newly "reimagined" store that doubles as both a store and a play space? We can't wait for November to see the end result of our childhood favorite's facelift. 

Now, back to business. Where on earth has the summer gone? We are quickly making our way to the midway point of August, which we all know means saying goodbye to flip flops and lazy days and hello to school buses, packed lunches, backpacks, and some semblence of a normal routine! I'm sure we can all agree that this is equal parts exciting and stressful, which is where we come in...

We're confident this weekend is going to be an excellent one. This is the ideal time to take advantage of activities like sandcastle building lessons at Stewart Beach, Evening Chill at the Houston Zoo, and visiting Candytopia. There's also still time to make some headway on our 50 Free Things to Do in Houston With Kids This Summer list and our 40 Ways to Beat the Houston Heat This Summer list. We say pack in as much summer fun as you can! 

You can also check out our event calendar for ideas, as well as our August GoList, and you can sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay in the loop with all the awesome articles posted on Mommy Poppins. For anyone planning an event, we would love to get you some extra coverage! All we ask is that you submit your event to our calendar, and we'll review it and take care of the rest!

Now let's check out what's happening around Houston this weekend.

Weekend Fun: Pirates, Music, and Sunflowers

Those cool mornings the last couple of days offer a refreshing reminder to savor these last weeks of summer. Aside from our end-of-summer checklist of activities, families can enjoy summer blooms in Killingsworth or Middlefield, sample free ice cream in East Windsor, or swashbuckle with a pirate on Sheffield Island.

We update our Events Calendar frequently so be sure to check back for even more great suggestions. To keep up with the latest family-friendly events and activities, sign up for our free newsletters and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Have a fantastic weekend!

Weekend Fun: Lions, Musicals, and Campouts

August may not seem like typical theater season but this weekend there are not one, not two, but three kid-friendly performances happening around Boston. We're also excited about a few of MP's favorite August events, including one with stars, s'mores, and meteors, one song spectacular for all ages, and a real summer campout. Music lovers should head to Jamaica Pond for a popular classical music concert, and dance enthusiasts should check out this new fest by Urbanity. Don't forget to celebrate World Lion Day at the zoo!


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