ACME Screening Room


ACME Screening Room is an independent movie theater with monthly kids' matinees often featuring "meet the directors/producers" sessions and local food discounts.

The ACME Screening Room is a non-profit founded by Friends of Lambertville Library in 2008 in partnership with the Lambertville Free Public Library and the City of Lambertville. They offer a weekly independent and documentary film series in the city's "Justice Center," formerly the ACME Supermarket. The series regularly features guest speakers (authors, directors, activists), post-film discussion programs, and/or exhibitions held in conjunction with a film. The programs bring the world of film to life for audience members and create a space to thoughtfully reflect on films by artists at all levels—from local filmmakers to nationally recognized professionals.

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Acres Away, LLC


Acres Away's Summer Riding Program is being offered weekly from June until September. Children will ride twice daily in small groups or partners according to riding abilities. All riding and on-the-ground curriculum is built around each level of riding skills (if any) that a child may already have.

Campers are taught English and Western styles of riding as well as horse driving. Riding will take place in the ring, fields, and arenas. Students are taught how to steer and use their whole bodies while riding a horse—they don't ride around endlessly in a circle! Children will play games on horseback and ride patterns, obstacle courses, and more.

Safety is the number-one priority, and Acres Away has knowledgable instructors on site. The horses are safe and quiet teachers for children learning how to ride. Children will learn how to take care of horses from feeding to leading to bathing and everything else they need to know.

Active Mom Fitness


Are you a new mom that is ready to begin exercise? Is your baby slightly older, but you haven't had the time or energy to focus on your fitness yet? The Stronger After Pregnancy program is an 8-week program that will take you through a safe progression in building your strength and fitness. With other moms you will focus on:

  • Posture and body alignment
  • Stretching and range of motion
  • Total body muscle strength and endurance
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Core and pelvic floor reconditioning

Active Mom Fitness supports moms and moms-to-be through personal training, group fitness programs, online coaching, and exercise consulations.

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Adults & Children in Trust (A.C.T.) Preschool


ACT full-time preschool provides children the opportunity to deepen their natural curiosity, their social maturity, and their skill-building for Kindergarten. A close group experience (5:1 child-teacher ratio) fosters teamwork and friendships. Teacher-led activities include art, music, blocks, drama, stories, cooking, gardening, and imaginative play, incorporating developmentally-appropriate early literacy and math skills. The Cathedral's country-like 11-acre oasis is a majestic setting, and field trips introduce exploration of the larger community.

For a gentle introduction to the world of school, ACT provides one-to-one classes for children 9 months through 33 months old and 2- and 3-day nursery programs for 2 and 3 year olds, all of which share the play-based, skill-building experience that teaches young people to love learning.

Scheduled visits are available. Call 212-316-7530 or visit The staff looks forward to meeting you!

Advanced Spanish Institute


Advanced Spanish Institute will help your child to read, write, and speak Spanish with fluency. The sequential and comprehensive full-immersion program prepares children in grades K to 12 to use the language in real-life scenarios and gives them a head start for college and their adult life. 

Besides developing a strong foundation in the language, students have the opportunity to compete with other Spanish learners throughout the US and in Spain by taking the National Spanish Exam, the DELE, and/or the Advance Placement Exam (AP). 

Classes are taught by a native, certified teacher who has many years teaching Spanish. The lessons integrate games, songs, books, articles, movies, and any other material useful for world language acquisition.

Your child will have fun while acquiring proficiency in the third most spoken language in the world!

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Adventure Park at Storrs - Family Fun


Let’s climb! Adventure awaits you at Adventure Park at Storrs, Connecticut.

Are you ready for the best climbing and zip lines Connecticut has to offer? Adventure Park provides family fun for ages 7 and up. This aerial forest adventure is fun, exciting, and safe for all participants. The park provides a harness and equipment and gives you a safety briefing that demonstrates how to climb and zip line. There are 7 separate trails of varying levels of difficulty. Each trail has at least 2 zip lines but primarily consists of “bridges” between tree platforms made of rope, cable, and wood configurations, creating over 80 unique challenges. You will develop skills, endurance, and confidence during your time in the park. Trained Adventure Park staff members monitor the park and are there to assist if needed. Adventure Park is conveniently located 25 minutes from Hartford and 5 minutes from the UConn campus.

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Adventure Park at Storrs - Party


The best birthday parties happen at Adventure Park at Storrs!

Find awesome birthday parties in the trees at Adventure Park at Storrs, Connecticut. Adventure Park is the ultimate birthday party venue for kids, teens, and adults and is located within 20 minutes of Hartford. Families and friends love this active, unique adventure birthday party experience.

Providing more than just a zip line birthday party, the park is an aerial obstacle course where guests can zip line, climb, and swing through aerial trails utilizing the safest climbing systems in the world. With trails for all skill levels and abilities, your kids will rate this their best birthday party ever!

The Adventure Park birthday party package is ideal for ages 7 and up.

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Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum - Family Fun


Adventure awaits you here in the trees at Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum!  

Are you ready for the best climbing and zip line Connecticut has to offer? Adventure Park’s 11 “treetop trails” consist of about 180 platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood, and rope to form “crossings” of different kinds including the ever-popular zip lines. Climbers wear harnesses which are doubly secured to safety cables using the park’s own “always locked on” climbing system of interlocking carabineers (coupling links). Before venturing onto the trails, climbers receive a thorough orientation. Trails are designed for self-discovery, making lessons unnecessary. Park Monitors are always available for questions or assistance. The aerial trails at Adventure Park are color-coded and welcome challenge levels from age five through adult. In short, there is something for just about everyone who wants to climb and zip through the trees!


Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum - Party


Adventure Park is great for climbers ages 9 and up. The park includes 11 trails color coded by the degree of challenge they provide. Your guests who are new to climbing will have as much fun as those who are climbing experts. Create an amazing birthday memory with friends and family.

Check out the website for party package options, including: 

Weekday Birthday Party Package 
Monday-Friday throughout September 2017
$210 for 6 guests, $35.00 for each additional guest

Weekend Birthday Party Package
Saturdays and Sundays 
$350 for 8 guests, $44.00 for each additional guest

Both of the above party packages are great for kids ages 5 and up and include goodie bags, 2 hours of climbing, and reserved picnic bables. Or choose to skip the goodie bags and add 30 more minutes of fun!

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Amity Acres Day Camp


Amity Acres Day Camp provides girls ages 3-15 with a summer of adventure centered around Girl Scouts’ appreciation for nature and exposure to the great outdoors. Best of all, you don’t need to already be a Girl Scout. The activities provided, such as hiking, camping, canoeing, and archery, offer campers opportunities to have exciting, girl-led outdoor adventures while learning important skills that teach valuable life lessons like self-reliance, leadership, and perseverance. Most importantly, at camp, girls take the lead in an all-girl safe space where they’re free to explore, learn, and have fun without the pressures and social anxiety that can result from a coed environment. That’s why, for more than a century, camping has been a cornerstone of the Girl Scout experience. Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore remains committed to ensuring that girls have opportunities to take part in everything that camp has to offer.