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OKABALOO FunArtFaktory After-School Recreation Program


The FunArtFaktory After-School Recreation Program (ASRP) is happy to serve the needs of families in Astoria and LIC by providing a safe and supportive environment in which school-age children can learn skills, develop positive self-concepts, and experience various recreational activities. This thoughtfully-designed recreation program makes it possible for working parents to enroll their children (grades K-5) in a quality boutique-style setting with 20 seats max and be confident that they are enjoying a well-rounded, supervised after-school program. The ASRP offers a variety of structured and non-structured interactive activities in the fields of visual arts, arts and crafts, performing arts, music, musical theatre, creative movement, creative play, science, and language immersion, as well as free-play, games, and homework help. Please visit the website for more information and a schedule.


South Brooklyn Poetry Club


South Brooklyn Poetry Club offers poetry-fueled experiences for all ages—classes full of movement, play, and imagination for children, exciting workshops for teens, as well as a variety of online courses and in-person courses for adults.

Offerings include:

Toddler Poetry Hour 
Poetry is an excellent tool to develop communication skills, and also enriches the social and emotional development of young children. Toddler Poetry Hour fosters a love of language through movement, song, and games. 

The Creative Journal Workshop for Teens
Journaling is an excellent way to relieve stress, deepen self-awareness, and process big emotions.

Please visit the website for more information, a schedule, and registration. Space is limited, so sign up now.

Welcome to South Brooklyn Poetry Club. You're already a member!

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Young Actors at Strasberg


Young Actors at Strasberg is an intensive and diverse program for students in 2nd through 12th grade. The program explores the creative process and helps develop skills in acting technique, teamwork, and leadership as it applies to stage, film, and television. 

During the school year classes meet on Saturdays, and during the summer special programs are offered during the week. The schedule consists of Acting, Movement, Voice, Dance, and Acting for Film & TV.

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The Art of The Swashbuckler


The Art of the Swashbuckler offers theatrical swordplay training that improves posture, balance, eye-hand coordination, and isometric strength. Theatrical fencing classes are offered for children (ages 8-12), teens, and adults.

Like dance, theatrical swordplay is both complex in structure and beautiful in execution. The timing must be precise and the form flawless, all while being executed with effortless flair. You will memorize complex sequences and time your actions with a partner all while continuously recalling a litany of movements, attacks, parries, and evasions. It goes without saying that all of this also requires a tremendous amount of mental focus.

The Art of The Swashbuckler theatrical fencing class is a full mind-body experience suitable for all ages.

Visit the website for more information and a glimpse of what class is like. For more info or to request a free audit email or call 818-798-9003.

A.D. Players Performing Arts Academy - Classes


The A.D. Players Performing Arts Academy provides educational theatre opportunities for young artists ages 5-18. Combining creativity and ensemble, the Academy offers camps and classes in performance, technique, dance/movement, and auditions for musical theatre productions. Programming integrates a strong literary element, enabling students to explore a wide range of selections. The Academy welcomes students of all skill and experience levels and offers Arts for All programming for artists with learning differences.

Come join the fun at the A.D. Players Performing Arts Academy!  

Nurturing the mind, body and spirit of the artist.

Spotlight Kids NY


Spotlight Kids NY is designed for kids to explore their creative side through imaginative play. Your child will build confidence through character building, improv skits, and line memorization. All kids at Spotlight will learn all aspects of what goes on behind the stage, which includes designing sets, crafting props, and creating their own costumes.

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Coupé Theatre Studio


Coupé Theatre Studio, established in 1970, is a full-service dance studio located in Rockland County, New York, offering instruction and performance opportunities for students ages 3 to adult. Dance classes are offered six days a week in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop, musical theatre, voice training, vocal performance, acting, and kinder classes. All classes are taught by professional instructors who either hold a degree or have a professional performing background. Coupé provides a highly structured curriculum in all forms of dance that has been carefully crafted by teachers with years of experience. Coupé builds a solid foundation of technique and provides students with a well-rounded education in dance and theatre arts. Summer camp is offered, and fall enrollment is now taking place. Please visit the website for more information.

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Actors Technique NY Kids & Teens - Classes


Actors Technique NY (ATNY) is a top TV/film acting school for kids and teens in NYC. The school offers classes all year round for ages 4 and up as well as weekly summer camps for ages 7 and up. Summer camp kids will get sessions in Improvisation, On-Camera Commercials, Scenes and Monologues, and Movement, with a Disney Musical Theatre weekly option. ATNY works with NYC agents, managers, and casting directors daily. These camps and classes are a great opportunity for all kids and teens. Classes run all year round, weekends during school year. Call ATNY at 917-763-1777 or visit

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