Shake a Tail Feather at These Dance Classes in the Hartford Area

We all know the adage that tells us to dance like there's nobody watching. One of the (many) amazing things about kids is their propensity to do just that. If you've got a tiny mover and shaker on your hands, why not harness that unabashed creativity and sign them up for some dance classes. And if they have siblings who'd rather do anything but dance, not to worry. We've got them covered, too in our Classes and Activities Guide.

Taking a Fresh Water Dip in the Hartford Area

Hot summer days often have us running toward refreshing bodies of water, and if the ocean is out of reach, for outdoor water fun in the Hartford area, not only are there many splash parks and public pools in the area, but you can also get in touch with nature and take a refreshing dip in one of the local lakes, ponds, or rivers. Grab towels, pack the sunblock and water goggles, (don't forget the kids!) and have a fantastic day.

Paint Your Own Pottery Places for Connecticut Kids

Now and then you need just a really good, crafty indoor activity with the kiddos. In winter, after we’ve skated indoors and outdoorssledded, and tried winter sports, we are ready to head inside. The same is true for summer days! After hours of fishing, kayaking and hiking, my kids are ready for some good hands-on craft time. Even with a list of great indoor play places, sometimes the kids need an activity that's a little more relaxing. For this, any of the numerous paint your own pottery studios in the Hartford area or Fairfield County area fit the bill.

Family Friendly Boat Tours in Connecticut

Sea legs. You either have them or you don't. For some, there's nothing more relaxing than drifting along the open water, catching a sea breeze, spotting marine life. For others...not so much. If you and your family fall into the former category and are hoping to get out on the water this summer, this post is just for you. Check out some of the fantastically fun family friendly (whew, say that five times fast) boat tours Connecticut has to offer and, when you're landlocked again why not grab a bite somewhere along the shore.

A Visit to Imagine Nation in Bristol

Are you interested in a destination where children can play all day and meet new friends, while expanding their knowledge and skills? Look no farther than Imagine Nation. On the list of our Fun Things To Do With Kids in Bristol, this Hartford-area museum recently underwent an interior redesign and does not disappoint. With three floors of hands-on exhibits and an outdoor play area, your child will be entertained for hours. 

A Visit to the New England Carousel Museum

Most children love carousels and Connecticut features quite a few places where you can catch a ride on a merry-go-round. The New England Carousel Museum, a little-known gem in the Hartford area, goes beyond offering the opportunity for a whirl. Here you will find hundreds of carousel figurines on display, or being repaired and restored. Though it is small, the Bristol-based museum is still a fascinating place, geared toward older children and adults -- artists, historians, and carousel connoisseurs are sure to appreciate the fragile exhibits. Young children will enjoy feasting their eyes upon the colorful figurines, but without much opportunity for hands-on interaction, they could also lose interest quicker. Still, this is definitely one of the Fun Things To Do With Kids in Bristol and can be a quick stop on a day filled with other in-town adventures.

A Visit to the New Britain Museum of American Art

Something happens when you bring a child into a fine art museum. Their talking hushes and their eyes sparkle as they take in the colors and creations of the things all around them. Right here in the Hartford area, we have a terrific museum of American art that offers a variety of things for kids. Familiar names like Alexander Calder, Andrew Wyeth, and Ansel Adams grace the walls of this urban museum.


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