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Galoop - Classes


Galoop offers unique programming and community for young children and their families. Its mission is simple: to provide a nurturing environment for young children, a curriculum based on the latest research in child development, and parental education and support.

Galoop's morning program is designed for children ages 6 months to 3.5 years accompanied by a caregiver. Think of it as a “mini school” for tots this age. The emphasis is on learning through play and free exploration. Children are offered independence and agency with the opportunity to choose which of the many stations to engage in that day. Every morning, Galoop offers sensory table play, arts and crafts, song and story circle time, and outdoor play at its exploratory playground.

Galoop's afternoons offer enrichment programs for children ages 6 and under. Offerings include art, yoga, music, and French, with more to come.

Galoop also offers a summer camp. Visit the website for more information and a schedule.

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Paul Elwood Guitar Coach


Wherever you’re at in life, adding guitar playing to the things you do is pretty valuable. For kids – it builds discipline and responsibility and offers opportunities for healthy, creative expression. For teens – all of the above, plus it’s another healthy social outlet. And for adults – our lives are busy and complex. Take a half an hour out of your busy week, and reconnect with your higher self.

Paired lessons for a parent and child offer an extrordianry opportunity to bond with your child and model the kind of behavior you want them to have: an openness to learning new skills, engaging their creativity in a healthy and disciplined manner.  

Liberty POST NYC - Sensory Gym and Programs


At Liberty POST, children recieve individualized attention from dedicated and professional therapists. Comprehensive evaluations are provided to help identify your child's needs. Early intervention, CPSE, CSE, and private pay are accepted. 

Liberty POST also offers center-based and in-home therapy as well as group programs. Camps during summer months and monthly social groups are offered.

Little Linguals Language Classes


Little Linguals offers Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, and sign language classes for children ages 3 and up. Kids come to have fun, interact with their peers, and learn. All of the lessons incorporate age-appropriate activities such as bilingual reading, music, games, play, and crafts with verbal/auditory exposure to the language, manipulatives, and free-form learning. Young minds are capable of so much, so enrich your child’s life with something priceless—start them on their bilingual journey today!

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Mindnasium is a unique children's educational play center for ages 4-10 located in Franklin Square. It offers hands-on STEM enrichment classes aligned with NGSS including robotics, coding, science experiments, engineering challenges, and much more.

Offerings include after-school classes, weekend workshops, Mommy and Me sessions, and camps. In addition, open play time is offered in a gym area that includes a traverse rock climbing wall and a two-level indoor playground. There's even a lounge area for caregivers to sip coffee and relax while children learn, play, and grow.

Mindnasium hosts events such as drop-off movie nights, school holiday camps, and STEM-themed birthday parties as well!

On-Site Art


On-Site Art provides summer programs, after–school art classes, and workshops where students ages 8 to 18 learn new ways to express their creativity and have fun at the same time.

Full-day classes are offered in the summer, with mornings spent in Central Park drawing and painting at different themes and locations. Students will visit the Conservatory Garden, the Cooper Hewitt Museum Garden, the Met Rooftop, and locations around the reservoir. Students will share their work on a regular basis in order to further their understanding. 

Each day, after a picnic lunch, the group will visit different museums along Museum Mile and draw and paint from their extraordinary collections.  Students will benefit from individual instruction and feedback from a Yale trained artist and educator with years of experience inspiring young artists and her co-teacher, a recent RISD graduate.

The group meets every morning in front of the Guggenheim Museum to walk to the morning location.

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Amilcar's Music Lessons


Amilcar's Music Lessons offers guitar, bass, and piano lessons in your home with a teaching system especially designed for kids and teens.

  • Lesson plans are clear and complete with goals, achievement levels, and performances.
  • A song-based teaching system is used so students are learning songs they love while they get the academic benefits of music.
  • Additional benefits of music lessons include better grades, higher self-esteem, more confidence, good social skills, self-discipline, and more.
  • Lessons are fun, enriching, and designed to make students feel like rock stars!
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