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14th Street Y - Parenting, Family, and Early Childhood Center


The 14th Street Y’s Parenting, Family, and Early Childhood Center, located in the East Village, provides families inspiration, connection, and finding meaning in their lives though community. Many young families initially attend Expectant Parent groups, a New Parents Stroll-In class or a swim class. Popular infant and toddler classes include "Magical Movement with Mik," "Rock-a Baby," "Messy Play," "Little Bookworms."

Drop-in classes, such as Indoor Playground and Sing Along are perfect for those who want to drop-in without committing to a weekly class. The 2x2 program is a gradually separating program for children 22 to 34 months. Children engage in art, music, yoga, story time, cooking, creative movement, and imaginative play.

The Y's Preschool has small class sizes, sunny open classrooms with access to facilities including a pool, gymnasium, and play roof. Children engage in art, movement and music, and storytelling.

14th Street Y 2x2 Program


A perfect prelude to preschool, our 2x2 program helps toddlers develop friendships, master the routines, materials and activities of an early childhood classroom, and discover the joys of being independent! A lively mix of art, music, creative movement, dramatic play, storytelling and choice time, this year-long program meets from September-June. Children are grouped by age within a 4-6 month range. Small class size and high teacher-to-student ratios ensure plenty of individualized attention throughout your child’s first experience of “school”. Grown-ups enjoy the information and support our discussion groups and free parenting workshops offer, too!


Adults & Children in Trust (ACT) Preschool


ACT full-time preschool provides children the opportunity to deepen their natural curiosity, their social maturity, and their skill-building for Kindergarten. A close group experience (5:1 child-teacher ratio) fosters teamwork and friendships. Teacher-led activities include art, music, blocks, drama, stories, cooking, gardening, and imaginative play, incorporating developmentally-appropriate early literacy and math skills. The Cathedral's country-like 11-acre oasis is a majestic setting, and field trips introduce exploration of the larger community.

For a gentle introduction to the world of school, ACT provides one-to-one classes for children 9 months through 33 months old and 2- and 3-day nursery programs for 2 and 3 year olds, all of which share the play-based, skill-building experience that teaches young people to love learning.

Scheduled visits are available. Call 212-316-7530 or visit



AltSchool offers a whole-child, personalized education to prepare students for their future by developing their self-awareness, nurturing their innate capabilities, and fostering collaboration skills. AltSchool educators involve students in their own learning and incorporate project-based learning to help students develop a sense of agency and responsibility for their education. Students learn and are assessed on non-academic life skills with the same level of rigor as core academic knowledge. Join the dynamic community in Brooklyn Heights and Union Square. Now accepting applications for Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade in Brooklyn Heights and 5th through 8th grade in Union Square for the 2018-2019 school year.

Brooklyn Schoolhouse


Brooklyn Schoolhouse is founded on the conviction that children have an innate desire to explore, play, and learn and are naturally competent and capable learners. Children ages 18 months to five years old engage in curricula that emerge from their own interests and questions. Brooklyn Schoolhouse believes that children learn best in a diverse community where their ideas and questions are respected and where they are guided through the process of building meaningful understandings.

Brooklyn Schoolhouse values play as an integral part of human development. Play is an important and uniquely personal medium for children to think and reflect, test their theories and ideas, practice, and build understandings about themselves and their world. Engaging with the natural world is also an integral part of every child's school day. Brooklyn Schoolhouse believes that this kind of education builds collaboration skills and social responsibility and fosters creativity and ingenuity.

C'E Montessori


Our beautiful Pre-School in Williamsburg was created to maximize the independence of our children. The brand new space is an open layout with stunning materials, access to a garden and a dance studio.

At c'e Montessori we prepare the child to transform his world, without prejudice to what that world will be, which child will transform it or how it needs to be transformed. We respect the potential of the child and the fundamentals of our ideas enough to ignore the realities of this world long enough to allow our students to imagine it different.

* Competitive Pricing
* 2-5 year old classroom
* Year-round Calendar

East Woods School


East Woods School has been inspiring confidence, excellence, and kindness since 1946. Small by design, East Woods promotes excellence in a nurturing environment and develops confident, motivated, and kind leaders. East Woods is a friendly community of students, faculty, and parents that feels more like one big family than just a school.

The newly renovated Early Childhood Center (ECC) offers Pre-Nursery classes, Nursery classes, and Pre-Kindergarten classes. The half-day program fosters the social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive development of young children. With small class sizes, personal attention, and a rich thematic curriculum, skillful and experienced teachers instill a love of learning and help the children to develop strong foundational skills that will prepare them for future academic endeavors. ECC students attend library, music, physical education, and Spanish classes on a weekly basis and use the school's state-of-the-art science lab throughout the year.


Elliott's Classes: Kids in Bloom Preschool Alternative


Kids in Bloom is an alternative preschool program established by Elliott's Classes. For over 20 years, Elliott's Classes has been educating children using the Elliott Method, developed by Elliott Cortez, Ph.D., which introduces children ages 18 months to 5 years to the concept of separation in a nurturing environment. The curriculum incorporates movement science with child development theory to encourage physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

The staff at Kids in Bloom believe that a child's core skills should be nourished in a warm and fun environment. Experienced instructors are trained to look at the world from a child's perspective while facilitating a gentle separation process. Over either a 2.5- or 4-hour program, children are guided through enriching activities including circle time, music, creative play, gym, art, gardening, and story time.

Equinox Sports Club - For Kids Only


Equinox Sports Club’s preschool alternative, For Kids Only (FKO), is designed to further children’s development through interactive and play-based learning. The preschool alternative is taught by a team of experienced teachers and instructors who are dedicated to curating an engaging experience that will spark children’s curiosity.

For Kids Only is open to Equinox Sports Club members and non-members. Space is available at both the Upper East Side and Upper West Side locations.

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Evolution Enrichment Center


The Evolution Enrichment Center preschool program for 2s and 3s offers a progressive and dynamic approach in designing a proprietary curriculum and age-specific activities to stimulate education. The program fosters development of the whole child through a variety of engaging activities such as dramatic play, sensory stations, art exploration and creative movement and dance. For 4 -5 year olds, a Pre-K for All program is offered with after school and enrichment programs during extended hours from 3- 6 pm. Spanning over 15,000 sq ft, Evolution Enrichment Center features spacious classrooms with large windows, 2 indoor gyms, dance- and music studios, an outdoor playground and even a napping room. The STEAM-based program helps children learn through play. Art and Crafts encourages creativity and self-expression while Creative Movement classes foster coordination and confidence.