A Visit to the New Britain Museum of American Art

Something happens when you bring a child into a fine art museum. Their talking hushes and their eyes sparkle as they take in the colors and creations of the things all around them. Right here in the Hartford area, we have a terrific museum of American art that offers a variety of things for kids. Familiar names like Alexander Calder, Andrew Wyeth, and Ansel Adams grace the walls of this urban museum.

Horse Riding in the Greater Hartford Area

My now 6-year old daughter has been a horse-lover ever since her first pony ride at a town fair. After several casual rides she began begging me for “real” horseback riding lessons. Luckily, we live in a state that has the highest density of horses in the country, and the greater Hartford area has no shortage of options!  Many of these locations offer private and group lessons as well as pony rides and birthday parties. Check out more equestrian camps in the Litchfield County area too.

Free Things to Do This Summer with Kids in the Hartford Area

100 days of summer go by fast and parents spend most of their children's summer vacation looking for ways to keep them active, engaged, and entertained. We know you will likely spend time relaxing at the beach, discovering new playgrounds or best selling books, checking out the latest museum exhibits, or lounging by a pool in a backyard or at an amusement park. For all the other moments when children declare that there is nothing to do, here are a few ways to prove them wrong. And even better -- most of the summer activities and events are FREE! Enjoy the sunshine, time with your children, and the savings. 

Hibachi Dining with Kids: Japanese Restaurants in CT

First, the bad news: Benihana has not yet found its way to Connecticut. If you're unfamiliar with this giant among hibachi joints, you don't know what you're missing. But the good news is there are still a bunch of great places to find hibachi (also known as Teppanyaki) around Connecticut. I'll be honest, the first time we took my daughter to a hibachi restaurant, she jumped out of her seat and hid under the table as soon as the flames ignited. It has been many years since then and these days she asks to go. While hibachi may be a bit much if you have very little littles or just kids who tend to be more anxious, it can also be a really fun family experience. You'll know whether it's right for you. If so, here are some of the hibachi hot spots around our great state! 

Water Fun in Hartford County: Splash Pads, Swimming Holes, Pools, and Water Parks

Just because Hartford County is centrally located doesn't mean that you have to venture very far to enjoy the water. Even though waves and beach sand are not in close proximity, there are still plenty of options to enjoy water play in lakes, pools, water parks, and splash pads. If you’re looking to cool down in the hot summer months, check out one of these fun locations.

Get Creative With After School Art Classes in the Hartford Area

If you’re looking for a fun extra-curricular activity for your budding artist, consider one of the many after school art class options in the Hartford area. The arts are essential in stimulating creativity and developing innovative thinkers whether it’s through artistic expression of music or creating beautiful painted masterpieces. For more fun ideas, check out our After School Classes Guide.

A Visit to Flamig Farm

If you’re anything like my three year old, you like farms. You love feeding goats out of your hand. Tractor rides are your very favorite. And, the thought of baby chicks make you giddy. Am I speaking your language? If yes, I would highly suggest taking a trip out to Flamig Farm in West Simsbury.

Free Summer Activities and Events in Hartford County

After spending a pretty penny on vacation destinations, summer camps, and amusement park passes, parents might be interested in enjoying some free activities this summer. Whether you are looking to relax at the movies, dance to live music, or take in a ballet performance, we have you covered. Not only do we have a list of free things to do in the Central Connecticut area, but plenty of fun and free events in the Hartford area will keep money in your pocket and your family busy in the months to come. Check out our suggestions below.

Where to Eat, Play, Jump, and Make Soda in New Britain

Located in the center of Connecticut, New Britain is a city rooted in manufacturing and industry, leaving some to wonder what family-friendly activities can be found in this Hartford area community. However, with a little exploring, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all it has to offer. A variety of kid-friendly spots waiting to be explored include places to play and enjoy nature, opportunities to discover and create art, try out some old-fashioned soda, and gaze at the stars. 

Finding Poland in Connecticut

About 4,200 miles away, across the Atlantic Ocean, you will find a country defined by delicious cuisine, lively music, and rich traditions. Of course, you can forgo a passport and save yourself the $1,500 airfare by enjoying an all-Polish experience in the heart of New Britain. Since most children are always up for adventure, they will likely enjoy peeking into another culture, trying to make sense of foreign labels, tasting new foods, and perhaps learning a few words in a new language.


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