Mostly Free and Fun Things to do in CT With Kids This Weekend: February 23-24: Winterfest, Walk CT, Pink Party and Purim

Two weeks ago, I went to sign my son up for the same summer camp he did last year, but was shocked to find out it was already full. I am usually a good planner, but some of the most popular and inexpensive camps are in such high demand. Don't let my mistake happen to you! Check out our comprehensive CT Summer Camp Guide and start scheduling your summer. 

Summer Camps in Fairfield County, CT: Art, Music, Nature, Adventure and Sports

As I tunneled out of my driveway yesterday, snow shovel in one hand and hot coffee in the other, my neighbor called over to ask if I had signed up for summer camp yet.  I dropped my coffee, swore (only a little swear, really), and realized that, despite the snow and ice, summer is coming!  This year, I am determined to sign up for camps early to take advantage of the early registration discounts.  The Mommy Poppins CT Summer Camp Guide has tons of great camps listed. Here are some others that we are also considering:

A Day Trip to Middletown - Kidcity Museum Review

Kidcity, located in Middletown, is a perfect spot for young children aged 1- 7 years old. It’s more than just a museum. It’s a fun interactive mix between a museum and indoor playground where you and your child can play pretend together, while using your imagination to have fun. Each room has a different theme, like pirate ship, fishery, space age or farm, and is filled with tons of props to play with. The entire lower level has a special sea theme geared specifically towards young toddlers with plenty of areas to crawl through, climb and slide on.

Things to do on Winter Break in New Haven County, CT

Winter break is coming! For moms everywhere this can be a scary proclamation, especially when you have multiple children in different age categories with completely different interests. This is a challenge that is difficult, but not insurmountable. I’ve compiled a list of some camps and wonderful activities for your kids. Take a deep breath and read on!

Mostly Free and Fun Things to do in CT With Kids This Weekend: February 16-17: Chocolate, Skating and President's Day

Students throughout the state have been home for days due to Winter Storm Nemo and now, many are about to begin their February break.  It seems like the kids will spend more time home than in school this month.  After enjoying several cozy snow days occupied by books, videos and board games I know I'll be taking advantage of some of the great events going on in the coming days for some family fun outside of the house. Our posts on Winter Break Activities in Fairfield and Hartford Counties are a good place to start as you plan your long weekend. 

Geocaching with Kids: Scavenger Hunts Wherever You Roam

If you've got a smartphone, get ready to change your ringtone to the Indiana Jones theme; the adventure of geocaching is within your grasp, and it's one of technology's greatest gifts to modern parents. A free activity that can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime, geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt open to anyone with a GPS device or smartphone. Have half an hour to kill and a kid who's climbing the walls? There's probably a treasure hidden within walking distance of where you are. Need an activity that gets the whole family outside for the day? Pick a spot in the hills and hike there in search of secret booty. Either way, you won't be hearing anyone say, "I'm bored!"

Mostly Free and Fun Things to do in CT with Kids This Weekend February 9-10: Valentines, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year and Skiing

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”  - Mitch Albom

Growing up, my mom always said to me that i'll never understand how much she loves me until I have a child of my own. I feel blessed to finally comprehend how my son has changed me forever. So while we often think of February 14 as being a romantic holiday, take some time to remind your children how much you adore them. There are many events to do this weekend, including our list of Valentine's Day Events in Fairfield County

Valentine's Day Happenings for Kids in Fairfield County, CT

Roses are red, violets are blue, Fairfield County’s abuzz...with Valentines events to pursue!

Clearly my poetry leaves much to be desired, but you get my point.  There are lots of Valentine’s events for kids to participate in over the next two weeks.   To my mind, outsourcing both the sugary projects and the gluey, sticky projects is always a good idea!

Winter Break Day Trips for NYC Families: 6 Great Presidents' Day Break Getaways

Normally around now we would be sharing lots of things to do in New York City during February break. But due to school days missed during Hurricane Sandy, the usual week-long midwinter recess is now just four days, so there's not as much going on as in years past.

While we will certainly be updating our NYC Presidents' Day weekend events post next week, we think those four days will be the perfect time to take a day trip. So we've rounded up six really cool, kid-friendly destinations that are all less than two hours away from NYC. No need to book a hotel! Whether you opt to jump around, get all wet or commune with nature, here are six great getaways for New York City families during February break.

Mostly Free and Fun Things to do in CT With Kids This Weekend February 2-3: Groundhogs, Puppets and Library Day

February may be the shortest month of the year, but sometimes it sure does feel like the longest.  The holidays are over, the snow's novelty has worn off and we're left with cold winter days, dark evenings and sometimes I'm tempted to hibernate inside my house until spring.  Kids will be anxiously awaiting the Groundhog's prediction this weekend to see if his shadow tells us to expect an early spring or six more weeks of winter.  But regardless of what that little guy predicts, we've got some great ideas to get you out of the house and enjoying yourself this weekend. 


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