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14th Street Y - Parenting, Family, and Early Childhood Center


The 14th Street Y’s Parenting, Family, and Early Childhood Center, located in the East Village, provides families inspiration, connection, and finding meaning in their lives though community. Many young families initially attend Expectant Parent groups, a New Parents Stroll-In class or a swim class. Popular infant and toddler classes include "Magical Movement with Mik," "Rock-a Baby," "Messy Play," "Little Bookworms."

Drop-in classes, such as Indoor Playground and Sing Along are perfect for those who want to drop-in without committing to a weekly class. The 2x2 program is a gradually separating program for children 22 to 34 months. Children engage in art, music, yoga, story time, cooking, creative movement, and imaginative play.

The Y's Preschool has small class sizes, sunny open classrooms with access to facilities including a pool, gymnasium, and play roof. Children engage in art, movement and music, and storytelling.

14th Street Y 2x2 Program


A perfect prelude to preschool, our 2x2 program helps toddlers develop friendships, master the routines, materials and activities of an early childhood classroom, and discover the joys of being independent! A lively mix of art, music, creative movement, dramatic play, storytelling and choice time, this year-long program meets from September-June. Children are grouped by age within a 4-6 month range. Small class size and high teacher-to-student ratios ensure plenty of individualized attention throughout your child’s first experience of “school”. Grown-ups enjoy the information and support our discussion groups and free parenting workshops offer, too!


14th Street Y Preschool


The 14th Street Y believes in supporting the whole family. Its early childhood education programs draw on children’s inherent curiosity and sense of wonder. The 14Y believes children are naturally competent, capable learners with a built-in ability to devise their own ideas and persist in tackling them.

The 14Y's approach to learning also emphasizes socialization. At the 14th Street Y Preschool, children begin to build relationships with peers and with adults other than parents and caregivers, acquiring a set of skills they will carry through life.

The 14th Street Y is distinguished from other NYC early childhood education providers by the continuity and depth of care it offers, from pre-natal through early childhood stages, all within the Y’s Parenting, Family, and Early Childhood programs. This is a community every member of your family can count on, from child to caregiver to parent to grandparent.

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43rd Street Kids Preschool


43rd Street Kids is a play-based, parent-cooperative preschool in the heart of Manhattan. Their highly skilled teachers mold curriculum units to the interests and needs of the class. Through exploration and discovery, each child develops intellectual, emotional, social, and physical skills while becoming an important member of the preschool community. The curriculum provided by the classroom teachers is enhanced with classes in swimming, music, creative movement, and gardening. Programs for 1's and 2's are also available.

Abington Friends School


Abington Friends School has a strong academic program firmly founded in Quaker values. 100% of the school's graduates find their right-fit colleges, and from there they transform the world with powerful ideas and fearless voices. AFS prepares students intellectually and socially with experiential, collaborative learning that is inclusive of diverse perspectives and identities. Abington Friends School’s award-winning theatre program, dynamic athletics seasons, and authentic real-world learning opportunties expose students to a deeply immersive and transformative learning journey.

Adults & Children in Trust (ACT) Preschool


ACT full-time preschool provides children the opportunity to deepen their natural curiosity, their social maturity, and their skill-building for Kindergarten. A close group experience (5:1 child-teacher ratio) fosters teamwork and friendships. Teacher-led activities include art, music, blocks, drama, stories, cooking, gardening, and imaginative play, incorporating developmentally-appropriate early literacy and math skills. The Cathedral's country-like 11-acre oasis is a majestic setting, and field trips introduce exploration of the larger community.

For a gentle introduction to the world of school, ACT provides one-to-one classes for children 9 months through 33 months old and 2- and 3-day nursery programs for 2 and 3 year olds, all of which share the play-based, skill-building experience that teaches young people to love learning.

Scheduled visits are available. Call 212-316-7530 or visit