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The Art Farm - Family Fun


The Art Farm is an eco-friendly and organic facility teaching children about nature, animals, and how to better care for the planet through classes and drop-in programs every day. In each of the classes, you get the opportunity to enjoy and learn in The Art Farm's friendly, USDA licensed, indoor petting zoo with over 50 animals. Each class is semester-based. The Art Farm offers a free trial to Rock, Smocks and Animals, as well as Animal Care, for first timers. NEW class: Laurie Berkner's The Music in Me (ages 1-4, Adult & Me class). Laurie Berkner has personally trained teachers to share her philosophy and approach to making music with kids. While at The Art Farm, Laurie Berkner's The Music in Me class will capture the natural musicality in every child. Each session features a 30-minute music lesson and 15 minutes of farm time in The Art Farm's award-winning indoor petting zoo. Laurie Berkner even attends one of the last classes!