Strawberry Picking Season in the Hartford Area

Soon, we will be picking strawberries....One of the healthiest and most delicious treats that warmer weather brings is the season of juicy red strawberries. Treat your children to a day at a local Hartford farm to see where this super fruit grows and watch the excitement on their faces as they hunt for the biggest berries. The strawberry season is short, usually lasting only from mid June to early July, so don’t miss out on abundant possibilities: homemade jam, strawberry shortcake, berry tarts, or simply enjoying the antioxidant-packed fruit in cereals, salads, or as ice cream topping. For more strawberry picking fun in other parts of the state, check out other Berry Farms in Connecticut.

25 Things to Do With Kids in the Berkshires

Known for its grand resorts and farm-to-table restaurants, the Berkshires is often associated with romantic weekends and girls' getaways. But make no mistake: This hilly cluster of towns in Western Massachusetts is actually a great destination for an easy, fun-packed, low-frills family vacation. With bucolic hiking trails, interesting museums, welcoming farms, and cute main streets dotting the region, the only problem with taking the kids to the Berkshires is deciding which activites you can fit into one trip.

Litchfield County Family Summer Events

While some of us can't wait for lazy summer days with lots of time to spare, others of us need a calendar brimming full with activities each day. This Litchfield County Summer Events Guide will keep you up to date on fun activities planned for July through the first weekend of September whether you are a full-timer, weekender or just passing through.  So pack up the sunscreen, snacks and water bottles and have yourself a terrific fun filled summer. While you are here, check out the go-to list for 20 Things to Do in Litchfield County This Summer and our CT Summer Fun Guide.

Mother's Day Weekend Fun: Festivals, Carousels, and Fishing, May 13-14

Carnival games, thrilling roller-coaster rides, adorable aquatic creatures, and historical treasures are on tap this Mother's Day weekend. In addition, many attractions around the state, including Lake Compounce and Mystic Aquarium, are honoring moms by offering them complimentary day passes with the purchase of a child's ticket. If you're still making plans for the big day, we've got a rundown of indulgent Mother's Day brunches across the state as well as Mother’s Day events in Fairfield County. Whether you want to celebrate local artisans at the Made in Connecticut Expo or sample some baklava at the Annual Greek Festival in Waterbury, there's plenty to do this weekend. 

For other areas, be sure to browse our Event Calendar, which we continue to update throughout the weekend. To keep up with everything going on in Connecticut, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

BMX Tracks in Connecticut

Some kids like arts and crafts and some kids like to collect things. Other kids prefer soccer or perhaps horseback riding. And then there are the kids who want to strap on a helmet and fling themselves high into the air off dirt mounds and wheelie around asphalt track walls. I've got one of those.

When he was five, he arrived home one day and announced that he would like to try BMX thank you very much. I was pretty skeptical at first, I knew next to nothing about the sport and had visions of broken bones and concussions. I began asking around and soon found that the BMX scene in Connecticut is thriving. Not only that, it is one of the most inclusive sports I've ever seen.

Best Marine Experiences for Connecticut Kids

Whether you’re helping raise a sail to a sea chantey, steering a wooden ship’s wheel or exploring coastal habitats on land, there is hardly a shortage of marine experiences for your sea-loving scalawags in Connecticut.

We have rounded up some of the best sailing adventures, Long Island Sound tours and shore programs across the state. For more waterfront fun, be sure to check out our Connecticut Beaches and Water Fun Guide and the best places for Canoeing and Kayaking with Kids in Connecticut.

A Visit to the New England Carousel Museum

Most children love carousels and Connecticut features quite a few places where you can catch a ride on a merry-go-round. The New England Carousel Museum, a little-known gem in the Hartford area, goes beyond offering the opportunity for a whirl. Here you will find hundreds of carousel figurines on display, or being repaired and restored. Though it is small, the Bristol-based museum is still a fascinating place, geared toward older children and adults -- artists, historians, and carousel connoisseurs are sure to appreciate the fragile exhibits. Young children will enjoy feasting their eyes upon the colorful figurines, but without much opportunity for hands-on interaction, they could also lose interest quicker. Still, this is definitely one of the Fun Things To Do With Kids in Bristol and can be a quick stop on a day filled with other in-town adventures.

A Visit to Flamig Farm

If you’re anything like my three year old, you like farms. You love feeding goats out of your hand. Tractor rides are your very favorite. And, the thought of baby chicks make you giddy. Am I speaking your language? If yes, I would highly suggest taking a trip out to Flamig Farm in West Simsbury.

Weekday Picks for Connecticut Kids: Fashion Show, Fishing Night, and Butterflies, May 8-12

Mother's Day is around the corner and we've rounded up special brunch locations for the big day as well as Mother's Day events in Fairfield County.  Have some fun this week and head out with the family for a discounted jump session at Flight, a moonlit bird migration walk in Greenwich, or a family fishing night in Windsor. For even more activities, check our Event Calendar which we update daily and follow Mommy Poppins CT on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Have a great week! 

We Ate Meal Kits for A Month – Here's What We Learned

I tried every meal kit, and it wasn't at all what I expected.

I am a meal planning fanatic (yes, spreadsheets and all). So I was curious to try out the new trend of meal kit delivery services to see if they really make family dinnertime with kids easier. And because I’m completely compulsive, I signed up for every single meal kit option out there, so that my family ate only meal kits for five weeks. Want to know how it went? 

After cooking dozens of meal kits, here’s my obsessive, totally non-sponsored rundown of the best and worst. If I didn’t answer your question here, feel free to check out my meal kit review videos on Facebook and leave a question there. 


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