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JCC Manhattan - Party



JCC Manhattan welcomes the opportunity to host your next event in a warm and professional environment.  


The JCC provides experienced staff who are as familiar with lifestyle rituals as they are with state-of-the-art technology.   Contact us and we will endeavor to give you a superior experience as we transform our space into your event.


From baby namings to lectures to full-scale theatrical productions, the JCC has space ranging from 425 to 6,000 square feet. If you are interested in children's birthday parties, please contact us. 


2 Chicks with Chocolate


2 Chicks with Chocolate hosts interactive children's birthday parties complete with chef hats, chocolate painting, and kids' fondue. Chocolate pizza-making parties and family-friendly events are also available.

2 Chicks with Chocolate also offers adult classes and private parties. Please visit the website for more details.

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A Month of Sundays Studio


A Month of Sundays Studio offers woodworking, painting, craft, and building birthday parties in its fully equipped studio. Parties can be customized around any theme or interest. Woodworking projects could be gumball machines, birdhouses, treasure boxes, catapults, or anything the birthday kid can dream up. Craft project ideas include sewing bags, dying t-shirts, recycled material sculptures, duct tape creations, jewelry, and mosaics. Makerspace projects could be simple circuits, marble runs, automata, popsicle stick flashlights, and more. Call the studio, and the staff will put together a perfect woodworking, building, making, or crafting party!


ACT Divine Parties


<p>ACT Divine Parties include a great party space and party planning with themes, set-up, clean-up, party host, and party specialist or assistant. Commemorate milestones and celebrate special days with ACT at the iconic Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Book a Divine Party for your child (ages 1-100!) and enjoy spacious facilities and attentive staff. The ACT team will arrange fun activities, set up the decorations, and clean up afterwards, allowing you to enjoy every moment. Divine Parties include a spacious facility, event planning, set-up and clean-up, use of equipment, attentive helpers, 2-hour parties with an option for additional hours, admission for 12 children with an option for more, gym and kitchenette area, and use of tables and chairs. Choose from a Mat Party, Art Party, Sports Party, or Techno Party. Available for an additional fee are&nbsp;blow-up rides (e.g., bouncy castle or carnival games) and/or pizza and beverages. Parties are available Saturdays from 10 AM-6 PM.</p>

Angela's Sugar Fix


CLASSES: We offer cookie decorating classes regularly!  Please check our website for dates and times.

PARTIES: Take Your Child’s Next Birthday Party to a Whole New Level with “The Original Cookie Kit” - an inspiring new twist on cookie decorating that’s both an engaging and fun activity. They also double as your party favor! The Original Cookie Kit two ways -we come to your existing party or DIY...

1.We come to your party -Already have your party planned but need extra hands to help all of your little guest with decorating? Want something different for them to do? This is a structured activity that offers lots of hands-on fun, not just a decorating station. We can customize the Cookie Kits to match any party theme. We will:

*PROVIDE KITS - we'll bring The Original Cookie Kits for each child (always made fresh)

*SETUP the designated area 

*ENTERTAIN - and help the children decorate their cookies (one to eat at the party and one to bring home as their party favor). We also play an age appropriate game while we set up the table with additional art supplies for box decorating.

*CREATE - Children then continue their creativity and go wild decorating their take home Cookie Kit boxes! You now have a great party favor that your little chefs have created all on their own!


OR... 2.Do it yourself activity for your party -for those of you who want to host and supervise the cookie decorating yourselves, we deliver your Original Cookie Kits to your door (always made fresh). We can customize the Cookie Kits to match any party theme. 

So what’s in that cute little box we call The Original Cookie Kit? Our cookie kits contain all the goodies necessary to have a fun and successful cookie decorating activity. Our cookies are always made fresh for your party and the buttercream whipped up just for you. The kit also doubles as your party favor (the decorated cookies and boxes).

Each box contains:

*three types of decorations (sprinkles, sanding sugar, chocolates, etc...)

*a bag of buttercream icing with spreader

*two shaped sugar cookies for decorating (one to eat at the party and one to take home as the party favor)

*we’ve also added a batch of stickers.  After the children are finished decorating the cookies they can continue their creativity and go wild decorating their take home Cookie Kit boxes! (additional art supplies will be provided with option 1 above). You now have a great party favor that your little chefs have created all on their own!

ALL OF THE ABOVE CAN BE CUSTOMIZED TO MATCH YOUR PARTY THEME. Contact us at to discuss the possibilities!

Area Kids Club - Party


Area Kids Club is a beautiful space to host your next birthday party. The space is clean, open, and sunny and features plenty of table space, comfortable couches, a play room with lots of toys and books, and a super fun water table.

An Area Kids Club party includes:

  • 2.5 hours of celebration time
  • Happy birthday child plus 20 happy friends plus an unlimited number of adults
  • Party theme of your choice
  • 12 helium balloons
  • Leader to set up/play/clean
  • Goodie bags for all the kids
  • A club session for the birthday boy/girl
  • Coffee, tea, and water are provided.

Theme ideas:

  • Minecraft
  • Lego Robotics
  • Pool Party
  • Rainbow Face Paint
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Science
  • Homemade Playdough
  • Finger Painting
  • Costume Party
  • And many more!

Art Barn Preschool and Art Space - Party


By day, Art Barn is a preschool dedicated to learning through experience and exploration of Art and Nature. We teach After school enrichment classes in Art and Ceramics. We offer Birthday Parties for all ages, custom designed for each occasion. We Offer Summer Art and Ceramic Camps for kids. We teach adult Ceramics for adults in the evenings. We offer ladies nights with customized Art projects and fun.

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