National Geographic Channel “Brain Games Illusions Gallery"

Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 11:00am to 7:00pm
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5 and up

National Geographic Channel celebrates an all-new season of its hit series Brain Games by inviting New York City fans to become part of illusions that trick the mind and ignite curiosity, showcasing the extraordinary nature of the human brain. On January 9th, in Grand Central Terminal at Vanderbilt Hall West, consumers will have the chance to participate in four different mind-blowing experiences as part of an interactive campaign leading up to the season premiere on January 13.

The Brain Games Illusions Gallery will allow participants to immerse themselves in the world of reality-bending games by taking part in four interactive illusions and learning the “why” behind the “wow.” With each experiment designed to manipulate the mind, outsiders will be fascinated by how easily the mind can be tricked. Follow hashtag #BrainGames to unlock the mystery behind each illusion.

Here’s a sneak peak of the illusions that will be featured at The Brain Games Illusions Gallery:

• Small Person in Chair – Designed to trick the eye’s perception, this illusion features a chair that will shrink visitors down to a fraction of their natural size. This illusion will have everyone second-guessing whether it’s the person that is really small or the chair that’s oddly large.
• Upside Down Room – Could Isaac Newton have been wrong? This illusion will have guests standing on the ceiling of a living room leaving everyone to wonder which way is up and which way is down. Could it be? Or, was the room built to see things from a different perspective?
• Levitation – Brain-trickery is a funny thing. This experiment will have jaws on the floor as participants levitate alongside a NatGeo logo. Those who attend the event will learn the secret power behind this illusion, an impressive example of how things aren’t always what they may seem.
• Head On Table – Pushing the envelope of mystery, this illusion will bring the mind to thinking the impossible: participants heads sitting on a table, detached from their body. In this experiment, mirrors play a deceptive role.

Grand Central Terminal
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