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Brooklyn Forest


Brooklyn Forest enriches the lives of families throughout New York City by offering Waldorf-inspired classes in Prospect Park for young children and their caregivers. We want your child’s first class to be filled with wonder.

Registration is open for our Spring 2013 season, which begins on March 4 and ends on June 14.

Class Description
Our parent-child classes meet once a week and take place entirely outdoors. Most of the children who attend forest school are between six months and four years old, and every class has a mix of these ages.

Each class meets near a park entrance then proceeds with a walk to a forest classroom. The children follow their own imaginations as they play and work -- they make mud pies, dig for worms, race across meadows, seesaw on a couple of crisscrossed logs and help to build a small teepee from branches and silk. After child-led play, we wash hands and sit down for a picnic of freshly baked bread, apple slices and berry tea. After snack, we walk together into the woods to explore and look for wildlife. We end each class with a short circle time, when we gather for seasonal songs, nursery rhymes and finger plays.

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The Baseball Center NYC


The Baseball Center NYC
Established in 2000, The Baseball Center NYC provides the highest level of hardball and softball instruction in New York City.
Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, The Baseball Center’s 15,000 square foot training facility serves as the perfect home base for our expansive selection of programs and clinics.
Staffed with an elite roster of professional coaches, the goal of every Baseball Center instructor is to not only develop our ballplayers into advanced students of the game but also help them grow as individuals, teammates and leaders.
(Services Provided)
Private Lessons | After-School & Junior Slugger Programs |
Indoor Winter Clinics | Fall & Spring Outdoor Leagues | Travel Teams Batting Cage Rentals | Birthday Parties | Summer and Vacation Camps Corporate & Charity Events

Theraplay NYC


Theraplay is a multidisciplinary sensory gym on the Upper East Side of New York City offering pediatric therapy services including;

Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Speech Language Pathology
Children’s Play Therapy
Nutrition Counseling

Theraplay recently updated its equipment transforming into a full-service sensory gym! We now have 2 levels of state of the art sensory gym equipment to meet the needs of the children we service. Jungle gym, rock walls, zipline, swings, sensory seclusion laser light area and much more.

Theraplay is currently working on accepting All INSURANCE CARRIERS! We are currently collaborating with Pediatricians and working directly with your insurance provider. CALL TODAY 212-288-1450!

Now offering the following class:Weekend Warrior Class

This class helps improve balance, coordination, strength, and overall age appropriate gross motor skills.



EDUCATIONAL LIGHT School of Chess – where the fun is in the learning!

Through an innovative approach uniquely our own, we offer a chess experience that sets the standard for excellence. Classes are engaging, individualized and really fun! I encourage you to visit our site Then visit us in person!

PERSONALIZED PROGRAM – Because everyone learns in their own way, instructors begin by getting to know their students and how they learn best. Each newly enrolled student receives a free private lesson with an Educational Light coach. Class sizes are small, with two, and often three, instructors per group.

DYNAMIC CLASSES – Setting the standard for excellence in chess instruction, our curriculum reflects children’s interests and builds on their competencies. Children grow as thinkers, strategists and gracious competitors, having a great time all the while.

EXTRAORDINARY TEACHERS – Our experienced team brings a wealth of chess expertise and a passion for teaching. Carefully selected and specifically trained in the Educational Light approach, they enrich their lessons with contexts both historical and literary.

Light Buggiani is founder and director of the EDUCATIONAL LIGHT School of Chess. He has been teaching young chess players for over a decade. While he has coached many students to win state and even national championships, Light’s true joy is in sharing the wonder of chess.

Bring the fun and expertise to your home with our popular IN-HOME PRIVATE LESSONS AND IN-HOME MINI-CLASSES!

“My son needs to run around after school, but somehow Light has cast a chess spell on him. He absolutely loves Light’s chess class, and works between classes to improve his skills.” Parent

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Penny and the Puppettes


Join Penny and the Puppettes as we embark on our amazing journey of music and make believe!

We find that music often paired with visual stimulation is the best combination for engaging young minds and inspiring creativity. Our classes are action packed! We do circle time, singing (accompanied by ukulele, guitar and/or keyboard), movement, rhythms and percussion, Story-time with our Mini-Puppet Theater, and more. Each week the children get to use a puppet that connects to the theme of that day. We introduce the kids to a wide variety of music including contemporary, classical, and live.

Besides new and exciting moments every class, we instill familiarity with our songs and our special guests (lovable, talking-singing, Muppet-type puppets) whom the children get to know and look forward to seeing. Sam the Dog, Squiggy the Pop-up Puppet, and Captain Traptain the Pirate are among a few of the kids' favorites.

Our message is clear- finding fun through music and imagination while promoting kindness and compassion, whether it be towards the child sitting next to yours or the shy puppet Charlie whom the kids help feel loved.

Winter Semester includes a CD, Illustrated Songbook, and Penny and the Puppettes bracelet!

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Concerning Learning Tutoring & Enrichment


Every child has a completely unique set of strengths, needs and motivators. Our team loves figuring out how to tap into a child’s distinctive learning style and then develop a custom-made plan. We carefully craft and select the learning tools your child will use, and we shy away from standardized workbooks or “dittos.” Being an independent learning company, we are not bound to any cookie-cutter curriculum. At Concerning Learning, your child’s experience—like your child—is one-of-a-kind! We offer services to students off all ages and abilities: • Gifted & Talented • Learning Differences • Reading Challenges • Math Anxiety • Writing Reluctance • Organization No need to schlepp--we come to you!

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Hills Learning


Hills Learning is a language school that provides Asian language instruction for all ages, from 6 months to 60 years old. We offer both group classes and private lessons.

We have private lessons and language tutoring for all ages, and all levels. Lessons can be tailored for test prep, writing skills, or just developing general fluency and conversation skills.

We also have group classes for elementary students in partnership with other schools and organizations. At our center, we offer afterschool language programs for teenagers.

Hills Learning specializes in the Asian languages and has been featured on PBS and other local media outlets. Please visit our website for further information and online learning resources, or contact us.

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My Gym Manhattan - Classes


My Gym Manhattan offers children’s fitness classes for kids ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Classes include a variety of activities like music, dance, games, gymnastics, and sports.

My Gym kids grow by leaps and bounds. Physical benefits include increased strength, balance, fitness, coordination, and motor skills. The children develop socially as they interact with their teachers and others their own age. Body awareness, teamwork concepts, and valuable sports skills are gained naturally. Most importantly, My Gym kids develop a greater level of confidence and self-esteem in any of the thousands of weekly classes offered. Come check out one of the three Manhattan locations and learn why My Gym is a worldwide leader in children’s fitness. Your first class is complimentary. Each week, My Gym offers programs geared to children’s growing needs. As your child grows and progresses through the programs, new activities are continually introduced to challenge him or her accordingly.


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