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My Gym Children's Fitness - Stony Brook and Huntington Station


From first steps to first cartwheels, My Gym helps children improve their physical abilities as well as their cognitive and social skills. Kids have a blast in classes including Mommy & Me, Gymnastics, Preschool Prep, Ninja Training, and Karate. Plus, My Gym offers unlimited classes and unlimited Practice & Play (parent-supervised open gym time).

Lifeguard Training HQ


Lifeguard Training HQ has everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as a certified lifeguard. State-specific training requirements, potential employers, and job search assistance are just some of the helpful things you’ll find on the site.

Being a lifeguard is incredibly fulfilling. A lifeguard's presence helps people feel safer around a water facility. It also enables people to enjoy their time with protection against an emergency situation. A lifeguard must pass particular examinations and get special certification that qualifies them to protect against hazardous situations around a swimming pool. They also should have the ability to take care of a harmful circumstance by providing emergency treatment until assistance arrives.

Visit the website for more information about lifeguard requirements in New Jersey and other states, and to find out how Lifeguard Training HQ can help you with lifeguard training in New Jersey.



Fastbreak Sports - Classes


Fastbreak Sports’ goal is to instill a life-long love of sports in all of its athletes (ages 1 and up). The specially designed curriculum offers a healthy combination of skill development, competitive play, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Fastbreak’s “Fundamentals First” philosophy and a high coach-to-child ratio ensure that each child will improve at his or her own rate. In classes and on teams, Fastbreak’s coaches stress the importance of hard work, team camaraderie, gracious winning and losing, celebrating successes, and learning from mistakes. They recognize that sports instruction builds character, not just athletes.

Class Offerings:

  • Multi-Sport Classes (ages 1-5)—Season registration includes unlimited open play!
  • Sport-specific classes in basketball, flag football, and lacrosse (ages 4 and up)
  • Private programs (all ages)

Also check out Fastbreak’s camps, parties, leagues (basketball, flag football, and baseball), and personal training.

North Stars Gymnastics Academy


North Stars is one of the largest gymnastics academies in Northern New Jersey. The facility offers one of the most successful gymnastics programs available.

Featured classes: 

  • Mommy & Me
  • 3-4, 5-6 and 6-7 year old sessions
  • 8 year old+ classes 
  • Beginner through advanced recreational classes 
  • Ninja Warrior training classes
  • Homeschool programs
  • Trampoline & tumbling sessions
  • And much more

The spacious facility offers the best birthday parties with its entertaining coaching staff. Also offered are amazing school field trips with tumbling, team building games and various activities.

Call to accommodate your next event.


play:groundNYC - Adventure Play Club


Can’t get enough of The Yard, New York City’s only adventure playground on Governors Island? Then join in this fall at the Adventure Play Club for more self-directed play with loose parts, with the support of playworkers. play:groundNYC is excited to launch a 3-hour Adventure Play Club at The Yard. The club is small, so reserve your spot while you can. Trained playworkers will pick up your child from school at dismissal (FiDi area) and bring them to Governors Island on the ferry. Your child will have the opportunity to play, create, build, and explore with the support of wonderful playworkers. They will return with the playworkers to Manhattan at the end of the day, ready for pick-up at the Battery Maritime Ferry building. Please visit the website for a schedule and more information.

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Let's Dress Up NYC


Let's Dress Up is a birthday and princess themed play space that hosts various programs. The popular Princess Play is a 90-minute structured playtime where planned activities can include dress-up, a themed craft, a story, a photo, and a seasonal tea party. These events are well suited for girls ages 3-6. Drop-off is optional, though an adult companion is required for children who are not potty trained or under 3 years of age. Dates and times vary; please visit the website for details.

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Sage Fitness - Pilates 4 Youth Classes


The Pilates 4 Youth program at Sage Fitness, held weekday mornings throughout the summer, will keep your kids fit and happy. Initiated and developed by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Sage Fitness is now offering Pilates 4 Youth programming for children 8 years and older, 6 students per class.  

The mat-based program is structured with floor exercises appropriate for children in middle childhood and early adolescence. Guided by the protocols of the PMA initiative, Pilates 4 Youth is an opportunity to teach children exercises that can build confidence during this "magic window" of childhood, when they are open to grasp concepts that can last a lifetime.

Developing body awareness and conditioning, Pilates 4 Youth will enhance your child's physical activity in sports and dance or be an excellent standalone healthy activity.

Each class is 45 minutes long. Please visit the website for pricing and more information.


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