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Jewelry Camp NYC - Parties


Jewelry Camp NYC welcomes you to create a hands-on birthday party that supports all of the party hallmarks—dancing, cake-eating, and JCNYCreate-playing.

Jewelry Camp NYC is here to collaborate with you for this special event. Set-up, party entertainment, and clean-up is included so that you can enjoy the party along with your child.

Jewelry Camp NYC was created to offer a hands-on approach to jewelry techniques and fabrication. Jewelry Camp NYC aims to foster the creativity in children and to bring their creativity to new levels through skills and the basic fundamentals of jewelry design. Offerings include after-school sessions, pop-ups, birthday parties, and mom’s nights.




There's fun for all ages at a BoomKidz birthday party, with play time in the newly constructed 3,000-square-foot playground followed by celebration in a private party room. BoomKidz designs a unique and personal celebration for your child, jam-packed with exhilarating activities within its vibrant 3-tier playground, Lego Duplo stations, Xbox One stations, Grand Ballistic Foam Ball Shooter Arena, and state-of-the-art disco room equipped with LED lighting and fun glow-in-the dark accessories. BoomKidz offers endless possibilities to customize the party of your dreams.

Your party or special event is always a memorable experience at BoomKidz. From the moment you arrive until the guest of honor blows out the candles, BoomKidz wants you and your party guests to enjoy the celebration while the staff takes care of everything!



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