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Abington Friends School


Abington Friends School has a strong academic program firmly founded in Quaker values. 100% of the school's graduates find their right-fit colleges, and from there they transform the world with powerful ideas and fearless voices. AFS prepares students intellectually and socially with experiential, collaborative learning that is inclusive of diverse perspectives and identities. Abington Friends School’s award-winning theatre program, dynamic athletics seasons, and authentic real-world learning opportunties expose students to a deeply immersive and transformative learning journey.

Adults & Children in Trust (ACT) Preschool


ACT full-time preschool provides children the opportunity to deepen their natural curiosity, their social maturity, and their skill-building for Kindergarten. A close group experience (5:1 child-teacher ratio) fosters teamwork and friendships. Teacher-led activities include art, music, blocks, drama, stories, cooking, gardening, and imaginative play, incorporating developmentally-appropriate early literacy and math skills. The Cathedral's country-like 11-acre oasis is a majestic setting, and field trips introduce exploration of the larger community.

For a gentle introduction to the world of school, ACT provides one-to-one classes for children 9 months through 33 months old and 2- and 3-day nursery programs for 2 and 3 year olds, all of which share the play-based, skill-building experience that teaches young people to love learning.

Scheduled visits are available. Call 212-316-7530 or visit



AltSchool offers a whole-child, personalized education to prepare students for their future by developing their self-awareness, nurturing their innate capabilities, and fostering collaboration skills. AltSchool educators involve students in their own learning and incorporate project-based learning to help students develop a sense of agency and responsibility for their education. Students learn and are assessed on non-academic life skills with the same level of rigor as core academic knowledge. Join the dynamic community in Brooklyn Heights and Union Square. Now accepting applications for Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade in Brooklyn Heights and 5th through 8th grade in Union Square for the 2018-2019 school year.

Apple Montessori Schools


The first 5 years is a critical time for a child's development. For over 45 years, thousands of families have trusted Apple Montessori to make the most of this key time, building a lifelong love of learning while nurturing the whole child.

Using the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, Apple cultivates each child’s unique potential, encouraging them to follow their own passions at their own pace. Hands-on learning brings abstract principles to life, making learning meaningful.

Apple offers so much more than exceptional academics. There’s art and music enrichment, gifted and talented e-curriculum, foreign language, and even character development—all in a safe and joyful environment. The result? Happy, confident, and well-rounded young people. Apple offers 15 schools in NJ (infant through kindergarten and an elementary school).

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Arc en Ciel


Arc-en-ciel is a bilingual French/English pre-school. Our inquiry-based curriculum, inspired by the French ”national curriculum", focuses on learning in a creative, nurturing, and innovative environment. Our classes are ART, MUSIC, MATH and SCIENCE/INQUIRY based. French speaking and English speaking teachers help our children thrive in a bilingual setting.

Our program can accommodate ALL parents' needs! We accept children 2 years and up (potty trained). We offer Full-Time AND Part-Time programs, as well as After-School until 5:00PM!

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